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by Katherine A. Applegate

eBook Test (Animorphs (Prebound)) download ISBN: 0613242106
Author: Katherine A. Applegate
Publisher: Rebound by Sagebrush (June 2000)
Language: English
ePub: 1431 kb
Fb2: 1589 kb
Rating: 4.6
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Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Science Fiction and Fantasy

While the rest of the Animorphs have been dealing with their own shit, apparently, for the last ten books, Tobias has been keeping it together around them but then metaphorically going off and crying in Alternative title: Tobias is Not OK. Another extremely well-written, gut-punching character story with an otherwise uninteresting plot to keep it chugging along. The Test reveals that Tobias is still basically shattered from his torture at the hands of the sadistic, and possibly mad, Yeerk Taylor.

Katherine A. Applegate (Author). This book opens with a prologue-not the usual fare for Animorphs-and makes reference to the events of a previous book, when Jake was infested with a Yeerk

Katherine A. Book 26 of 53 in the Animorphs Series. This book opens with a prologue-not the usual fare for Animorphs-and makes reference to the events of a previous book, when Jake was infested with a Yeerk. He remembers that after the Yeerk died, he saw a vision of a creature with a red eye that could see him. Way back when that happened, readers had no context to understand who/what was looking at him, but in this book we finally get to find out what that was all about.

September 2001 : USA Paperback

Tobias and the other Animorphs have seen things so bizarre that no sane person would believe their story  .

Fandoms: Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate. No Archive Warnings Apply. The Animorphs - and their dæmons - reshape themselves. Or, six moments from the time period of books 2 - 5, as told by each of the six Animorphs. Part 2 of Dæmorphing.

Then we had to subtract that new Animorph. And we've kept the blue box hidden ever since. Since that night in the construction site, since that change, the five of us, plus Elfangor's younger brother, have been fighting the Yeerks. Yeerks are parasites. A Yeerk enters a host through the ear canal, flattens itself out on the brain, and takes over completely. The host creature can't scratch an itch unless the Yeerk wants it to. We call a being who has been taken over that way a Controller.

Published by Scholastic Inc. SCHOLASTIC, ANIMORPHS, and associated logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Scholastic Inc.

Cover illustration by David B. Mattingly. Art Direction/Design by Karen Hudson/Ursula Albano.

What's tasty, good for you, and only takes sixty seconds to make? Oatmeal. And it's making the Yeerks more than a little crazy. Now Rachel, the other Animorphs, and Ax have a new weapon against the Yeerks.

The Test is the 43rd book in the Animorphs series, written by . It was ghostwritten by Ellen Geroux. It is narrated by Tobias. As the book opens, Tobias discovers Bobby McIntire, a missing child who was hiking through the woods. He continues to question his own strength and resolve.

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My son loves this series!
Great book! Will purchase from seller again!
I don't remember if I read this book or not. We purchased the series for our grandson, who is now 14. I believe he read the entire series and loved them. I rated them 3 stars simply because he seemed to get so much enjoyment from them.
Tobias's serious stuff is tested by having to revisit his torturer. As if he isn't psychically scarred enough by having been tortured and being trapped as a bird who occasionally pretends to be a boy and being in such a weird position as far as his relatives and relationships . . . now he has to face it again? If these kids had therapists, the therapists would need therapists after hearing their stories.

Notable moments and inconsistencies:

This book is ghostwritten by Ellen Geroux.

Tobias is trying to rescue little Bobby, but has to go for help because he "doesn't have a morph that can haul Bobby out of there." Tobias's large land morphs include a polar bear, a horse, and a bull, not to mention his own human self; "I don't have a morph for that" seems like a poor excuse.

When Tobias is imprisoned after getting injured, he claims he can't morph even though the Yeerks might come and get him, because there are video cameras recording him. After the humans left, it would have been much more practical to morph into a fly and get out of the cage than it was to just sit and wait to be found. Tobias seems to be making a lot of stupid decisions in this book.

This book incorrectly uses the term "jerry-rigged." The accepted terms are "jerry-built" or "jury-rigged." Something that's "jerry-built" is inexpertly thrown together and it's always an insulting term. "Jury-rigged" just means that you rather ingeniously thought of a temporary solution.

This book again mentions "AOL," even though their fake version of AOL in a previous book was called "Web Access America."

In this book they say that Taxxons are only given as hosts to low-ranking Yeerks, because their insane hunger is very hard to master. But in a previous book, it's established that two of the Council members--the highest-ranking Yeerks in existence--have Taxxon hosts (albeit Taxxon hosts who are fed scraps of meat nearly constantly).

Two new Andalite terms are introduced in this book: unschweet, which is a process of cutting an Andalite's fur as a dishonor, and notallssith, which means being unable to control a morph.

It's been said in other books that sometimes Yeerks try to escape a dying host's head "before the death reaches them." And yet in this book Taylor suggests she will survive if she crouches inside the skull of her host inside a reinforced metal shell. It seems like if the host dies, she should die too regardless of whether the Yeerk's physical body is preserved--unless she disengages completely from the brain somehow, and that isn't specified.
I sugjest any one who likes science fiction should deffinetly read this book. (but read the rest of the series first) It is a great book! in the beggining Tobias saves a boy from who has been lost in the woods in a sink hole for two days, but when he is flying back to Cassie's barn he gets attacked by a golden eagle and ends up in the University Clinic, and in the news paper. In the middle of the night some hork-bajir break in and grab his cage, but before they could get away, some people come and attack. After the battle has gone on a while Cassie, Marco, Jake, and Ax show up, but so does Taylor, who takes him to her hide out, and tries to make a deal with him, and lets him go! After talking it over with his friends every one decides to go, exept Cassie. The deal was, they would morph taxxons and dig a tunnel to the yeerk pool so Taylor could release some gas and blow the yeerk pool up. But, she sais she will give them twenty minutes to get away before she explodes the whole place, but of course she lied. To find the rest out read the book.
Billy Granson
Taylor, Tobias's old torturer from the past, has come back to haunt Tobias. But it looks as if she's cleaned up her act. She wants the Animorphs' help in overthrowing Visser Three and blowing up the Yeerk pool. It looks risky, but it's a big chance for the Animorphs. It's an ever bigger test for Tobias, seeing that he should trust this evil Yeerk. But it's seemingly an offer he can't refuse. Morphing a Taxxon is risky indeed, but isn't it worth the outcome? Or is the outcome darker then Tobias and the others could expect...
In The Test (Animorphs No. 43), there is a return character. This time its Tobias' ex-torturer. Remember, from The Illusion (Animorphs, No. 33)?
Well, the human controller has captured Tobias- again -but now says that she is part of a Yeerk peace movement. To believe or not to believe, that is the question. And hurry up is the motivational line! For Tobias and the other animorphs are running out of time...
What can I say? This book should never really have been written. All it does is rehash the events of #33, keeping the uncharacteristic elements of Tobias and leaving out any originality or furthering of either plot or character. This is a 'filler' book, just like the aforesaid #30 and #31: nothing has changed by the end. The two stars, by the way, are for Tobias who remains my favourite character...but for how long, if his books end up like this?