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by Nicholas Pine

eBook The Science Project (Terror Academy) download ISBN: 0749723076
Author: Nicholas Pine
Publisher: Mammoth (November 28, 1994)
Language: English
Pages: 192
ePub: 1350 kb
Fb2: 1887 kb
Rating: 4.5
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Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Terror Academy Series. 15 primary works, 15 total works. Book 5. The New Kid. by Nicholas Pine.

Terror Academy Series. Book 1. Lights Out. Clark Thompson is a nerd-a science whiz who spe. ore. Shelve Science Project.

Science Project (Terror Academy). ark:/13960/t3ws9tf6p. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Science Project (Terror Academy)

Science Project (Terror Academy). Other than one book he hasn't written a single disappointing book yet, and School Spirit is truly a great book and the football game was necessary and really other than a couple other games or training exercises there isn't anything else, anyways, this was a superb thriller, and I will be honest and say I had this plot and the.

Terror Academy is a series of scary books for teenagers and young adults written by Nicholas Pine. 8. Science Project – Clark Thompson is a nerd–a science whiz who spends his time alone with his secret experiments. When Andrea Hill needs help in biology, Clark offers to tutor her. Welcome to Central Academy. It's like any other high school. Then the guys in Andrea’s cool crowd make Clark the butt of a cruel joke. But the joke’s on them when Clark unleashes the things that come to life in his laboratory. 9. The Prom – A girl goes missing down at Thunder Lake after a graduation party gets out of hand. Now, twenty years on at Central Academy, the past is forgotte. r is it?

Terror Academy Book 3 Welcome to Central Academy. it's like any other high school on the outside. But inside, fear stalks the halls. Kelly, Central Academy's biggest wallflower, has changed, becoming one of Central's prettiest and most popular students.

Terror Academy Book 3 Welcome to Central Academy. She is swamped with calls from all the hot-looking guys, but her attraction proves fatal when her dates wind up dead.

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This book is a really good book with interesting and likable characters, likewise unlikable ones (bullies or jerks, dis likable in good ways). I only recommend this book if you intend on reading the entire series, but DO NOT just read this one or start with it, you'll be very disappointed, was nearly perfect with the way it was so well written, the way the characters were done, the pacing, the good deaths etc. HOWEVER, there is a major problem and this is a significant problem.... The ending was VERY UNSATISFYING, it got really silly, the last chapter most notably, and the final death was unsatisfying and the only reason it's such a big problem is because of the significance of who died and how, it was just ridiculous and silly, the last chapter and some other things were just unforgivably bad, but not all of a writers books can be perfect, frankly, I am glad that it was this book in the series that was the disappointment, but not unreadable, and only the last chapter really, but it was a really, really bad chapter, and I am not to bummed because creatures and monsters just isn't my thing.

Science Project *** out of *****

Violent Content: 6/10 - Some Blood and Gore.
Descriptions of Sexual Content: 0/10
It's been years, since I've read the entire Terror Academy series. So it's quite strange to review this particular one. However, I could never forget TERROR ACADEMY: SCIeEnce Project. It's one of my favorite books and (in my opinion) one of the best in the entire series. Having (at a young age) been subjected to ridicule in school myself, I found myself constantly sympathizing with the main character. Pine's writting is so rich and full of immense detail, it's a shame this book along with the entire series became underrated; especally when compared to Christopher Pike's novels. The story about a nerd who tries to get back at his cruel classmates by turning his pets into prehistoric creatures via a secrect experiment, actually has a significant underlying theme that should be taken into consideration amongst young readers; which is more than I can say for most YA horror novels. Now 21, I'm still looking forward from reading other works by Pine soon. I highly recommend this wild, frightening, and eventually pointy novel that reminds us all that "the best type of revenge is to not become the one who did the injury."