eBook Cowboy Christmas download

by Mary Connealy

eBook Cowboy Christmas download ISBN: 1602601453
Author: Mary Connealy
Publisher: Barbour Books (September 1, 2009)
Language: English
Pages: 304
ePub: 1707 kb
Fb2: 1319 kb
Rating: 4.1
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Category: Christian Books
Subcategory: Literature and Fiction

Get ready for a fun and suspenseful Christmastime romance. Trouble follows singer Annette Talbot to Wyoming—and rancher Elijah Walker finds himself directly in its path. Though still wounded by the betrayal of his ex-fiancée, Elijah finds himself attracted to the secretive singer. When it appears Annie is a threat to his mother’s life, Elijah must decide if Annie’s deep faith and love of God is genuine or if it’s all just a ruse. He decides to trust her—until he discovers she’s a wanted woman. As Christmas draws near, will Elijah respond to God’s gentle persuasion to find the truth before he loses Annie forever?

Comments: (7)
A young woman with a beautiful voice is plagued by those who want to use her gift for evil. A young man is tormented by memories of his father's murder at the hands of his conniving fiancee. Can he put his bitterness aside and learn to trust and love? What will it cost for her to be free of the danger following her? At times this book felt fake and contrived. Other places it was quite good. Illogical scenes are a bit off putting. The placement of the town, the two ranches, and the river that runs on both sides of the mountain and never needs to be crossed is too much of a stretch for my imagination. A harrowing trip in a half frozen river, down two waterfalls, through rapids, nearly drowned, broken ribs, bruised and battered, followed by a trip to town the following morning, then helping with kitchen work. Not gonna happen. I really wish more thought had gone into logistics. I laughed a few times, and even got a little emotional. The good parts are really good, the bad, well...You decide.
Just yesterday I saw posted a question for any good summer reads. My response was anything by Mary Connealy. I have read most of her stories, prefer novels to novellas because of the length. She provides clean Christian romance with a touch of rugged handsome cowboy (and cowgirl) history to many of her stories. One can easily feel like they are in the story with the characters. Here again with Cowboy Christmas, Mary Connealy dos not disappoint the reader. It's exciting, full of personal Christian growth, tenderness, love, and more.
This was one of the most serious stories I have read from Mary Connealy. I still loved it, but I appreciated the stand that the heroine took about honoring God no matter what it took. That can be a hard place to be, but this book was a great example of why Christians do what they do-"we love Him because He first loved us."
This falls right in the middle of the star rating. It was a nice enough story; however, Elijah said Annette was a idiot, he was not far wrong for most of the book. I also felt that the Christian aspect was a bit ... long.
This is such a humor filled book. I lost count of how many times a broke out in laughter. And the sweet. Love the characters.
Mary Connealy's books never disappoint me! This one is just as great as the rest. She has a talent for writing exciting, Christian stories with an amazing sense of humor. I laughed out loud several times. Even though it's a Christmas time story, it's great for any time of year!!!
A great story with such wonderful charectors . Full of fast moving action. Ms. Connealy is a very gifted story teller.
The story was good, but it took a long time to get to the end. I liked the story line otherwise I would not have completed the book.