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by Ethel Turner

eBook Seven Little Australians (Australian Children's Classics) download ISBN: 0207173362
Author: Ethel Turner
Publisher: HarperCollins (Australia) Children's; New Ed edition (January 1, 1991)
Language: English
Pages: 158
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Fb2: 1588 kb
Rating: 4.4
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Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Literature and Fiction

Very good. DJ very good. Crinkled upper DJ only flaw. No markings. Pages are clean and bright. Binding is tight.
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If you're an American browsing through odd Kindle freebies, as I was, you might be surprised to discover that this book is a gem and a treat. Published in 1894, "Seven Little Australians" is considered a classic, if not the classic, of Australian children's novels. I understand that at least as of 1994 this book was the only novel by an Australian author to have been continuously in print for 100 years.

So, does it live up to that intro? Yes.

The story is simple enough. Captain Woolcot is a military man with no understanding of children, and with seven children. His young second wife is the mother of the seventh child, but is in way over her head with the other six. The seven children range down from romantic 16 year old Meg, through handsome Pip, lively Judy, beautiful Nell, fat and lazy Bunty, well-behaved Baby, and "The General", the actual baby. They all have individual devilish streaks and no instinct at all toward good behavior. Neither does the author, who dismisses good behavior out of hand, and dismisses moralizing as well.

These are stories of pranks gone wrong, havoc and dismay. They are also good-humored, cheerful, and full of sibling support and affection. Often, when authors try to portray quirky characters or misbehaving children or mischievous hijinks they just can't get the tone or the pitch right, and you end up with precocious twits or meanness and nastiness. This book survives and prospers because the tone is always just right. The more manic parts are balanced by some very calm, sly, deadpan lines and observations that make it clear that this author is in control of her material and her characters.
So, this is a wonderful find and a jolly read. Well done. (Spoiler Alert - very sad toward the end; be prepared.)

Please note that I found this book while browsing Amazon Kindle freebies. I have no connection at all to the publisher of this book.
Okay, this took me over half a year to read. (Small font) Only today did I see this is free in Kindle format on Amazon. To think I could have read it in a couple days!

This edition is the hardback and is a BookCrossing treasure. It will be traveling back to the friends that sent it to me. It will be back with The Diaries of Ethel Turner by Ethel Turner which I read last year.

If you get the chance to read these books, give them a try. I liked reading the author's diaries first. I was more aware of how much of this fictional book came from her real life. It also helped me get acquainted with the author's writing style and historical events in Australia. And it helped me learn the lingo of the time and place.

With so many characters (7+) it is a little hard to keep track of who is who. Especially the younger kids. A list of characters would have been handy. But I managed. In fact, I became quite happy when it was about Judy.

Without spoilers, I wanted to throw the book in the trash and never look at it again on the penultimate chapter. But my curiosity got the better of me and I finished the book. Bittersweet is how I can describe the last two chapters. Overall, I think it was a nice read. I highly recommend others read it to expand horizons. :-)
I read this because it is (or, at least, was) an important Australian classic. Those poor Australian children! This is a pretty typical Victorian cautionary tale, but the behavior of the adults is not only unkind, but downright sadistic. I am sure any person born after 1930 would find the behaviors in this book unfathomable, at best. The drawings are nice, though.
Great classic book. Arrived well packed and undamaged.
What a lovely story!
It was written in 1894 so some of the wording was a little difficult for me to understand. That said, this was a refreshingly different, and delightful book.
Dated, and to modern eyes, somewhat offensive now and then.
One of my very favourites from my childhood, and still just as good.
A childhood favourite. Bought for my elderly mother. She loved it