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by Laura Gallier

eBook Choosing to Wait download ISBN: 0768427401
Author: Laura Gallier
Publisher: Destiny Image (March 1, 2009)
Language: English
Pages: 268
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Rating: 4.9
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This book goes beyond boundary setting, and instead empowers parents to cultivate convictions in their children so they can stand strong when faced with temptation. While other books focus on modifying a child's behavior, this book gives parents the power to ignite lasting character transformation in their kids. Parents are equipped to effectively convey truths through a healthy discipleship connection. Author and mother of three Laura Gallier focuses on three critical areas: Preparation, Application, and Motivation. She guides parents and children into a biblical understanding of the purposes and sacredness of sex within marriage as well as the realities of sexual sin. She also provides practical tools to assist parents in this sometimes awkward (but very crucial) life issue. Arm your kids today with emotional, spiritual, and physical ammunition that will keep them from making the wrong choices.
Comments: (5)
Choosing to Wait was absolutely POWERFUL for me as a Mom of 3 teenagers. I recommend this book all the time! I have read it several times and reference it often!
I have since bought her book Why Wait? What singles need to know about sex and dating for my 16 & 19 year old.
Laura B. Gallier provides godly sexual instruction for instilling purity through her book "Choosing to Wait: A Guide to Inspiring Abstinence." This is a book for parents, teachers, and anyone who loves children and has an impact on their lives.

Gallier's emphasis is on training that will equip and empower parents with the tools to inspire abstinence while they cultivate and instill personal convictions in their children to maintain sexual purity. The study is composed of three parts which build on each other: Preparation, application, and motivation. These themes focus on a Biblical understanding of the purposes and sacredness of sex within marriage and the realities of sexual sin.

Each chapter contains practical, helpful "Questions for Thought" which are excellent for self reflection. In the application section of the book there are "Parent-Child Discussion Starter" and discussion road maps. These serve as spring boards for talking about sex and abstinence.

Shocking statistics about America's youth appear throughout the narrative. Gallier's writing demonstrates her understanding of the reality of the teen psyche, their natural desires, and the temptations that accompany them.

I appreciated the clarity of the chapter titles as they described the actual content of the chapter. This adds to maintaining the value of the book for later reference or review. O found the "Steps to Inspiring Convictions" helpful as they include principles for developing any of the spiritual disciplines.

Laura has written a companion book for teens "Why Wait? The Naked Truth About Sex and Abstinence." This approach allows parents and teens to benefit from having their own specific material to read, assimilate, and apply.

"Choosing to Wait: A Guide to Inspiring Abstinence" is Biblically sound, contemporarily relevant, with a proactive plan for the future. This is a book that is an investment in your child's future and your peace of mind. Once you read it, you will be recommending to your friends, even has I am recommending now. A full five stars!
I loved this book - I actually chose it to write an essay in my psychology class. It was very insightful and enlightening. I have three children of my own (one that is now an adult and married) and the other two are still at home. This book allowed me to take my Christian views and practices that I thought I was doing well, and put them into perspective and add more tools to what I was already doing. I am praying about possibly starting a women's bible study group at my church because there are other moms who are looking for ways to help keep their child abstinent in a society that parades and celebrates pre-marital sex. I encourage everyone (even grandparents) to read this book. - Evette Burch
As the morality within our country and in the church is continually "going down the drain" as is said by experts, here is loving teaching written for all parents and children,and grandparents. This sound and detailed practical biblical teaching provides the details for the reader to learn and to know and to recognize the grave need for pre-marital abstinence. It is a handbook to be used by children and youth leaders, but of importance for the young child, the teenager, and the young adult to learn as they read the truth of abstinence that is sometimes missing in today's teachings. Yes, even myths are discussed. This is a teaching that encourages abstinence through commitment. "Choose to wait."
Good book about waiting to have sex til you get married. God gives you the grace and strength to wait if you ask. Recommend to all singles waiting to get married.