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by David H.J. Gay

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Author: David H.J. Gay
Publisher: Brachus (November 17, 2009)
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Infant Baptism Tested book. This book will not appeal to every Christian.

Infant Baptism Tested book.

Infant Baptism Tested. by. David H J Gay. Topics. Infant Baptism, Conversion, Covenant Theology. It is, after all, a polemical work, designed to explore infant baptism and expose it as destructive of the gospel. And it raises important questions: What is a Christian? How does one become a Christian?

Baptist writers are publishing book after book promoting sacramentalism. In my Infant Baptism Tested, I exposed it and probed its dreadful consequences. Now I must do the same for Baptist sacramentalism.

Baptist writers are publishing book after book promoting sacramentalism. Baptist teachers are teaching it. Baptist preachers are preaching it. And more and more Baptists are adopting it. I’ll say it again.

David H J Gay Ministry. In the body of the booklet, I made the point that the history of infant baptism shows how bad things got: it wasn't even the Old Testament which set the parameters for the practice. Rather, it was the stubborn problems raised by the process itself which came to dominate its theology. In this Appendix, I give some evidence for my claim, evidence supplied by those who should know. New-Covenant Theology Volume Eleven. Bible Software that Integrates David Books. Contact Us. Infant Baptism Tested. This summary represents my understanding of new-covenant theology. Scriptural justification for these statements may be found throughout my works.

Infant baptism is the practice of baptising infants or young children. In theological discussions, the practice is sometimes referred to as paedobaptism, or pedobaptism, from the Greek pais meaning "child". This can be contrasted with what is called "believer's baptism", or credobaptism, from the Latin word credo meaning "I believe", which is the religious practice of baptising only individuals who personally confess faith in Jesus, therefore excluding underage children.

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This book will not appeal to every Christian. And it raises important questions: What is a Christian? How does one become a Christian?

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This book will not appeal to every Christian. It is, after all, a polemical work, designed to explore infant baptism and expose it as destructive of the gospel. And it raises important questions: What is a Christian? How does one become a Christian? What is a church? How does one become a member? And, above all, what of the eternal consequences of baby-sprinkling in the name of Christ? Some believers don't like controversy, full stop. So they won't like this book. Some will deplore its appearance, thinking it divisive in an age of 'togetherness'. Others will consider it a sterile work, opening old wounds, fighting worn-out battles of an age long since gone. David Gay disagrees. The issue is not dead. Sacramentalism is on the rise in Reformed circles, and elsewhere. Calvin's (and Augustine's) views on infant baptism (and the Lord's supper) are increasingly being turned to. Attitudes to children, and ways of treating them spiritually, are being radically changed on such a basis. And Gay, deploring this, wishes to warn those who are thinking of adopting the Reformer's teaching on infant baptism. Some Baptists, who rightly take the Reformed view of salvation, beguiled by the names of the 'big guns' who baptise infants, are attracted by the seeming logic of 'covenant theology'. 'Look before you leap', is Gay's theme. To help such readers take a good look before they leap, and to challenge those who already baptise infants, he has produced this book - which does what it says in the title: Infant Baptism Tested. So, reader, if you think it right to contend earnestly for the faith, and if, with an open Bible, you are prepared to examine infant baptism, and willing to test its practice, and thus come to an informed decision about it, this book is for you. If, after reading it, you don't agree with the author, at least you will have thought it all out. But you never know - you might find the seeming heavy-weight arguments put forward by infant baptisers don't stand scriptural scrutiny, that covenant theology is not biblical after all, and that sacramentalism is an abomination. Are you willing to take that risk?
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Having pursued a number of books on this subject, pro and con I must say this book is by far the best reasoned, most scriptural I have ever read. I wish I had the wherewithal to put this book into the hands of three categories of people. Those genuinely confused and indecisive about baptism, every Baptist to encourage him of the soundness of Baptist baptism, and every Reformed paedobaptist who thinks his baptism theological construct unassailable. This is a profoundly important work on the subject and well worth serious consideration.
Dear Readers:

I never knew of this author before I read this book so my review is not biased. I was raised in the Reformed tradition (CRC and then URC churches) so I always just accepted infant baptism and my bubble of a worldview. I recently met a Reformed Baptist Christian who told me about how unbiblical infant baptism is-so I read and studied as many books as I could about the subject-which left me very confused(4 years of reading and praying)-until I bought this little known book or author(no offense David Gay)-
Let all readers see this review and let me tell ALL that this is a book that shook me (in a good way) and changed the way I read God's word and what I believed and this book is quite amazing-David Gay has many footnotes (many!!!) that back up what he writes and many quotes and this book is laid out in quite a organized manner that takes the reader down the biblical path of truth-(I kicked and screamed the whole time I was led down the path)-this book shows the history of infant baptism and the biblical worldview of why infant baptism is wrong and how it leads to confusion about identity and one's own conversion (am I saved or just deluded?)This book is a must for Christians who believe in infant baptism and Christians who don't believe in infant baptism so you witness the truth to those "Christians" who are blind and following blind guides-
This book is great- 10 out 10-easy!

Andrew H.
A Scripturally supported and consistently clear refutation of a complicated system justified by argumentation that its proponents would never accept for other doctrine or practice. Thank you Pastor Gay.