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eBook The Moon Book: A Lunar Pop-up Celebration download

by Arlene Seymour

eBook The Moon Book: A Lunar Pop-up Celebration download ISBN: 0789306441
Author: Arlene Seymour
Publisher: Universe (November 17, 2001)
Language: English
Pages: 14
ePub: 1619 kb
Fb2: 1947 kb
Rating: 4.9
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Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Science Nature and How It Works

Interactive tabs, cards, and diagrams help describe the Moon, covering such aspects as the Moon phases, eclipses, and folklore surrounding the Moon.
Comments: (5)
This would be an okay book for someone interested in learning some rudimentary facts about the moon. It contains some good information and some nice illustrations. The reason I gave it three stars (and the reason I returned it for a refund) is that the mechanism on the first page tore loose the first time I opened the book. Other illustrations and mechanisms were nice, but some seemed to be "much ado about nothing." An example is the drawer in the back cover of the book which contained separate pieces meant to illustrate moon phases. It is (I think!) intended to become a three-dimensional model, but how to accomplish that was not explained, and the message it was meant to convey was unclear when it was finally open. Several of the pages had the "slide along a slot" feature which did not work smoothly and which conveyed little that was informative.
It's a beautiful celebration. Essential reading/interacting with the science and history of the moon.
This is such a cool book and it makes a wonderful gift for anyone who loves the moon but is particularly nice for grade school and middle school kids that are interested in Astronomy. As a pagan I find it useful when I teach about the waxing and waning of the moon, eclipses, etc.
It uses clever pop-up pictures and gadgets to explain the relationship of the Earth, Sun and Moon, the Moon's directional movement, the eight basic phases of the moon as seen from the Northern Hemisphere, eclipses, the Goddess Diana in Her moon chariot, the Earth as seen from the Moon, and a futuristic tourist moon station. The art is clear and beautiful and the entire book encourages interactive learning. It is not only interesting but entertaining. Have this handy before the next full moon, share it with someone, then go outside and experience the glorious lunar beauty, enriched by knowledge. I enjoyed it and I think you will, too.
I read this book to my 4 year old daughter over Chirstmas and she loved it. It was both interactive (many things for the child to feel and do while you go from page to page) and informative. I thought it was too much for a 4 year old, but she liked it much and had many questions to ask. We read this again and again and now, I have to show her the real moon in the night. It shows the movement of the earth and the moon, information on the planetary system and fun facts on the moon expedition. I believe it would be very educational to somewhat older children and it will definitely create good first interest in the science and astronomy where they will learn more at school. Great book. Well written, having the inquisitive child in mind. Fun book for adults as well (my husband is a physicist and he enjoyed it very much)and parents can enjoy this book with their kids at the same time.
I found The Moon Book to be fun and informative. The pictures were vibrant and themes interesting. I enjoyed Ms. Seymour's use of scientific, social, and mythological themes to demonstrate the important impact the Moon has had on humanity. I recommend this book to any parent, and espcially to those who have a child interested in space or who wish their child be interested in space.