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by Tracie Peterson

eBook Bells of Lowell, 3-in-1 download ISBN: 0764204831
Author: Tracie Peterson
Publisher: Bethany House (October 1, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 704
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Rating: 4.3
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Bells of Lowell, Vols. But I found it hard to put down in spots and was glad I had all 3 in the series to read without having to wait if one was checked ou. .

Bells of Lowell, Vols.Jul 15, 2016 Kirsty Pearce rated it really liked it. A wonderful collection of characters and storylines woven together as tightly and beautifully as the looms that are a core element in this series, though each book is delightful in it's own right, my favourite would have to be the last one.

Book 3 of Bells of Lowell. Timid yet alluring Daughtie Winfield finds herself in a precarious position when the new doctor casts his favor upon her. Though flattered by his attention, she is drawn to Liam Donohue, a local Irish artisan. As Daughtie and Liam work together to help runaway slaves, their friendship blossoms. Book 3 of Bells of Lowell. But her work in the mills is threatened when a downturn in profits causes the Associates to decrease wages-resulting in plans for a strike

Tracie Peterson (born 1959) is an author of Christian fiction. She writes many historical novels, with romantic threads in them, as well as writing with other Christian authors on joint novels.

Tracie Peterson (born 1959) is an author of Christian fiction. Many of her books are published by Bethany House. She originally used the pen name of Janelle Jamison. Several of her series feature Harvey Girls, who are historically part of the Fred Harvey Company. Peterson is married to Jim and has 3 children, Jennifer, Julie, and Erik; they live in Montana.

Bells of Lowell – 3-in-1 Volume by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller. If you like these books, check out Tracie’s other book pages: Historical Fiction Series, Standalone Novels, Novellas & Compilations, and Nonfiction Books. Visit Judith Miller’s Site. Daughter of the Loom-Forced to work in the mill as her only means of survival, Lilly Armbruster is deeply resentful of the powerful mill owners she believes forced her father’s premature death. Lily is torn, however, when she discovers her one-time betrothed is one with the lords of the loom. With her heart conflicted, Lilly’s faith will be put to the test.

Bells of Lowell Posted June 11, 2008 This book with three in one reads very much like one of those four in one smaller books. These Tangled Threads. Book in the Bells of Lowell Series). by Tracie Peterson and Judith McCoy Miller. Just read the third book These Tangled Threads, of the Bells of Lowell series. Though flattered by his attention. So very good! They were so enjoyable to me because the same characters were in all three books. I didn't think they would ever get rid of the villains. Just about the time you thought they were gone, here they popped up again.

Authors: Peterson, Tracie, Miller, Judith. Addie was waiting at the foot of the stairs in her fur-trimmed coat, a relic of the prosperous days when she, Mintie, and the Judge had resided among Boston society. MoreLess Show More Show Less.

As the Industrial Revoltion sweeps across the land, three adventuresome women will be transformed when they become "mill girls", in three complete novels.
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Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller are excellent authors. I have read a number of their books and always enjoy their approach to the varying situations they cover. I find the historic value in their books to be very accurate and also quite enlightening. I thoroughly recommend their books. Every story is different yet once can still relate to them and the Christian values the present.
I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 books. I kept anticipating tragedy among the key characters but was happily wrong. The authors hinted at doom but allowed the good guys to sin out over the bad. The continued efforts of the ladies to seek education and equality was a welcome part of this series. I believe you will enjoy reading the series.
It's a really cute series, and I especially enjoyed the last section in the series. I loved how the Shaker girls were challenged in their new life, and it was interesting to see how working in a Mill for some was a life saving measure, while for others it was a very difficult pill to swallow.
My mother reccomended I read this just before she passed away Dec. 3rd 2014....made me feel close to her when I read this:-)
It was easy to get very invested in the characters in these writings. Well written. It's such a pleasure to read novels that present their stories in a way that uplift and encourage and make one care.
Excellent stories on early US history about the industrialization of this country and good stories of relationships and struggles of everyday life.
History of the how the mills started in the Northeast and how woman started to work in the mills. I really enjoyed the series, and learned that as a modern day woman we owe these woman who worked in the mills a great deal. Tracie and Judith have really written the history for reading enjoyment.
This series of books has a lot of history about early New Englad. The women in this series are strong Christian women. It's an entertaining read.