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by Rumiko Takahashi

eBook Ranma 1/2, Vol. 7 download ISBN: 1417662271
Author: Rumiko Takahashi
Publisher: Topeka Bindery (January 1997)
Language: English
ePub: 1842 kb
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Rating: 4.1
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Category: Comics
Subcategory: Graphic Novels

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Follows the adventures of half-boy, half-girl martial artist Ranma, whose transforming gender problems began at the Accursed Springs in China when he became cursed to turn into a girl when splashed with cold water. Ranma 1/2, Vol. 7 has been added to your Cart.

The final volume of Runiko Takahashi's excellent series Ranma 1/2. This volume ties up the "Saffron" arc that started in the previous volume

The final volume of Runiko Takahashi's excellent series Ranma 1/2. This volume ties up the "Saffron" arc that started in the previous volume. Some people have complained about the Saffron arc because it is generally darker than most of the rest of the series, with a major emphasis on action and death.

Takahashi won the Shogakukan Manga Award twice in her career, once for Urusei Yatsura in 1981 and the second time for Inuyasha in 2002.

Only 17 left in stock (more on the way). Takahashi won the Shogakukan Manga Award twice in her career, once for Urusei Yatsura in 1981 and the second time for Inuyasha in 2002.

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Akane gets the lead in the school play and Ranma learns that kissing is such sweet sorrow.

Ranma 1/2, Vol. 7. by Rumiko Takahashi.

Rumiko Takahashi (高橋 留美子, Takahashi Rumiko, born October 10, 1957) is a Japanese manga artist. With a career of several commercially successful works, beginning with Urusei Yatsura in 1978, Takahashi is one of Japan's most affluent manga artists. 2 by Takahashi, Rumiko Book. Make Offer - Ranma 1/2 Vol.

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Ranma 1/2 (vol. 12) by Takahashi, Rumiko Paperback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post. Was: Previous price£11. Author: Rumiko Takahashi.

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This book is probably my favorite Ranma book. I'm so glad I ordered it. Ive only read up to chapter 4 so far but everything appears to be in order. The pages look to be all there and it is legible. The downside of this particular book is that there is some weird dark material around the corners of the cover and back. I tried scratching it off with a knife which made it kind of sticky but I got a decent amount of it off. It doesn't affect the inside of the book which is the most important part anyway.
the book was used and yet it looked new. happy with how it turned out. the story will keep you intertained and the characters are interesting.
This is Classic Takahashi, it is a manga classic, and a must read for any manga (or even non-manga) fan.
Super fast shipping and great quality manga. I am not dissapointed.
One Ranma Saotome is trouble enough. But what about two?

The funny thirty-third volume of action-comedy "Ranma 1/2" shows us how Tokyo isn't big enough for two Ranmas, and the fury of Nabiki scorned. In addition, author Rumiko Takahashi introduces a rather bizarre new character who would be Ukyo's ideal mate... if he ever got a clue.

After getting lost, Ranma and Genma arrive at a mysterious old mansion. But then Ranma accidently looks into a cursed mirror, which creates a slutty all-girl duplicate of him. Now girl-Ranma is running amuck, enraging Akane and smooching Ryoga... and in love with the real Ranma. The only hope of stopping her is to use a magical compact that traps anyone who looks inside... except Akane and Ranma get sucked in too.

Then Ranma is left at home with Nabiki, but he's uneasy because he accidently destroyed her concert ticket. Sure enough, Nabiki finds some ingenious ways to get even with Ranma. And on the night of the Star Festival, young lovers put their names on bamboo stalks, which is supposed to inspire true love. Except the wrong people keep trying to get Ranma and Akane's name cards.

And finally, Happosai tricks Ranma into coming to the Red Hot Tea House, a kunoichi (female ninja) brothel. After they see the butt-ugly inhabitants, they leave it in ruins. Now the beautiful ninja Konatsu is after Ranma for revenge, but she soon runs into Ukyo, the only person to ever show her kindness. What neither Ukyo nor Ranma knows is that Konatsu is hiding a secret crush...

Okay, "double trouble" is a bit cliched -- lots of series have duplicates-running-amuck stories. But there's a unique twist to this one, since the duplicate is of the opposite sex, is madly in love with the original, and is planning to kill off the love interest. You won't see that in any sci-fi series on TV.

And Takahashi plumbs the humor for all it's worth -- Ryoga's reaction to being kissed by "Ranma" is absolutely priceless ("I AM DISGRACED!"). But she also wedges in some touching moments, like Ranma's "sappy" dialogue on the final page, when he finally works up the courage to tell Akane of his feelings.

And this volume also introduces Konatsu, who is (get ready) a boy who believes himself to be a girl. He seems like the ideal guy for Ukyo -- submissive, adoring, gender-bending. And the only real problem is that he believes himself to be a woman, and won't act on his feelings. Maybe Ranma should give him a crash course in human anatomy.

Two Ranmas are more than his friends can handle, in the thirty-third volume of "Ranma 1/2." Fortunately for them, girl-Ranma wasn't a permanent addition.
Martial-arts comedy "Ranma 1/2" is not something you really associate with Shakespeare. But that is just one of the problems that Rumiko Takahashi's sex-switching hero has to deal with in the seventh volume of "Ranma 1/2" -- there's also girl's locker rooms and some lethal cooking.

Ever since Akane was little, she has wanted to play Juliet in the school play (especially since she was always cast as Romeo). Now at last, she will. Problem is, there are too many Romeos: crazy Kuno, lecherous Happosai, stalkerlike Gosunkugi, and even Ranma himself.... once he learns that the prize is a trip to China. Even worse, Akane's father takes it upon himself to make sure that "Romeo and Juliet" finally kiss....

In the next story, Ranma learns that Ryoga has a map to a Japanese "spring of drowned man" -- which will make both of them normal again. Problem is, it's under the girls' locker room, which has been painstakingly booby-trapped in order to snare Happosai. And Ranma and Ryoga, being male, are not exactly welcome....

Finally, Kodachi decides to depart her exclusive girls' school so she can take some cookies to "darling Ranma." Unfortunately for Ranma, he gets photographed in a rather suggestive position with Kodachi -- and soon she's spreading the photographs far and wide. Now Ranma will have to get the negative, and try to avoid Akane's jealousy over Kodachi.

Poor Ranma has a tough time: he gets poisoned, blackmailed, drenched, drunk, punched and trampled, humiliated in an ultra-tight spandex thong, and (almost) kisses Kuno. In other words, it's more or less an ordinary week for poor Ranma, who seems to have a disproportionate number of nutty people around him.

And these three stories show the surreal scenarios that Takahashi can concoct -- especially the dueling Romeos and the Kuno estate, where Kodachi keeps her pet alligator. The middle story of the three is a bit stretched out, with Ranma's fruitless efforts to get into the locker room, but the first and third are pure gold.

And in this volume, despite their constant fighting, Ranma and Akane do demonstrate how they care for each other. Not only do they (almost) kiss, with Ranma being flustered and disgruntled that it wasn't the real thing, but he voluntarily eats Akane's cookies just to make her feel better. If that isn't true love, I don't know what is.

Romance, cookies and tiny pervs are only a few of the comic sources in the seventh "Ranma 1/2" volume. "You ashked for it, Romeo...."
Yay!^^ A Romeo and Juliet play happens in Ranma! *thinks those seem to happen in every series*....But it is REALLY GOOD! Also, Gosunkugi is back in it, and so is Kodachi! Yup, this is another great Ranma 1/2 Volume! Ranma 1/2 Volume 7 rocks, and I highly reccomend it!
This is a great book filled with laughter. (I like Kodachi.) Action. (Mr. Turtle Kicks.) Did I mention I like Kodachi?