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eBook World English Bible download ISBN: 0970334400
Author: Rainbow Missions
Publisher: Rainbow Missions, Inc. (July 20, 2000)
Language: English
Pages: 348
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Rating: 4.5
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Category: Christian Books
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It balances understandability, accuracy, and preservation of the style of the original writers. Because the Holy Bible is inspired by God, it continues to help people of all backgrounds.

The World English Bible (also known as the WEB) is a free updated revision of the American Standard Version (1901). It is one of the few public domain, present-day English translations of the entire Bible, and it is freely distributed to the public using electronic formats. The Bible was created by volunteers using the ASV as the base text as part of the ebible. org project through Rainbow Missions, In. a Colorado nonprofit corporation.

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Rainbow Missions, In. a Colorado nonprofit corporation - and many volunteers who are born again and seeking to daily follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, along with many who have gone before in the creation of the American Standard Version of the Holy Bible. Is the WEB a one-man translation?

World English Bible" and WorldEnglishBible.

World English Bible" and WorldEnglishBible.

It is written so as to be understandable by speakers of English all over the world, yet without sacrificing accuracy.

Question: "What is the World English Bible (WEB)?"

Question: "What is the World English Bible (WEB)?".

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Work on the World English Bible began in 1997 and was first known as the American Standard Version 1997. It is based on the 1901 ASV, the Greek Majority Text, and the Hebrew Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia with some minor adjustments made because of alternate readings in the DSS and the Septuagint. World English Bible is included with the following packages: category.

The words of Jesus are highlighted in red. With Strong's lexicon. 2. bible - asb. Webbe 1997.

World English New Testament Plus Psalms and Proverbs Multi-Colored Softcover/Paperback Other English Rainbow Missions
Comments: (6)
I bought the paperback version of the WEB after reading it on the internet.At this time the Old Testament isn't available in printed form yet.

This Bible is a revision of the American Standard Version of 1901.One difference is the use of the scared name.The WEB uses Yahweh as compared to Jehovah.There was no "j" sound or letter in Hebrew.

The WEB is my translation of choice for internet Bible research.

It is accurate and easy to read.The footnotes are very helpful for clarifying words and telling of differences in greek text used.

The Psalms are seperated and clearly marked.

The other books are not seperated as individual chapters.Verses are identified with chapters in the text itself.So I use the the passage start and stop markers at the top of the pages for locating a particular passage.That's only a minor thing to me.

The entire WEB is available free online at a number of sites.

I will probably buy the complete WEB when it is printed.

I like this translation!It's one of the better modern translations for accuracy and readability.
The Rollers of Vildar
It's a nice translation and the best part is it is copyright free. So, missionaries and their organizations can print it for distribution without paying royalties.
The translation philosophy of the "World English Bible" is described on the WEB: FAQ page on its Web site, "Some people like to use the terms 'formal equivalent' and 'dynamic equivalent.' Neither of these exactly describe what we are doing, since we have borrowed ideas from both, but I suppose that we are closer to formal equivalence than dynamic equivalence."
Dynamic equivalence refers to the thought for thought translation principle used in such versions as the NIV and NLT. This method is less literal than the formal equivalence (word for word) method seen in such versions as the KJV and NKJV. And in my opinion, formal equivalence is a much better principle for translating the Bible.
In any case, the above is a rather accurate description of the translation method of the WEB. It is mostly a formal equivalence version, but it tends towards dynamic equivalence at places. Also added words are not italicized or bracketed as they are in versions like the KJV and NKJV. So its accuracy is somewhat less than these two versions but much better than true dynamic equivalence versions. And with only minor deviations into dynamic equivalency, the WEB is reliable Bible version. Moreover, the WEB is much more readable than the KJV and somewhat more readable than NKJV.
In addition, the WEB differs from the KJV and NKJV in that it is based on the Majority Text (MT) rather than the "Textus Receptus" (TR). These two texts are very similar, much closer to each other than either is to the more popular Critical Text (CT). Of these three texts, I believe the MT is the most accurate, so being based on this text a big plus in favor of the WEB.
In fact, the WEB is one of only two versions currently available based on the MT. The other is my own "Analytical-Literal Translation" (ALT). But, as the name implies, my ALT differs from the WEB in that the ALT is a very literal translation, thus it is more accurate than the WEB. But the WEB would be more readable.
The WEB also has footnotes indicating textual variants, along with alternative translations and explanatory notes. My ALT includes such information. It has alternative translations and other aids within brackets within the text and a list significant textual variants in an appendix. And whether in footnotes, within brackets, or in an appendix, such info can be very helpful in Bible study.
So the WEB provides an accurate and readable translation of the best available Greek text, while providing helpful aids for Bible study. So I would highly recommend it. And for an even more accurate translation of the MT, see my ALT.
For further details on these two versions, an extensive discussion on the three different Greek texts mentioned above, along with reviews of about 30 other versions of the Bible, see my book "Differences Between Bible Versions."
The World English Bible is a public domain (not copyrighted) modern English translation of the Holy Bible. It is a revision of the American Standard Version of 1901, with corrections based on the best available Greek and Hebrew manuscripts. The World English Bible is written for English-speaking people all over the world, so it avoids local idioms and language fads. It balances understandability, accuracy, and preservation of the style of the original writers. Because the Holy Bible is inspired by God, it continues to help people of all backgrounds.
The entire text of the World English Bible is available at the URL shown on the front cover, but it is nice to have a nice printed and bound book to read.
This edition is only the New Testament plus Psalms and Proverbs. The rest of the Old Testament is still being edited.
Nothing personal
A few sentences were underlined, but the Bible was in excellent condition. Besides it is an excellent translation. I think it is one of the very best.
We have noticed a similarity in the Web and the Niv which is made by homosexuals. RAINBOW IS NOW ASSOCIATED with homosexuals. Does the mean that the Web is also homosexual? special compatible.
Also the KJ Bible used 96 percent of all known manuscripts , and says Jesus is "begotten" of God. But the Web and Niv denies this. Also in 1 John 5:7 the inspired text says there is a Trinity. But what does this all mean?