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by Frank Dirscherl

eBook Valley of Evil: A Superhero Novel (The Wraith Series, Book 2) download ISBN: 1897217536
Author: Frank Dirscherl
Publisher: Coscom Entertainment (December 29, 2006)
Language: English
Pages: 192
ePub: 1797 kb
Fb2: 1823 kb
Rating: 4.1
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Category: Comics
Subcategory: Graphic Novels

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Valley of Evil: A Superhero Novel (The Wraith Series, Book 2): ISBN 9781897217535 . Coauthors & Alternates.

Valley of Evil: A Superhero Novel (The Wraith Series, Book 2): ISBN 9781897217535 (978-1-897217-53-5) Softcover, Coscom Entertainment, 2006. ISBN 9781897217283 (978-1-897217-28-3) Softcover, Coscom Entertainment, 2005.

A short, pulp, superhero novel. Metro City is a worse-than-Gotham cesspit apparently built for political reasons. Michael Reeve is an honest cop. A confrontation between The Wraith, and a crimelord goes wrong, and The Wraith ends up on his doorstep

A short, pulp, superhero novel. A confrontation between The Wraith, and a crimelord goes wrong, and The Wraith ends up on his doorstep. Next thing, he wakes up in a different house, in a different body - and Reeve is then apparently the wraith. Presumably transferred by the mystical 'Eyes of Judgement' amulet. The Wraith is a Batman-level hero, with this added Ghost Rider/Spirit of Vengeance power to make people experience all the evil they have done.

The Wraith Is A Superhero. Listen in app. Impression. Now, children of all ages can enjoy the world of The Wraith, his friends and his enemies. A fun story and a fantastic learn-to-read aid, this will thrill generations of children for years to come.

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Book Format: Choose an option. POWERLESSWhen the friend of a retired superhero is killed by another power, he drags himself out of his self-imposed isolation to find out who is responsible. He soon finds himself.

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So, as a "book", this novel is good. The writing is good, the pace is decent, the author knows how to make cliffs and contrary to most novel's around here, it actually has a plot and a well-structured world. But then, the author shoots himself on the foot. But then, the author shoots himself on the foot Everything that most. more people like about reading this type of novels is ignored. Cool ranks? Cool powers?

After the horror the Cobra unleashed upon Metro City, Paul Sanderson has recuperated, regained his strength and focus, and the city has been rebuilt while its citizens have slowly started to regroup and move forward. Into this relative calm marches Ma Tzi, the Hong Kong drug lord, who senses a weakness in resident crime lord Robert Latham's hold on the city, and intends to exploit that in any way necessary. And at any cost. In the midst of their vicious gang war, a new terror envelopes the city -- a virulent plague wipes out thousands, a plague that The Wraith soon discovers to be man-made. With no end in sight, and his assistant Max Horton missing, can The Wraith stop Latham and Tzi from causing further carnage, save countless lives and find those responsible for the heinous slaughter of innumerable innocents?
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Frank Dirscherl continues the adventures of his pulp hero, The Wraith, in the second installment, "Valley of Evil." Taking off where the first novel left us, there are still repercussions from the Cobra's vile acts of destruction, both on Metro City, and the Wraith himself. And it seems as though, from beyond the grave, the Cobra's reach is still strong and will move others to continue his nefarious plans.

There are a lot of things to love about his book. The Wraith has not reached 100% recovery from his injuries, and while not dwelled upon -- he can still defeat most foes due to a combination of training and sheer strength -- I thought this was a great touch to remind us that our hero is VERY mortal (reading the first book, this point is made painfully clear there as well). Another is the continuation of the pulp novel feel of the stories. While parallels are certainly to be made between The Wraith and comic book avenger Batman, people tend to forget that Batman was very much informed by The Shadow and The Spider. The outlandish costume had been inspired by characters like The Phantom. Ultimately, everything within a genre is inspired by what came before, and I am loving this modern take on pulp action. And, as I mentioned, there are Batman comparisons to be seen as well. This particular story pulls me back in time, with a tone reminiscent of my favorite stories crafted by the team of Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams, the men largely responsible for the return of the "Dark" in "Dark Knight." While these similarities are present, Dirscherl's character stands on his own as a unique addition to a long lineage of wealthy philanthropist crime-fighters.

Fast-paced and a quick read, "Valley of Evil" makes me ready for more Wraith adventures (luckily I've received all the books, so I'm already reading "Cult of the Damned"). And while many loose ends are tied up from the previous adventure, there are many left to be addressed in the future, and I look forward to them. I'm still wondering just why the Cobra hated our hero so. Perhaps we will get an answer yet...
VALLEY OF EVIL continues just where the first book left off as far as being some of the best Neo Pulp/Superhero stories I’ve read in a long time. It’s a very quick read (shorter than the first novel) that oozes prose that harkens back to the old days of pulp heroes, the characters continue to grow and become more three dimensional (I am a big fan of THE WRAITH’S partner and girlfriend, Leena), the book flies at a breakneck pace with exciting fight scenes and mysteries abounding, and again, the ending leaves you ready to fly right into the next book. What more could you ask for in a pulp/superhero novel? Definitely look out for this book if you’re a fan of THE SPIDER, THE SHADOW, or BATMAN comics made around the 70’s and 80’s. 4.5/5 stars.
The second Wraith novel is an improvement, I think. Right from the start Dirscherl throws you into the middle of crazy action.

Recovering from his injuries, The Wraith has to deal with not one, but two crime lords battling for control of the city.

There is yet a third force, though, Natalya Blackova, former right hand woman of The Cobra. She, is of course a supervillain with powers of man control by pheromones. It seems she enhances this effect by dressing like Evira.

Her insanity leads her to introducing toxins into various parts of the supermarket supply chain, killing a lot of people, thus keeping the police, The Wraith, his wife and assistant too busy to deal with her actual target.

None of this is obvious to the reader, neither are the parts of the first scene, where The Wraith infiltrates crime lord #2's mansion to remove a supply of narcotics, with a bang. All is not what it seems there, either.

The Wraith's wife, Leena, is developing into a capable solo character in her own right, so he entrusts some tasks to her.

Car chases, plane chases, capture by alluring superwomen, oh yeah, and a mass of ninjas! Is mass the collective noun for ninjas? :) If you are captured by a crazy superwoman, of course she will make you fight to death in the arena versus your ensorcelled comrades, both old and new.

Same thing with the ninja crowd though, all is not what it seems there, either. I guess I forgot to mention the Zombie Powder, too.

The possibility appears to exist that The Wraith will gain a new assistant, as well.

This book is a whole lot of superheroic pulp fun, and the good news is there seems to be more to come, as there is an afterword by the author detailing his plans to write one Wraith novel a year, with the next due in 2007 based around an Aztec theme.

I look forward to some more of the same.