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by Katherine A. Applegate

eBook Answer (Animorphs (Prebound)) download ISBN: 0613357108
Author: Katherine A. Applegate
Publisher: Rebound by Sagebrush (April 2001)
Language: English
ePub: 1629 kb
Fb2: 1735 kb
Rating: 4.5
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Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Series: Animorphs (Prebound) (Book 35). School & Library Binding. I don't agree that Applegate should be criticised for making Marco more serious here

Series: Animorphs (Prebound) (Book 35). Publisher: Tandem Library (November 1999). I don't agree that Applegate should be criticised for making Marco more serious here. Consider the situation (if you can't remember read the recap in the first chapter of each book!): everyone is now an utter mess psychologically. Hence the loss of humour.

This book opens with a prologue-not the usual fare for Animorphs-and makes reference to the events of a previous . Applegate throws another curveball with this book with an ingenious resolution.

This book opens with a prologue-not the usual fare for Animorphs-and makes reference to the events of a previous book, when Jake was infested with a Yeerk. In this Jake book, the Animorphs and Erek take on seven Howlers (the vicious aliens who destroyed the Pemalites) as the chosen champions for the Ellimist and Crayak. Jake has seen the Crayak before, way back in when the Yeerk died in his head.

The Answer: The Animorphs have found a way to slow the Yeerks down, but now the Yeerks have decided the best way to win is to just destroy everything and everyone . Used availability for Katherine A Applegate's The Answer.

The Answer: The Animorphs have found a way to slow the Yeerks down, but now the Yeerks have decided the best way to win is to just destroy everything and everyone who gets in their way. The Beginning: No one ever thought it would come to this. The final battle and the extraordinary conclusion to this best-selling series. Genre: Young Adult Fantasy.

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Every Animorph question is about to be answered

Every Animorph question is about to be answered. There's only one more book in the popular series, and The Answer epitomizes everything the books have stood for - suspense, struggle, and fights to save planet Earth. The war is raging on, and the Yeerks are everywhere. Jake tries to convince the government to help. Every Animorph question is about to be answered.

Answer by Katherine A. Applegate. About the Book Find at your local library. The subtle invasion is over, and Yeerk reinforcements land on Earth each day. Visser One is building an enormous new Yeerk pool by blasting giant holes in the ground. The Animorphs' plan to enlist the help of the military has failed.

Fandoms: Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate, Animorphs (TV). Teen And Up Audiences. r!Animorphs: The Reckoning by WhatWouldEnderDo. Fandoms: Animorphs - Katherine A. No Archive Warnings Apply. Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death.

What's tasty, good for you, and only takes sixty seconds to make? Oatmeal. And it's making the Yeerks more than a little crazy. Now Rachel, the other Animorphs, and Ax have a new weapon against the Yeerks.

Jake and the other Animorphs have found a way to slow the Yeerks down, but now the Yeerks have decided the best way to win is to just destroy everything and everyone who gets in their way. Just when things look hopeless, Jake and the others discover help where they least expected: Taxxons.

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Got this book for my son to round out the full set. The first half to the finale!
Loved this series of young adult books even though I'm not a young adult anymore! Very interesting and engaging book.
Nuts. The world is still reeling from knowing they're being invaded by aliens, but now they have to deal with the fact that it's probably going to end in enslavement for all of them. Jake . . . Jake is the leader. He has to decide.

The weird aliens who suffer from insatiable hunger--the Taxxons--are really interesting in this book, and the moral dilemma is so fierce it hurts to read about.

I would have never wanted to be in Jake's position. I wonder what I would have done?

Notable moments and inconsistencies:

Jake gives us his last name in this book, because it doesn't matter if people know who he is now. His last name is Berenson.

The Animorphs' ages were unclear, and it's still unclear whether they're all in the same grade in school, but Jake claims he was thirteen when the war started and sixteen at the present of the books.

In this book Jake refers to the previous Visser One--Eva's Yeerk--as "he." The Yeerk was usually referred to as "she" in other books, and seemed to self-identify as female too.

Rachel, in Hork-Bajir morph, thought-speaks to Controllers to ask them to stop shooting. It seems odd that they don't notice she's thought-speaking, because surely they don't think Visser One is there, and he'd be the only thought-speaking person on their side.

In the previous book, Ax communicated with the Andalite high command and Tobias knew that he had been doing so but didn't know what was discussed because it was all done in private thought-speak he couldn't hear. What's curious is that in this book, Cassie reveals that she was a morphed flea on Ax's back during these communications, and some of her lines reveal that she knows the full story--which would not have been something she should have had the ability to overhear.

The phrase "In a few moment's time" is used, and the apostrophe is in the wrong place. "A few moments' time" is correct.

Jake and Cassie actually talk about getting married in this book.

Fleas are said not to have much in the way of ability to hear and interpret sounds. It's curious, then, that fleas hiding on Jake's human body can understand what he's saying when he speaks, though in the next book Rachel's narration suggests that with practice a flea can learn to understand speech by interpreting vibrations felt with the antennae.
Der Bat
Jake, the other Animorphs, and Ax don't even realize it, but they're dying. The Yeerks are through with the subtle invasion that they had always kept with from the very beginning. But now that the fight for Earth has completely changed, the invasion is open war. The Yeerks are planning to turn Earth into an enormous Yeerk Pool to serve as the ultimate feeding source, bigger then any pool complex ever made. Before long, the Animorphs and Ax are forced to trust the vile, emotionless creatures they had always thought incapable of any feeling: Taxxons. But it seems that not all Taxxons want to serve the Yeerks. Some don't want to live with the knowledge of an inconquerable hunger. Some just want freedon, if that's ever possible. They too, want the invasion to end.... Animorphs #53: The Answer is the extraordinary second to last adventure of the Animorphs series, with only one more book left. The battle is almost over... one more book is left... and everything Jake and the others have ever tried to save is at stake. This one will widen the eyes of the reader like never before, and as the series draws to a close, the final adventure awaits in Animorphs #54: The Beginning. The last book arrives next month, May 2001. But I don't think I can really wait.
The battle for Earth is now open war. The Yeerks are blowing up everything in site. The public knows the truth of the horrific alien invasion - but it may be too late from anyone to stop it. A new Yeerk pool is being built in the ruins of the devastated city. Jake comes up with a plan to capture the Yeerk pool ship, but it's a dangerous plan - one that will almost surely have a high cost in lives. What the Animorphs don't expect is an offer to form an alliance - an offer that comes from the Taxxons. The Taxxons are desperate to escape their never-ending hunger. They will help the Animorphs, in exchange for the morphing power. Meanwhile, the Yeerk whose host is Jake's brother Tom is planning to betray Visser One - and offers the Animorphs a deal of his own. But can the cannibalistic Taxxons and a Yeerk be trusted? Only one book remains in the Animorphs series, and this was one of the best yet. Written by K. A. Applegate herself, instead of a ghost writer, the story moves at a fast pace. The cliffhanger ending will leave you eager to read the final book in the series.
I wouldn't call 'The Answer' one of the very best books in the Animorphs series, as it is only at its best the first time you read it. After that, some of the suspense is lowered. But it really blows you away. This is one of the few books I have not been able to put down. Jake's character changes completely, but it is a change that is needed to win the war against the Yeerks. One of my favourite parts in this book was when Jake talks to the Taxxons. I was really glad to see the return of Arbron, as he seemed to have been forgotten after The Andalite Chronicles. You must at least read the others in the ten part mini-series before you read this, but once you do it's a brilliant run-up, along with The Sacrifice, to the conclusion of this series. (The ending of this book is infuriating! I just wanted to grab The Beginning right away!) The end is near....