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by Axel Scheffler,Josie Lawrence,Julia Donaldson

eBook Room on the Broom download ISBN: 1405050497
Author: Axel Scheffler,Josie Lawrence,Julia Donaldson
Publisher: Macmillan Audio Books; New Ed edition (September 3, 2004)
Language: English
ePub: 1812 kb
Fb2: 1470 kb
Rating: 4.8
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Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Holidays and Celebrations

The library version I'm familiar with seems to have been "Americanized" and some of the changes are a bit of a stretch

The library version I'm familiar with seems to have been "Americanized" and some of the changes are a bit of a stretch.

Julia Donaldson's irresistible verse and Axel Scheffler's instantly recognisable, lively illustrations will captivate children in Room on the Broom - a much-loved tale of quick wits and friendship. com/book/juliadon. oomonthebroom. Axel Scheffler audiobooks. Seems a little quiet over here.

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Written by Julia Donaldson. Axel says: I wanted to try out different paper and different paints for this book, but in the end I did it the same way as always. The witch and her cat fly happily over forests, rivers and mountains on their broomstick until a stormy wind blows away the witch’s hat, bow and wand. They are retrieved by a dog, a bird and a frog, and each animal asks for a ride on the broom. the first picture I did about nine times! The paints just wouldn't do what I wanted them to do.

About the illustrator Axel Scheffler has collaborated on picture books with Julia Donaldson since the publication of A Squash and a Squeeze, but he is also the best-selling illustrator of books such as The Bedtime Bear and The Tickle Book. His distinctive characters and humorous details bounce from every and perfectly enhance Julia Donaldson s unique and wonderful verse. The character he is most known for in his partnership with Julia is probably The Gruffalo. Other popular characters include Tiddler, Stick Man and Tabby McTat.

Julia Donaldson CBE (born Julia Catherine Shields; born 1947/1948) is an. .2003 Blue Peter Best Book to Read Aloud: Room on the Broom.

Julia Donaldson CBE (born Julia Catherine Shields; born 1947/1948) is an English writer, playwright and performer, and the 2011–2013 Children's Laureate. Donaldson sent the text to Axel Scheffler, whom she had met only once or twice, briefly, following the publication of A Squash and a Squeeze. 2003 Spoken Book Awards Gold Prize for 6 and under: Room on the Broom.

Books online: Room on the Broom: Book and CD Pack, 2016, Fishpond. By Julia Donaldson, Axel Scheffler (Illustrated by), Josie Lawrence (Read by).

by Julia Donaldson (Author), Axel Scheffler (Illustrator), Josie Lawrence (Reader) & 0 more.

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furious ox
As much as we love all Julia Donaldson books, Room on the Broom and Stick Man are our favorites! The story is so much fun. A friendly witch starts her travels with one friend, but ends up making several more friends who help her find lost items along the way. She finds room on her broom for all the animals asking for rides, and they repay her kindness in the end.

This new board book version is more fun than the edition we borrowed from the library. The library version I'm familiar with seems to have been "Americanized" and some of the changes are a bit of a stretch. But this one seems to be closer to the original. Below are changes between editions (library version first, then new board book edition).

-And long ginger hair
in a braid down her back.
-And long ginger hair
which she wore in a plait (plait means braid)

-The witch laughed out loud
and held on to her hat,
But away blew the bow
from her braid - just like that!
-The witch laughed aloud
and held onto her hat,
But away blew the bow
from her long ginger plait!

-"I am a dragon, as mean as can be,
And you, witch, look like
a good supper to me!"
-"I am a dragon, as mean as can be,
And I'm planning to have WITCH
AND CHIPS for my tea!"

-The dragon drew nearer and
started to drool.
He said, "I won't let you go-
do you think I'm a fool?"
-The dragon drew nearer and,
licking his lips,
Said, "Maybe this once
I'll have witch without chips."

-A nest for the bird and
a pool for the frog
-A nest for the bird and
a shower for the frog
We had borrowed this book from our local library, and my autistic son loved it so much that he wanted me to read it every night. I decided we needed to find him a copy of his own. I saw some reviews that said that some of the lines had been changed. We got the board book and all the lines are correct. If you want a good copy of this book, order the board book, NOT the paperback or hardback!
I seriously love this story. I actually saw it on Netflix first and thought it was so adorable and cute. So when I found out that it was actually a childrens book of course I jumped on my trusty Amazon and ordered one right away.

I ordered the board book because I have an 18 month old that just LOVES the sound of paper ripping so the paperback probably not a good idea for a couple more years. Book came undamaged and a perfect size for me to read to my toddler.

He loves to point out the kitty and the puppy, and we are working on 'frog' and 'bird'. Such an adorable friendship story! Good for your own children or to give as a gift for a child under the age of 8.

This is also the same author as The Gruffalo which is another wonderful story! Both book AND claymation stories recommended. If fact, anything from Julia Donaldson!

I paid full price for this item and review it to give other buyers out there more information not listed and whether I would recommended it.
After checking out this book from the library, my son was requesting it daily. We couldn't wait to add it to our personal library permanently, but when it arrived, the text was different from the version we had grown to love.

Instead of the adorable text:
"A witch with french fries tastes delicious to me!" and "Just this once I'll have witch WITHOUT fries!"
we found the unappetizing text:
"And you, witch, look like a good supper to me" and "He said, 'I won't let you go, do you think I'm a fool?'"

Say what?!

Others have experienced the same thing, so please go and look at a physical copy in a book store instead of ordering through Amazon if you want to be guaranteed the original (and far superior!) version.

This copy is going back to Amazon, and I've already talked to Barnes and Noble about getting the correct version. It's worth the extra 3 bucks. The original version gets a perfect 5 star rating, but we are completely disappointed in what Amazon shipped to us.
-Arrived in the time amazon said it would arrive and in great condition.
-My 2 1/2yr old son LOVES it! I admit that I love it too and enjoy reading it to him. He loves the "whoosh" part. It has improved his vocabulary due to how excited he gets to "read it" and then when I read it to him. It's a really cute book. Netflix has the 26 min video of this book on there and it's cute. It is word for word with the book, I'm happy I came across the 30 movie, that's what made me buy the book and my son loves it.
-I even got Room on the Broom apps which are cute. If my son were older he would be able to enjoy it but it's still nice to know that they made the apps educational and fun.
We were introduced to this story by the Netflix short. When we saw the board games on sale here on Amazon, we decided to purchase quite a few books as holiday gifts for little ones. The book is just as delightful as the Netflix version. The rhyming is catching, flowing and natural.

The story is of a witch and a cat that take a flight on a broom. Mishaps occur on the way forcing them to stop. Each time, they are greeted by a helpful animal that asks to join the ride. The witch always gives a gleeful YES and they go on. They encounter a dragon whose favorite meal is french fries and witch but the witch's friends come to her rescue.

It's a delightful story that is definitely worth a read with little ones