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by American Bible Society,Howard Clark Kee

eBook The Learning Bible: Contemporary English Version download ISBN: 1585160172
Author: American Bible Society,Howard Clark Kee
Publisher: Amer Bible Society (April 1, 2000)
Language: English
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For each book and for each section of the Bible you will find background and analysis to lead you to the full meaning and importance of the text.

For each book and for each section of the Bible you will find background and analysis to lead you to the full meaning and importance of the text. Throughout there are colorful.

Bible text from the Contemporary English Version (CEV) is not to be reproduced in copies or otherwise by any means except as permitted in writing by American Bible Society, 101 North Independence Mall East, FL 8, Philadelphia, PA 19106 -2155 (ww. mericanbible. About American Bible Society.

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Founded in New York City in 1816, ABS is dedicated to the purpose of presenting the Bible in compelling ways, enabling readers to experience life in its fullness through faith in Jesus Christ. ABS has a number of "firsts" in its record books: the first Bibles in hotels, the first pocket Bibles for soldiers (during the Civil war), and the first Bibles provided for the .

com: The Learning Bible: Contemporary English Version (Firelight Planning Resources): Books: American Bible Society,Howard Clark Kee. Supposedly it's easy to read and has all these cross references to history and geography and illustrations.

The American Bible Society (ABS) is a United States–based Bible society which publishes and distributes translations of the Protestant Christian version of the Bible and provides study aids and other tools to help people engage with it. Founded on M. . Founded on May 11, 1816, in New York City, it is probably best known for its Good News Translation of the Bible, with its contemporary vernacular. They also publish the Contemporary English Version.

The American Bible Society (ABS) tends to avoid translations that obviously favor one or another doctrinal position, but their non-partisan caution biases this translation toward traditional readings (for one example, the "young woman" of Isaiah 7:14 appears as a "virgin," though with a footnote that tries to explain away this dubious decision).

American Bible Society is a Christian ministry that has been engaging people with the life-changing message of.American Bible Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible in full or in part.

American Bible Society is a Christian ministry that has been engaging people with the life-changing message of God’s Word for over 200 years.

The Contemporary English Version or CEV (also known as Bible for Today's Family) is a translation of the Bible into English .

The Contemporary English Version or CEV (also known as Bible for Today's Family) is a translation of the Bible into English, published by the American Bible Society. An anglicized version was produced by the British and Foreign Bible Society, which includes metric measurements for the Commonwealth market. YouTube Encyclopedic.

The ABS Learning Bible combines our very accessible Contemporary English Version text wtih clear and coherent explanatory material. For each book and for each section of the Bible you will find background and analysis to lead you to the full meaning and importance of the text. Throughout there are colorful, informative illustrations, tables, charts and maps to guide you in your study and devotions. Makes learning the Bible a joy!
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I use this reference Bible often, especially during Bible Study classes. It is very versatile and comprehensible. It is filled with facts, charts, and graphs, as well as being written in contemporary, easy-to-understand language. I appreciate that it gives me other Biblical references within the text. Also there are colorful symbols in the margins referring to Geography; People & Places; Objects, Plants & Animals; History & Culture; Ideas & Concepts; and Cross References. There are a number of informative articles in the beginning of the Bible; a Bible timeline, atlases, map & mini article indexes in the back of the Bible. The list of charts includes such bonuses as The Kings of Israel, The Plagues, and Names of God - easy to find and benefit from. The side margins are full of interesting foot notes. The only con to this Bible is the weight - it is very heavy to carry around.
I got this Bible when I was searching for a Bible to give our Sunday School kids when they enter the fourth grade. We had been giving them a paperback copy of the International Children's Version, and were dissatisfied with it for various reasons. First, it was already too simple even for many of our fourth grade readers. Second, it was just plain visually boring -- text occasionally interrupted by random line drawings. Third, it had no helpful notes or articles to help the kids grow in the faith and understanding of the Word. And finally, it seemed cheap as a presentation Bible, given its paperback cover and general lack of production values.

This Bible addresses all of those issues for us. First, it is COLORFUL. When the kids get it, they are delighted. They are drawn into the book in a way that makes them want to look at the many pictures and read the many sidebar articles sprinkled throughout the text. They feel special when they receive this Bible. And the photographs, tables, and maps are not just decoration -- they are selected to enhance the reader's understanding of the text.

Second, its annotations are profuse, properly-aligned with the text (in the outer margins next to the text they annotate, instead of the less friendly norm of having the notes in footnotes at the bottom of the page). This Bible was produced by the American Bible Society, and the notes and articles are authoritative as well as easy to read. They don't "dumb down" the content for kids -- in truth, this isn't a children's Bible; it's just accessible enough that children can use it as well as adults. The mini-articles that fill sidebars throughout the book address questions that you have or should have at the place where the questions would naturally arise. And the notes along the sides refer you to these mini-articles at other points in the text that you would likely have the same question. This book was produced by people who have thought long and hard about the questions that people actually have while reading scriptures.

There are very informative articles at the beginning of the book on where the Bible came from and how it became canonized, and before each book of the Bible to provide general background as an aid to understanding. The scripture itself is laid out in single-column format instead of the usual two columns. Again, this makes it easier to read for people who may be more used to reading other books than they are used to scripture.

The translation is the Contemporary English Version (CEV). This is a translation done by the American Bible Society (ABS) itself, and it is reliable. The intention is to create an easy-to-read and still reliable translation. For Bible mavens, this is a "dynamic equivalence" translation, instead of being in the more difficult to read "formal equivalence" style. While both approaches have real value, for ease of reading, you pretty much have to opt for dynamic equivalence. The only time I was irritated by their attempt to make the text more readable was in Job, where "behemoth" is turned into "hippopotamus." That's just too folksy for my taste. But it is a rare excess in this translation. Although the CEV is not the most poetic rendering of the Bible that one can buy, I will sometimes use it to read aloud in church because the clarity of its translation communicates well when read aloud. Many other excellent translations (those of a more formal equivalence bent) are wonderful for close reading, but hard for a listener to follow when read aloud.

The Learning Bible is now also available in the New International Version (NIV) with the same wonderful ABS notes. Personally, I find the NIV the most biased translation in print. The translators routinely inject their biases into the translation without warning, so I would never recommend the NIV to anyone. There is one sense in which the NIV is a natural fit for the Learning Bible -- the vocabulary used in the articles and mini-articles is significantly more sophisticated than that used in the CEV translation itself. So, in terms of reading level, the articles fit better with the NIV than with the CEV. Nonetheless, I find the CEV version of the Learning Bible to be more to my liking. It is just worth being aware of the fact that the articles will be too advanced for many youngsters who might find the CEV itself to be fully age-appropriate.

One thing that the book is lacking is a presentation page. We have created one that we paste into the frontispiece when we present it to the kids, to make the Bible all the more special for them. Another serious omission is that this book lacks the Apocrypha. That isn't a major problem when being preseented to kids, but I have grown so fond of this book over the years that I have given it to adults, for whom the Apocrypha might well be missed. I gave one of these Bibles to my mother when she took the Methodist Church's Disciple Bible Study class and I've given it to other adults who have wanted to better understand scriptures. I use it myself along with more scholarly study Bibles like the Harper Collins New Revised Standard Version Study Bible, and often find the notes in The Learning Bible more informative. This Bible is a real treasure, with only minor limitations.
I was so pleased that this book was recommended to me as a valuable resource for my writing. The notes and separate articles added richly to the background information I had. The book is large and comprehensive. The translation is easy to follow. I was fortunate to find a used copy so it didn't cost full price.
The Learning Bible in Contemporary English Version is the bible that I have used for the last 5 or 6 years and I enjoy its rich help notes. All the articles placed throughout the text that explain the historicial meaning and background of customs serve to increase the depth of meaning. This bible gives me the "WHY" of things which is what fuels my intrest and makes me just want more. I have many other bibles but only this one gives the literary style that satisfies my need for the understanding of scripture.

Now let me tell you the real worth of this bible. When my daughter,son-in-law, and grandchildren come for a visit and attend church with us I will open my Learning Bible to the scripture we will be using and pass my bible to my son-in-law and he will start to read - and read - and read. He becomes transfixed with the easy flow of the Contemporary English Version. He says, "I can really understand it now!" He will usually not return my bible until the end of the service.

My son-in-law will be getting his very own "The Learning Bible in CEV" for christmas this year.
i use this all the time in sunday school and bible study
This is one awesome publication of the Word of GOD! You get historical facts, archeology and art to boot! It is the most intelligently down-to-earth version (in my opinion) that I have ever read! In parallel to other older versions and what I have read thus far, it reads accurately. I actually love reading this bible! It's fun!

If you love the GOD of Avraham - Yitz'chak - Ya'akov and YESHUA, if you love learning or just plain enjoy reading, then this version will not only be a wonderful addition to your library but it will bring to you a perspective that I'm sure you will appreciate. This bible does not collect'll have to trust me on this.

Additionally, I ordered this bible from, "Joy of Books" and they did a great job in sending me what they said they had! I got a bible that was in near mint condition and I am very satisfied. Once again Amazon... you came through!

Thanks Amazon and Joy of Books for everything!:-)
I teach 12 and 13 year-olds and have found I have less explaining of words to do with the CEV than with my previous favorite, the NIV. The side notes are useful for them and the reference to certain maps and other mini-articles is a good learning tool. The pictures are of good quality and their captions enhance the theme. However, I miss an extensive cross-reference and concordance of the NIV study Bible when I prepare for leading an adult's Bible Study. The adult participants are very impressed with the CEV and don't notice the lack of references. And, there is no need for weight-lifting after taking this Bible out.