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by Shel Silverstein

eBook The Giving Tree download ISBN: 0224028731
Author: Shel Silverstein
Publisher: Jonathan Cape (March 5, 1987)
Language: English
Pages: 60
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Rating: 4.5
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Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Literature and Fiction

The Giving Tree, a story of unforgettable perception, beautifully written and illustrated by the gifted and versatile Shel Silverstein.

The Giving Tree, a story of unforgettable perception, beautifully written and illustrated by the gifted and versatile Shel Silverstein.

This is probably Silverstein's best loved book and deserves to be read with the illustrations alongside if you can find the actual book.

and she loved a little boy. And everyday the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest. This is probably Silverstein's best loved book and deserves to be read with the illustrations alongside if you can find the actual book. provided at no charge for educational purposes.

The Giving Tree is an American children's picture book written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein.

The Giving Tree ~ Shel Silverstein awesome book! The Giving Tree: I bawl like a baby reading this to Dylon and Landon, but what a beautiful, important message! . Where the Sidewalk Ends: Shel Silverstein:- For Jude. Where the Sidewalk Ends.

The Giving Tree: showed this book to my coworker and she started crying halfway through. such a lovely book of amazing and funny poems. Where the Sidewalk Ends ill never forget my grandpa reading this to my sisters and I.

Shel Silverstein's children's books, stories, poetry, illustrations, fun activities for kids, and teaching resources. They’ve put a brassiere on the camel, She wasn’t dressed proper, you know. from They’ve Put a Brassiere on the Camel. A Light in the Attic. All the as Layin’ in the sun, Talkin’ ‘bout the things They a don. ut those as All ran away and hid From one little did. – a, Falling Up.

The tree was happy to give its shade. But time went by. And the boy grew older and went away. Old man: Dear tree, you have always given And the tree was still happy. The tree was often alone. One day the boy came to the tree and the tree was very happy. Tree: Come, my boy, come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches. Boy: I am too big to climb and play. Old man: Dear tree, you have always given. But now I don't need much-just a quiet place to sit and rest. And the tree was still happy. Labels: Children English Learning, English Story, Reading Practice, Story reading - children.

Free delivery worldwide. If you're looking for a children's book that teaches generosity or unselfishness, most people will point you right to The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein's lovely story of a tree that will do anything for the boy it loves-and for good reason. This classic is always a good place to start. About Shel Silverstein. Shel Silverstein 's incomparable career as a bestselling children's book author and illustrator began with Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back.

by. Silverstein, Shel. The story of a young boy and his friend, a tree that will give anything to make him happy. LIT, LI. P, C3, Trees-Fiction, Sharing-Fiction, LP, Fiction, Short Stories.

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My wife and I were joined in a nearly two year battle with a disease that wanted to take her from me. As the season of giving neared, she asked me to purchase a gift for me that would be from her. She was too weak to go out any longer. I was in a Book Sellers thinking I would purchase a gift card for her to give to me. I passed a display and saw a flash of red and green. They were my wife's favorite colors. I looked closer and saw the little boy, the apple, and the giving tree. Without even opening it I knew this would be from her to me. When we exchanged gifts she looked at it and smiled. Without a word, I held and put it in a quiet place to be read again at a special time.
On the early morning of January 31st, while I held and kissed her gently, she left the field of battle.
This morning I re-read her gift to me and actually, Mr. Silverstein, your gift to us.
My wife Vincenza (Vincy) of almost 45 years was my giving tree.
Now as a old man I sit where she rests. I dream and remember.
As always, Richard La Bella.
Whenever I am invited to a baby shower, this is always a gift from my husband & myself. I have even chose this book as a house warming gift.
Like movies, books of all kinds are very personal. What I mean is everyones perception of what they are viewing , in this case reading are very different.
All that I can honestly say about this book, what some people say is "controversial" is it ;
touches on feelings
teaches about selfishness
teaches about selflessness
teaches about caring
teaches about giving
this book really tugs at all the emotions everyone goes through one time or another. Or even all at once.
It has turned into a discussion book for all my grandkids. Through your own eyes, minds & hearts is how each person feels & experiences when they read this book, or has it read to them.
The book is a hardback & comes with a cover resembling the cover of the book. There are only 30 pages to these book. The illustrations are clean & simple black drawings on crisp white pages. These pages aren't numbered, just clean illustrations.
I hope this review helped.
I keep my copy in our livingroom, it's there always.
The copy I received was the 50th anniversary edition. It is a nice hardcover, with a glossy dust-jacket that makes the book stand out on your shelf. The pages have a nice thickness to them, and the images are just what I remembered when I was little. Shel Silverstein would have been pleased with this re-print, as he was very particular about what kind of paper his illustrations were printed on, as well as the size of his images. Harper Collins did a nice job honoring and respecting that, even 50 years later, with this book and other recent re-prints/anniversary editions they are releasing. Though, he probably wouldn't be too keen on them being released on Kindle.

As for the content of the book, I was stunned to learn that "The Giving Tree" is a book that apparently is really hit or miss on Amazon. I had no idea as many people loved it as hated it. I personally love the story, even if it is a sad one. As most everyone knows, the whole premise of the story is a tree who loves the little boy unconditionally, and a boy who never returns the love, but continually takes until there is nothing left to take. We can choose to view this metaphor in a bunch of ways. The tree could be the parent, or the tree could be Earth and the child humanity. Either way it is a book that makes you think, and can definitely be used as a teaching book or a critical thinking book. It is not a book you read to a 1 or 2 year old, but one you read along with older children and ask questions as you go along. I can't wait until my children are old enough to share it with them!
I have always loved this story. With the adult coloring craze still going on and storybook coloring books becoming a big deal I decided to pick up a copy of The Giving Tree that I would color to give to my kids and future grandkids. This edition is perfect for that purpose.
I gifted this to parents of a new baby. I really didn't like how small this special edition is or the fact that it didn't have a cover. I've gotta believe, however, that I'm more than a tad at fault for not reading the description thoroughly. Strangely, when I'd purchased this exact product 10 months ago for another friend's baby, I received the original, normal sized copy with the glossy paper cover (I remember as a child)....?? Anywho....
I bought this book to read to my kids. I honestly had never fully read it before but I had read the reviews and thought I would give it a shot. It arrived on time and in good condition. The copy I had received was the 50th-anniversary edition. Beautiful hardcover, with a glossy dust jacket that makes the book stand out. Before reading this book to my kids, I read it out loud for my husband to hear it as well. It is both a sweet and sad story. There are so many ways a person can view this story and I was worried that it would go over my kids head but as I was reading it, especially around the parts where the boy got older and only kept coming back whenever he wanted or needed something, I could hear my daughter feeling sad for the tree. She had asked, "Why doesn't he want to play with the tree?" Needless to say, it was a good teachable moment about giving and taking or giving and not expecting anything in return and so on. I am very glad I purchased this book.