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by Elisabeth Kendrick,Sarah Howard

eBook Creative Weaving (Gaia Traditional Crafts) download ISBN: 1856752720
Author: Elisabeth Kendrick,Sarah Howard
Publisher: Gaia Books Ltd (July 15, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 112
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Rating: 4.5
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Creative Weaving book. Jan 08, 2011 Sasha rated it it was ok.

Creative Weaving book.

The timeless craft of weaving is experiencing a resurgence of interest-and this colorful guide. Update: I gave away this book. When I needed more room on craft book shelves this was a fairly easy choice.

item 3 Creative Weaving (Gaia Traditional Crafts), Elisabeth Kendrick, Sarah Howard, Go -Creative . Elisabeth Kendrick and Sarah Anderson are experienced weavers and together are authorities on all aspects of weaving.

item 3 Creative Weaving (Gaia Traditional Crafts), Elisabeth Kendrick, Sarah Howard, Go -Creative Weaving (Gaia Traditional Crafts), Elisabeth Kendrick, Sarah Howard, Go. £. 4. Compare similar products. Creative Weaving by Sarah Howard, Elisabeth Kendrick (Paperback, 2007). They often give talks about weaving and their first book, Simply Woven, was published in 1981.

Sarah Howard and Elisabeth Kendrick. Short Description for Creative WeavingThe timeless craft of weaving is experiencing a resurgence of interest-and this colorful guide, featuring 30 spectacular fabric. Download Creative Weaving: Beautiful Fabrics with a Simple Loom. Creative Weaving: Beautiful Fabrics with a Simple Loom : Sarah. Weaving Books; Free Weaving Patterns; Carders/Combs. A Haven for Book Lovers. Alibris has Creative Weaving: Beautiful Fabrics with a Simple Loom and other books by Sarah Howard, Elisabeth Kendrick, including new & used copies, rare, out-of.

Последние твиты от Elisabeth Kendrick (tiveweaving). Weaver, spinner, dyer Co-author of three books on making clothes from fabric woven on the rigid heddle loom. Weaver, spinner, dyer. Co-author of three books on making clothes from fabric woven on the rigid heddle loom.

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Creative Weaving (Gaia Traditional Crafts), Elisabeth Kendrick, Sarah Howard, Go. EUR . 8. Postage not specified.

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Creative Weaving Sarah Howard & Elisabeth Kendrick Lark Books.

The booklets (which I'm producing as fast as I can!) include all the tips I&. earnt over the years and am sharing so they can help you too. I'm co-author of Simply Woven (self-published 1986), Creative Weaving (Hamlyn 2007) and Get Weaving Clothing From Your Rigid Heddle Loom (2014)

Few people are aware that weaving is a 'whole person' activity, providing fulfilment, companionship and creativity. This book will show you how to achieve all these things, and more. Suitable for beginners, "Creative Weaving Inspirations" will teach you how to weave the easy way. Each section explains a weaving technique and as you grow in confidence you will find suggestions about how to experiment to reach your full creative potential.
Comments: (7)
This book has pretty photos of colorful woven textile samples, using interesting fibers and materials. I was unsure of how many stars to give in this review. There are some decent basic rigid heddle tutorials in the beginning of the book which beginners should find helpful, which are worth 4 stars. However, many of the textiles shown use novelty fibers, often leftovers from one of a kind skeins, and few readily available today and so it would be tricky to find suitable substitutes. Ultimately, I gave 3 stars because the fabrics shown are inspiring but not reproducable. There are no finished projects to make. The instructions for weaving each textile are very basic and limited. The book's emphasis is on inspiring creativity and use of color, but if you're looking for start to finish projects, this may disappoint.
This book is more of a collection of 'recipes' to get certain effects in simple weaving (like rigid heddle). It tells you which colors and types of yarn to use in your warp and weft to gain particular effects. But it does not tell you how to weave projects at all. It assumes you know. It also does not tell how much of each yarn you will need, I think because it's not telling you what project to make, only what colors and types of yarn you will need to get the effect pictured. If you're just starting out, you may prefer a books like "Weaving Made Easy" or "Small Loom and Freeform Weaving", which give you much more information about how to finish particular projects. That being said, I really like this book for what it is: great insight into getting particular looks in your fabrics.
I'm torn between reviewing this as a craft book or a as picture book! The lush close-up photographs perfectly capture the dramatic marriage between texture and color that there can be in weaving. All of the examples shown are plain weaves in every sense of the word--none of the patterns require multiple shuttles--no plaids! The patterns rely more on creative warps than on complicated wefts. The author's fantastic sense of color and texture makes this an inspirational read for the beginner with easy projects to quickly reward one's efforts.

Keep this book to spark ideas for exotic, yet harmonious color and texture combinations, but look elsewhere for information on weaves that require two or more shuttles such as the log cabin pattern and plaids.
This book has two major section: (1) How to weave with a rigid heddle loom; (2) Projects. The first section is not as detailed as "Learning to weave" by Deborah Chandler but helpful to a beginning weaver. The second section with projects is helpful if need help coming up with color combinations and looking for ideas for textures.

The book contains no explanation of techniques but rather shows pleasing combination of yarn colors organized by colors (reds, greens, blues). Allmost all project use plain weave.

In addition to showing color combinations the author shows how to combine novelty yarns with wools and linens (ribbons, eyelash yarn). A couple of textiles use recycles plastic bags, cut-up t-shirts, old clothing. The images show swatches rather than the full piece. In some pieces that use some unusual yarns I would have liked to see the image of the whole piece, just to get a visual of how repeated pattern on a larger scale would look like.

I did read the book cover to cover in about 30 minutes. But it is not a reference I would be coming back to again and again.

Update: I gave away this book. When I needed more room on craft book shelves this was a fairly easy choice.

Ali Julia review
I borrowed this book from the library and was delighted to find clear phographs to explain the warping process for the rigid heddle loom. What a relief. I am just getting back to weaving after an absence of many years and need help with warping. The explanations are excellent. I have just ordered the book as I know that the information will help me greatly.
There is also information about another type of weaving I had never heard of before-peg loom weaving. That could be interesting. Many ideas and clearly photographed. I am sure I will find the book a good resource.
My thanks to the author for such clear directions for the warping process, in particular.
I had taken this book out of the library a few times and realized I wanted it in my personal library. This beautiful book inspires through the marvelous color blends and unusual textures used to weave. A must buy for every rigid heddle weaver.
I found this book very inspiring and got my creative ideas flowing about plain weave. I've been wanting to try some experiments with various yarns and was not quite "pushing the envelope". This book had some very helpful "ah-ha" moments in it for me. While it is short on project instructions, it is long on scrumptious photos and tips to create your own interpretations of the samples shown. I also appreciated the simple illustrations in the front of the book describing the author's warping process, and other simple looms, such as the peg loom. I'm recommending this book to my students of weaving at my local yarn shop!
This book was beautiful. The photos were great closeups of a variety of weaves done on a rigid heddle loom. Most weavers seem to think that a rigid heddle loom is too restrictive but the photos here prove different. Yarn and color can be great design tools. Enjoy.