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by Yan-Kit So

eBook Yan-Kit's Classic Chinese Cook Book (Classic Cookbook) download ISBN: 0863182593
Author: Yan-Kit So
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd (October 1, 1987)
Language: English
Pages: 240
ePub: 1660 kb
Fb2: 1931 kb
Rating: 4.5
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Category: Cooking
Subcategory: Regional and International

Yan-Kit So is a legend in her respected genre.

Yan-Kit So is a legend in her respected genre. The book highlights cuisine from multiple regions of China while maintaining the distinction and authenticity of each dish. This book has great images, making it attractive and eye-catching.

Yan-kit So’s Classic Chinese Cookbook is a perfect gateway to the . It originally called for a special ingredient: fresh chicken’s or duck’s blood.

Yan-kit So’s Classic Chinese Cookbook is a perfect gateway to the country’s cooking. Here, food writer Fuchsia Dunlop recalls her friendship with its author. Her Classic Chinese Cookbook won both the Glenfiddich and the Andre Simon awards, and she became a leading light in the Oxford Symposium on Food, where she sat alongside luminaries such as Alan Davidson, Elizabeth David and Claudia Roden. She wrote five books in all, including Classic Food of China, an exploration of Chinese culinary culture with a superb historical introduction, before her death from cancer in December 2001.

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Yan-kit's cookbook is a celebration of authentic flavors from China, with easy-to-follow numbered steps to make .

Yan-kit's cookbook is a celebration of authentic flavors from China, with easy-to-follow numbered steps to make cooking even easier. The book is divided into "Recipes" and "Regional Menus. It's a great book with well written recipes, some background on the regional differences in cooking in China and explanation on ingredients and basic cooking methods (like the Chinese 'going through the oil' method used a lot apparently in traditional Chinese cooking but unheard of in other chinese cookbooks).

Shop with confidence. Yan-Kits Classic Chinese Cook Book (Classic cookbook), So, Yan-Kit, Used; Good B. Yan Can Cook Book by Yan, Martin.

Enjoy authentic Chinese cooking with step-by-step demonstrations of traditional preparation . Menus are drawn from Szechwan, Cantonese, Peking and Shaghai and with Yan-kit's Classic Chinese Cookbook you will see just how simple and rewarding cooking Chinese food can be.

Enjoy authentic Chinese cooking with step-by-step demonstrations of traditional preparation and cooking techniques. Step-by-step techniques and images of specialist ingredients and equipment provide you with the foundation to create over 140 mouthwatering dishes. Impress your guests with your knowledge of the customs for serving authentic Chinese cuisine, or learn how to make dumplings and other enticing dim-sum recipes.

DK Living Yan Kit's Classic Chinese Cookbook.

Yan-Kit's Classic Chinese Cookbook. An excellent resource for the home cook, this book is well designed and executed. Learn to cook traditional Chinese food with this extensive collection of authentic Chinese recipes from Chinese cookery expert Yan-kit So. Dim-sum, dumplings, Cantonese food - you name it - this classic book has every recipe and cooking method you need to prepare delicious, authentic Chinese food. It covers preparation for cooking vegetables, fish and shellfish, meat poultry and game.

Yan-Kit So. Who’s the author? Yan-Kit So (1933-2001) was a well-known Chinese cookery expert and inspired generations of people to cook Chinese food. She successfully demonstrated her special techniques and recipes to Leith’s School of Food and Wine, at Betsy’s Kitchen, and at La Petite Cuisine School of Cooking. What’s it about? This visual guide demystifies the art of Chinese cookery and gives you the foundation to create over 140 mouth-watering dishes. Recipes we love: Steamed Prawns in Mixed Bean Sauce, Kung Pao Chicken and Beef with Preserved Tangerine Peel.

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This cookbook has many of the "famous" Chinese dishes in it, in what looks like reasonably authentic styles (more actual Chinese than American-Chinese). It also has even more enticing dishes that are not as common in the West.

I am on a personal quest for a reasonably easy yet delicious hot-and-sour soup, and while I have a number of Chinese cookbooks of varying styles and authenticities, this is the one I'm starting with. And while perusing it, I've found a bunch more recipes I want to try...

The directions are very clear and well-described. Most have good photos. There is an excellent section in the beginning that not only lists things like the vegetables called for, but shows pictures of them to make them easier to identify in the wild.

It's not as comprehensive as Tropp's, but it's more accessible and has lots of delicious ideas!

Edited to add: We just made the hot and sour soup from this, and it is AMAZING. We did dress it with a bit of hot sesame oil. We just used canned low-sodium chicken broth, and even so- truly splendid! A little bit fussy to make, but not hard, and the results are gorgeous!
The Rollers of Vildar
As far as the text is concerned, this is a five-star cookbook if ever there was one. For the familiar Chinese classics, it remains probably the best English-language source available, with creditable versions of every dish it includes, and some recipes (the sweet-and-sour pork, for instance) that are unmatched elsewhere. Yet, in contrast to earlier editions, this 2006 British republication now has problems in typeface and layout.

Unlike the 1998 American "DK Living" edition, where ingredients and recipes are printed in an easy-to-read bold typeface, the type used in the 2006 hardcover is small and thin; especially in the list of ingredients, the squeezed-together type is very hard to make out, and the fractional amounts can only be read (by me, at least) with a magnifying glass. Moreover, before I gave up, I found at least one instance where the centimeters-to-inches conversion was way off ("¼ inch" as the thickness of the pork cubes in that sweet-and-sour recipe).

Then there are the illustrations, usually the glory of a DK cookbook. In the "DK Living" edition, there are pictures of every dish, and they are breathtakingly styled and photographed; they are a lesson in how to make Chinese food look delicious and elegant without the vegetable cutouts or background chinoiserie of lesser publications. In the 2006 version, only some of the dishes are pictured; most of its best photos (the "ingredients" section at the beginning of the book) are those that appeared in the "DK Living" edition, and only the photo of Szechwan duck with lotus rolls is an improvement on the older picture. For the rest, the shallow-focus, hyper-colorful photos may be the current cookbook standard, but they don't measure up to the more austere beauty of the "DK Living" illustrations; they can misrepresent the recipe as given (for instance, the dark soy in the sweet-and-sour fish produces something much browner than the bright red sauce shown); and the sloppily shredded scallions atop the pang pang chicken look downright amateurish. Finally, the ingredient photos (and recipes) in the "DK Living" edition are accompanied by the names in Chinese, a useful addition for Chinese readers or when shopping.

Everyone interested in Chinese cooking should own this book; but the "DK Living" edition, a sturdy, well bound paperback, is the one to get.
just one girl
This hardcover version contains a lot more recipes than the original paperback edition. The layout is also slightly different but it is the recipes that counts as this is probably the best authentic Chinese cook book written for the English speaking audience. The instructions are clear and concise with many useful pictures.

A must have cookbook if you are interested in real Chinese cooking and not some watered down adaptation catered to the Western palette.
Missed this book entirely. Was reading an interview with Fuchsia Dunlop author of Every Grain of Rice: Simple Chinese Home Cooking who mentioned this book and another by Yan Kit were several that had great influence on her. The book is excellent I'm enjoying reading it and making dishes from it.
I love DK Eye Witness books, so I bought this one for my son, who is interested in learning how to cook as a professional chef. Being a visual person myself, I thought this would be a good addition to his growing reference library, as it contains all kinds of PHOTOS describing various types of noodles, spices, Chinese cooking instruments, procedures, etc. It is also very clearly written, and my son has informed me he thinks this is a wonderful book and would be extremely helpful for anyone trying to prepare different Chinese dishes.
I really love it, I even drove 90 miles to the nearest Asian superstore to buy ingredients! It is more than just a book of recipes, it introduces you to an ancient culture in a brand new way. There are a lot of pics that help you identify things like golden needles and a dozen or so essential sauces and pastes.I especially enjoyed the 'Fish Fragrant Eggplant' It neither smells or tastes like fish, I love the explanation of the name!
This book is such a gem. I only wish I had discovered it years ago when it was first published. Yan Kit So is intelligent and straight forward, easy to follow and to understand, I wish I could have met her! I received such an education just from reading this book and will continue my quest of making each and every recipe in the book; so far not one has let me down (most have made me a little fatter, he he). I will also be collecting every other cook book she has either written or co-written.
Real classic with some minor updates. I love this book.