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by Kara Lim,Lee Yun Hee

eBook Demon Diary, Book 5 download ISBN: 1591824303
Author: Kara Lim,Lee Yun Hee
Publisher: TokyoPop (January 6, 2004)
Language: English
Pages: 208
ePub: 1973 kb
Fb2: 1918 kb
Rating: 4.3
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Category: Comics
Subcategory: Manga

Destination, rates & speeds. 3. Demon Diary, Book 5. Hee, Lee Yun; Lim, Kara. Published by TokyoPop 2004-01-06 (2004)

Destination, rates & speeds. Published by TokyoPop 2004-01-06 (2004). ISBN 10: 1591824303 ISBN 13: 9781591824305.

Yun-hee Lee, Demon Diary vol. 2 (Tokyopop, 2000). Raenef decides to leave the castle and not return until he's a good and proper demon lord, but his plans get sidetracked by Chris, supergenius and next in line to become the high cleric of a sect that is currently locked in an uneasy truce with the demons. Demon Diary gets a 5 for the great read. 5 people found this helpful.

Tell us if something is incorrect. Demon Diary, Book 5 Format: Paperback Authors: Lee Yun Hee, Kara Lim ISBN10: 1591824303 Published: 2004-01-06 Demon Diary, Book 5. Specifications. Demon Diary (Paperback).

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Yun-hee Lee, Demon Diary, vol. 5 (Tokyopop, 2000). Fifth book of Demon Diaries. The spirit of Eclipse's previous demon lord comes to visit his present reincarnation and servent. Raenef IV is back, and he seems to know how to get Raenef's personality back from the devious book.

I'm sorry Lee Yun Hee, but that ending just sucked. I'm a big manga fanatic, so I know what I'm talking about. The first 6 books I absolutely loved and there's something that confuses me in the first book.

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Yay for 2nd oekaki of mine at 's oekaki boardy 8D shot. Anyway, the latest fave bishie; Eclipse~ Did this before my afternoon class actually~ XD;; I totally ruined his kakkuiness~ @ @;; Demon Diary(c)Kara & Lee Yun-Hee. srwk's market is damn slow.

Lee Jeehyung (volume 1) Lee Yun-hee (volumes 2 - 7. Download as PDF. Printable version.

Lee Jeehyung (volume 1) Lee Yun-hee (volumes 2 - 7). Illustrator.

As Raenef continues training to become a Demon Lord, he devolops a frightening personality after he attempts to study in the demonic library.
Comments: (7)
It was great to reread this one. Definitely would recommend the whole series. The characters are lovable and the side stories are fun.
perfect condition
Great condition made me very happy. I look forward to my next purchase with you all. Many more in the near future
Hi, Blaze here! I'm one of those people who just can't stand Manga without humor... And what's humor without the art to help express it? The entire Demon Diary series does Just that! The comical prases and mockery turns even the most cold-hearted character into arm-flailing chibi's. As for the story itself goes, DD is one of those series that just keeps getting better and more exciting with each installment. When the stoy gets a lot action, you can always bet that it will have you reading a lot faster, (and dont be too suprised if you find your jaw hanging open) And the art just makes it that more dramatic.
In the end of the book and can always count on Erutis, Chris, Eclipse (the one who does not want to be in any part of the humorous zoo, but usually finds himself in the center of it.) and of course Demon Lord Raenef, making you laugh until you feel like your brain is going to slug out from your head. The best series I ever read and I fully recommend it!

Love Humor? Love artistic manga? Love demon Lords who are unknowingly humiliating their servants? Then what are you waiting for? Start reading! ^_^b

Guardian Of The Wolves
Okay, since one of the reviewers was confused as to why the ending of volume seven never featured the older Raenef in the first volume, I decided to go ahead and clear that up. *Ahem* You'll notice that Demon Diary had two authors in the series. The first was Lee Chi Hyong, who left shortly after the first book came out due to college entrance exams. When Lee Yun Hee came along, she didn't pick up on that part of the story, therefore, it was never featured. Maybe they believed it was better just to leave it out...Who knows? I'm not going to spoil the ending for the readers, but I must say, it could have been slightly better. It was very good, but I was expecting more...Eh, whatever. It still remains my favorite series still!!
Well what can I say?? I mean you know this book is good, they all are!! But really, this one is EXSPECIALLY good! I mean when a good guy turns evil, there's alway a bit of coolness to it.
It's got all the demon diary goodness! It's a really funni volume, but it's also really deep. You find out lots of stuff about the other Raenef guy. There is also another really cute moment between Raenef and Eclips...yay!! And ya know it has everything you expect demon diary to have.
This series is getting AMAZINGLY good!!! I mean you'll be surprised at how good it's getting. This volume is jammed packed of information that you've needed to know for a while, which is good. And ya know you can't ever complain about the cast of characters, with every volume they get more and more lovable!! I just can't wait to see what happens in the next volume!!
OMG there are only two tiny books left!! That is not nearly enough, I need to maximum amount of demony goodness!!! I'm gonna be really sad when this is all over, but at least I got to enjoy it for a little while...
Well anyway if you haven't read this series yet your weird for reading a review about the fifth book, but hey whatever! Anyway this book was great, and I'm sure the last books will be even better!!!
The best manga ever.

Jeremy L. St. James
Satans daughter the elf Devil.
The art is delightful, the comedy is okay, but the boys-love is far too light. It's absolutely a tease. Not even one kiss! I wouldn't even reccomend this as a first boys-love to someone new to the genre; they'll want something harder before they finish the series.