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by Stanley L. Brue,Sean Masaki Flynn Dr.,Campbell R. McConnell

eBook Macroeconomics Brief Edition (The Mcgraw-hill Economics) download ISBN: 0077416406
Author: Stanley L. Brue,Sean Masaki Flynn Dr.,Campbell R. McConnell
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education; 2 edition (February 7, 2012)
Language: English
Pages: 368
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Rating: 4.4
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Subcategory: Business and Finance

Campbell R. McConnell earned his P. from the University of Iowa after receiving degrees from Cornell College and the University of Illinois

Campbell R. from the University of Iowa after receiving degrees from Cornell College and the University of Illinois. He taught at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 1953 until his retirement in 1990.

Summary Macroeconomics - Campbell Mc Connell, Stanley Brue, Sean Flynn. Exam 2 macroeconomics - exam 2 study guide with notes from the book and lecture.

McConnell and Brue’s Economics: Principles, Problems, and Policies is the leading Principles of Economics textbook. The 13-digit and 10-digit formats both work. It continues to be innovative while teaching students in a clear.

and policies, Campbell R. McConnell, Stanley L. Brue, Sean M. Flynn. 19th ed. p. cm. - (The McGraw-Hill series economics) Includes index.

Campbell R.

About the Author: Campbell R.

by Campbell R McConnell (Author), Stanley L Brue (Author), Sean Masaki Flynn Dr (Author) & 0 more

by Campbell R McConnell (Author), Stanley L Brue (Author), Sean Masaki Flynn Dr (Author) & 0 more. He is a recipient of both the University of Nebraska Distinguished Teaching Award and the James A. Lake Academic Freedom Award, and is past-president of the Midwest Economics Association.

Stanley L. Brue, Campbell R. Mcconnell, SEAN Masaki Flynn. Place of Publication. Brief Ed. Content Note.

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McConnell, Brue and Flynn’s Macroeconomics: Brief Edition, 2e comes from the same author team as the market-leading Principles of Economics textbook. Macroeconomics: Brief Edition tailors the core concepts from proven leader Macroeconomics, 19th edition to create a concise introduction to the course that is distinct in purpose, style, and coverage. Like the 19th edition, Macroeconomics: Brief Edition, 2e continues to be innovative while teaching students in a clear, unbiased way. Content and pedagogy have 3 main goals: help the beginning student master the principles essential for understanding the economizing problem, specific economic issues, and the policy alternatives; help the student understand and apply the economic perspective and reason accurately and objectively about economic matters; and promote a lasting student interest in economics and the economy.

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Comments: (7)
I have used the McConnell book for my MACROECONOMICS courses for the past 20 years and have obviously rated it highly. I cannot stand the 19e McConnell, et al book. Initially, I looked it over briefly - a BIG mistake. I saw that the first three chapters which comprise my first exam, were virtually unchanged. Then I checked out the middle and latter parts and they seemed to be virtually unchanged so I told my prospective students they could use either the 18th or 19th editions. I was (probably am) planning to use the 19e this fall, although I may give up teaching altogether. Later, when I happened to check out chapters 4 & 5, I was appalled. Chapter 4 formerly "The U.S Economy: Private & Public Sectors" is now "Elasticity," which I certainly teach in MICROECONOMICS but just touch upon in MACRO. I have no idea where the former Ch. 4 material went. Chapter 5, formerly "The U.S. in the Global Economy" also seems to have disappeared. I thought highly of that chapter also.

The 18th Edition had added two chapters. Chapter 6, "An Intro. to Macro." was a fantastic addition which I embraced wholeheartedly. Ch. 17 on "Financial Economics" was a welcome addition since students are always confused initially when $$$ or gold is not considered to be capital but a pipe wrench is. However, the latter part of the chapter got very complex although the "time value of money" is quite useful. Still, I do not take the time to cover it properly and just give lip service to the concepts I mentioned. Perhaps my cherished material from those two chapters is still hidden in the bowels of 19e but so far I haven't found it.

At this point, I am just disappointed in 19e and miss the 18th. I am thinking of asking McGraw-Hill if they could just run off about 100 copies of Chs. 4 & 5 from the 18th Edition for which I would gladly pay.


Robert B. Miller
Adjunct Professor Emeritus of Economics (econ teacher)
American River College
Sacramento, CA
Can't say I liked this book. Plenty of assumptions and incorrect statements.
Basic surface level info, is not rigorous and does not delve into topics. Mostly memorize all these industry specific terms and a couple models, rinse and regurgitate.
Paired with the online homework most of the answers to questions are in bold face, with few obscure pointless questions buried in the text. Definitely in noway unbiased, counter-points are barely mentioned or glossed over and dismissed. Which irks me with college textbooks.
As for my class experience: I read the book (skipping all the side stories/blurbs) did the online homework and study-guide (worthless) and aced the class .
Great book and well put together. I got this book for a class in college

There can definitely be more up to date diagrams and content. I also believe that this book could be a lot more uncluttered with its content. It is very compact in it's information and causes learning macroeconomics to be harder than what it should
Great book. some writing but I got all the info I needed.
I am so pleased with this entire purchasing experience. The book arrived exactly as described, in terms of quality, actually even better! Yes, some of the text is highlighted as seller said it it would be, but it's only some key terms, i.e., stuff you'd probably highlight yourself anyways. This purchase was a tremendous value and I love that it was available in paperback. So lightweight! I don't mind taking it with me to class. As far as the text itself it's a typical dated economics textbook. It could be worse. Thanks!
Decent quality for price for seller. The seller gets a 4 star, but the book itself and author gets a 2 star because it is hard to follow and too verbose. Great read to put you to sleep, but needed it for class.
great book program
It's an older copy but still has the chapters I need for the class. Occasionally it'll have missing information but so far it hasn't caused a problem for me