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by Ray Omishi,Satoru Akahori

eBook Sorcerer Hunters, Vol. 5 download ISBN: 1595324984
Author: Ray Omishi,Satoru Akahori
Publisher: Tokyopop; First Edition edition (November 15, 2006)
Language: English
Pages: 200
ePub: 1808 kb
Fb2: 1182 kb
Rating: 4.9
Other formats: azw doc lit mobi
Category: Comics
Subcategory: Manga

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Sorcerer Hunters (爆れつハンター, Bakuretsu Hantā) is a light novel and manga series, written by Satoru Akahori and illustrated by Ray Omishi. Akahori and Omishi also published Sorcerer Hunters Special, a one-volume story set sometime after the series' conclusion. In the United States the manga was serialized in MixxZine, replacing Ice Blade, which had ended

Satoru Akahori (あかほり さとる Akahori Satoru, Born 赤堀 悟, March 8, 1965 in Handa, Aichi, Japan) . Sorcerer Hunters, Vol. 2 by. Satoru Akahori, Ray Omishi.

Satoru Akahori (あかほり さとる Akahori Satoru, Born 赤堀 悟, March 8, 1965 in Handa, Aichi, Japan) is a Japanese scriptwriter, novelist and manga author  .

When the Sorcerer Hunters seek shelter in the Zelkova House, they discover that things may not be as hospitable as the comforts of home. Chocolat, Tira, Carrot

When the Sorcerer Hunters seek shelter in the Zelkova House, they discover that things may not be as hospitable as the comforts of home.

Sorcerer Hunters, Vol. 5. by Satoru Akahori, Ray Omishi. Coauthors & Alternates. ISBN 9781892213921 (978-1-892213-92-1) Softcover, Tokyopop, 2001. Learn More at LibraryThing. Ray Omishi at LibraryThing.

01 C. 01 Enter the Sorcerer Hunters Vo. 1 C. 02 The Magic Flower Road Vo. 03 Dark Water - Part 1 Vo. 04 Dark Water - Part 2 Vo. 05 Pretty Flowers Also Have Thorns Vo. 06 The Terror of the Crystal Magicians - Part 1 Vo. 2 C. 07 The Terror of the Crystal Magicians

Written by. Ray Omishi.

Written by. Manufacturer: TokyoPop Release date: 1 August 2001 ISBN-10 : 1892213923 ISBN-13: 9781892213921. add. Separate tags with commas, spaces are allowed. Please select Production or behind the scenes photos Concept artwork Cover CD/DVD/Media scans Screen capture/Screenshot. Please read image rules before posting.

Fighting for justice and against black magic and evildoers everywhere are the Sorcerer Hunters: Gateau, Carrot .

Fighting for justice and against black magic and evildoers everywhere are the Sorcerer Hunters: Gateau, Carrot, Chocolat, Mocha, and the rest of the gang. Their quest is to destroy each of the Platina stones- the objects the evil sorcerers use for creating their black magic - in an entertaining mix of farce and adventure.

Sorcerer Hunters Sorcerer Hunters - Vol. 5 released by Tokyopop on February 7, 2006. Ray Omishi artist, cover. Satoru Akahori writer. Short summary describing this issue.

Akahori, Satoru; Omishi, Re. This book is printed manga-style in the authentic Japanese right-to-left format"-Colophon. First published in 1993 by Media Works In. Tokyo, Japan"-Vol.

Akahori, Satoru; Omishi, Rei. Publication date. OT, older teen, age 16+"-Page 4 of cover. Canon EOS 5D Mark II. City.

On the Spooner Continent, the Sorcerer Hunters, a group of warriors, protect the ordinary Parsoners from the evil Sorcerers, magic users who dominant, exploit, torment, murder, and enslave the non-magic population.
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The Sorcerer Hunters had quite the Darth Vader moment facing off against the Sorcerer Hunter Killers last volume. Tira and Chocolat learned that the leader of the Killers was none other than their adopted father Sacher Torte, who had rebelled against Big Mama 13 years ago. Also among Sacher's cronies is Gateau's sister, who he had thought long dead, and apparently has no memory of her brother. She seems more than willing to kill him without a second thought. Years ago, Sacher even tried to kill Tira and Chocolat in a fit of psychotic rage, so Chocolat in particular wants to take revenge on him. He was wounded by Carrot's father in volume 4 but continues to be a threat as long as he can draw on the power of his Platina stones, which allow him to wield a pure form of magic which was reserved only for gods. The Sorcerer Hunters must find these five stones and destroy them if they hope to defeat Sacher. But their mission is not going to be easy because Sacher has posted powerful guardians to watch over each stone. Each battle is different because each guardian is unique and has their own methods of trying to defeat the Hunters, whether they be physical or more psychological.

Even though the art has a definite 1990's look to it, Omishi's skills are on proud display as she is a master of action, comedy, and even illustrating a heartfelt flashback at how Carrot and Chocolat met when they were kids. To me, this was the best part of Volume 5. Yeah, we know that Chocolat has a thing for Carrot, but here we find out why. It is a welcome event to reveal that Carrot is not quite the mindless horndog and that Chocolat is not quite the mindless dingbat that she puts on. That there is a loving bond between the two, even though the love each feels might be different. Even at that early of an age Chocolat wanted to find and kill Sacher but Carrot put some sense into her head, knowing that she would only wind up dead if she confronted him. Even NOW, she would probably end up dead! But now she has friends that care about her and will help her out. Akahori almost always finds a way to get some comedy into each story even if there is a particularly serious arc, but it never seems forced or out of place. This series probably should have been rated Mature since it does feature a couple of full-on [...] shots along the level of Ai Yori Aoshi.
Volume 3 opens during the climactic battle with Zombie Master, a powerful sorcerer who has further augmented his skills with the Necronomicon, the spellbook of immortality. Then it's on to a little rest and relaxation in Gamblin City, a city that makes Las Vegas look like a tiny village. Carrot is all pumped up to gamble his money away, but this welcome diversion is interrupted when he is arrested by Lord Vegas (don't you just dig that name!) and thrown in a dungeon to wallow in indentured servitude until he works off his debts. One of the card dealers, a girl named Luriko, enlists the Hunters to help find her lost boyfriend who she believes Vegas killed. They also have a run-in with the mysterious Snow Queen in another chapter. Two of the more comedic episodes involve a Lord who mistakes Carrot for the GIRL he loves while the other brings up the ever over used but entertaining hot springs trip. Of course, what hot springs manga chapter or anime episode would be complete without a horny male trying to climb over the wall that seperates the guys from the girls. And yes, this means Carrot! But he has an unwelcome hanger-on in the form of Count Potato Chips, the pint-sized Lord that wants to score bigtime with the ladies.

Sorcerer Hunters has never been a title to make you ponder the deeper meanings of life. Instead it has been a title that offers entertainment and adventure mixed in with a bit of ribaldry. But it's not all fun and games. There is a an underlying current of seriousness that makes it a bit more realistic. The writer, Akahori, is not afraid to kill off characters, or to make some of the situations the Hunters get into tragic or sad for some involved. This is what gives it more of an edge than other titles of this genre where the characters spend most of the panels superdeformed and yelling at the top of their lungs. The art is pretty good, but lacking a lot of backgrounds and firmly rooted in the 1990s. Overall, an entertaining and funny read with a bit of nudity.
The Sorcerer Hunters Series, which totals 13 books in all, is a very well-written fantasy/humor/adventure. It isn't your average Japanese Manga... I learned that after reading the first volume.
I highly recommend this book, but only if you have read at least one of the other books before this. Up to book 4, it was short stories (at most 3 chapters long), and mainly for character development. The 4th book introduces a major story line as well, so it gives you more to think about.
The story continues with the Sorcerer Hunters' hunt for the Platina Stones. The main story takes us from a mysterious mansion surronded by Zechlova(sp?) trees, to a little shack in the snow. Here, we learn more about Tira and Chocloat's past, and get our first glimpses of Apricot Glase (Carrot and Marron's mother). Her personality adds a nice touch to the mood, because we begin to see why the main characters act the way they do.
This book is wonderful, and very serious on occasions. Don't worry, though. There are two stories strictly for humor between the two serious ones. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do.
I just love Sorcerer Hunters. I have never seen the Animè version, but I hope it's as great as the manga novel. It's extremely funny, but can also be very serious. It does contain some nudity, so it isn't for little kiddies. There are also a few things that were left untold in the books, that made me a little confused, but they don't pertain to anything that would make a big difference. I really love this series :)
This fourth book puts a more serious turn to Sorcerer Hunters as they bring up the man that could destroy the world that Big Mama and her Hunters have been protecting. So Torte better watch out, because along with Carrot, Tira, Chocolat, Marron and Gateau they're going to get a little assistance from the Haz.. well at least two of them. Still has a few scenes of hilarity, just so that you don't think they getting so serious.