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by Erica Magnus,V. M. Caldwell

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Author: Erica Magnus,V. M. Caldwell
Publisher: Milkweed Editions; Edition Unstated edition (August 17, 1999)
Language: English
Pages: 236
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Rating: 4.7
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Elizabeth Sheridan, first introduced in The Ocean Within, returns in Tides by .

Elizabeth Sheridan, first introduced in The Ocean Within, returns in Tides by . by Erica Magnus, as she and her adoptive family head back to Grandma's beach house for some summer fun. But Adam, the oldest cousin, is distraught after losing two close friends to a drunk driving accident and his abrupt withdrawal has thrown the family into new territory. Gr 5-9-This book picks up the summer after the events of The Ocean Within (Milkweed, 1999). Elizabeth, 12, is now officially adopted into the lively, openly affectionate Sheridan family and is spending the summer with her two siblings and six cousins.

The Ocean Within" chronicled real human emotion, but Tides existed merely to point out that families break u. This sequel to The Ocean Within is compelling reading. The teen-aged drama that rocks an entire family is tackled with keen understanding

The Ocean Within" chronicled real human emotion, but Tides existed merely to point out that families break up. Caldwell failed to portray her characters as realistically as in the prequel, and was often sidetracked by her theme of environmental conservation. All of this detracted from the substance of the book. However, I'm sure we can expect better works from this author in the future. The teen-aged drama that rocks an entire family is tackled with keen understanding. Caldwell brings us to the centre of the Sheridan tribe through the eyes of the Elizabeth, herself a new arrival to the group.

By (author) ILT Erica Magnus Erica Magnus M V Caldwell. Format Book 275 pages. Publication date 09 Apr 2009. Publisher Paw Prints.

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by. Caldwell, V. 1956-; Mangus, Erica, ill. Publication date.

In her first young adult novel, The Ocean Within, . Caldwell tells the story of eleven-year-old Elizabeth, a foster child who ends up being adopted by the Sheridan family, the third family with which Elizabeth has lived since her parents died five years earlier. The novel revolves around the eccentric and boisterous Sheridan family's attempt to make Elizabeth truly feel at home during their annual family vacation at a grandmother's beachfront home.

By Erica Magnus, V. M. Caldwell. Other Books You Might Like. 6-8. GUIDED READING LEXILE® MEASURE Grade Level Equivalent DRA LEVEL. Along with all the Sheridan grandchildren, eleven-year-old Elizabeth, a foster child, is sent to spend a month with Grandmother at the beach.

Elizabeth's passion is the ocean, which she has dreamed of seeing; too afraid to actually let the water touch her, she .

Elizabeth's passion is the ocean, which she has dreamed of seeing; too afraid to actually let the water touch her, she watches the ocean for hours while the others swim and play. It is four-year-old Petey who begins to reach Elizabeth; too young to be deceived, he recognizes both her loneliness and her fear. Allowing the Sheridans to be both loving and human, Caldwell is careful not to overplay Elizabeth's walls, and her pain, which is almost suffocating; absorbed young readers will find they are holding their breath at the end. (b&w illustrations, not seen) (Fiction.

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Many children at some point wonder whether they are adopted. In The Ocean Within, Elizabeth knows she is adopted and feels she cannot trust the welcome offered by her new family, the Sheridans. As sheand her new siblings and cousins head to the beach for a vacation at Grandma's house, Elizabeth is secretly thrilled at the chance to finally see the ocean. On the other hand, she feels the Sheridans are just too much - too prone to hugging, too loud, too enthusiastic. And there are so many of them!Beautifully re-creating the dynamics of a large family and revealing the heart of a young girl, The Ocean Within tracks the storm brewing within the usually sunny Sheridan summer home, as Elizabeth and the matriarch she calls the "Iron Woman" test wills - one resisting with all her strength the love and structure offered by the other.
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I looked for this book for years. I read it when I was in 4th grade (I'm an adult now) and could not remember the title of the book. I loved this book so much that I would go back to the library and renew it so that I could read it again. Finally, I was able to figure out the title by typing in various names and phrases that I could remember from the story and I'm glad to say that it is back on my bookshelf once again. I was lucky enough to come across a blog. This book is refreshing because it isn't unrealistic- it takes an honest look in the mind of Elizabeth and does not make a difficult transition appear to be a walk in the sunshine (on either side).
I can not say how happy I am to have found this book again! I read this book dozens and dozens of times over the course of two or three years between the ages of 10 and 13, but now, over ten years later, I had completely forgotten the title and author. Any time anyone would ask me what my favorite book was as a child I would try in vain to remember the title, but then bore the asker for several minutes explaining the plot and characters. Last night, completely out of the blue, I was laying down to sleep and poof! suddenly the title and author came back to me. I hopped on Amazon and immediately purchased both this and its sequel, Tides.

Growing up, there was just something about this book that stuck with me, something I really connected with. I encourage those with younger children to read this book! I am certainly looking forward to reading it again as a woman in my early twenties!
This was another one of those book discussion books. Reccomended to me by a close friend, I picked up The Ocean Within by V. M. Caldwell. This book tells the wonderful story of Elizabeth, an orphan who has been shipped around from foster family to foster family. Finally, Elizabeth meets the Sheridans, a family who wants to adopt her. However, Elizabeth shuts out all the love that the family gives her, when she spends a month with all the kids of the family, because of the great emotional loss that she has suffered. Even 4-year-old Petey, who calls her Turtle to remind him of her shyness, can't completely break down the barrier that stands between Elizabeth and the rest of the world. Even the ocean, the one thing Elizabeth always dreamed of, doesn't make her happy enough to break through her shell. This was the first book I had read about this type of experience, and I found it to be quite touching and revealing. Caldwell wrote this book in a fantastic fashion, showing the true emotions of Elizabeth and all of the Sheridans. This book was phenomanal, and I would openly recommend this book to any and all young adults looking for a good read.
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The first thing I noticed while reading "The Ocean Within" is its lack of specific information regarding Elizabeth, a long term foster child,and her potential adoption by the Sheridans. Had she been with them for a year? A month? A week? This is crucial information considering that the plot revolves around the fact that Elizabeth is withdrawn, and the responseto this of the other children, eventually becoming alienated from her. Again, How long had she been with them? It seemed that the response of the children was one of absolute cluelessness or uncaring, I didn't know which, as to what she had gone through in her life and what it was like for her to be in a new family.Clearly none of them had thought for one moment what they would feel like if they were in her situation. This cluelessness extended to the adults in the book as well.

What enraged me though was the grandmother. I understand that the care and maintenance of a crowd of rowdy children would be a daunting task. However, I find the the liberal use of corporal punishment in this book to be appalling. Considering that it is not politically correct to even give a child one swat on the bottom with one's hand, these days, I am amazed that this issue didn't raise as much as one eyebrow among other reviewers except for one. "One swat for every year of your age," one of the children said, and not only that, it seemed to be the punishment of choice no matter what the transgression. Petey, age four, spoke to Elizabeth when he had been told not to. Four swats. Two of the young teenage girls came home drunk. Putting aside for a moment the monstrosity of hitting a four year old four times with a wooden paddle, to hit a child or teenager, five, ten, SIXTEEN times, with the full permission of all the parents, is perversion to me.There apparently was no concern from the adoptive parents about the use of such punishment on Elizabeth. It boggles the mind even further when the grandmother tells Elizabeth that she is going to hurt her because she loves her. This is a child who was separated from her parents and lived in foster care, going through who knows what? This is how you "love" a traumatized child, by hitting them eleven times with a paddle? This is when Elizabeth started to feel "loved?"

Telling the story of a wounded child who came to healing in a new family of love and acceptance and compassion would have been wonderful for children going through it, and their adoptive families to read and be inspired by. This is not that story.
The Ocean Within is one of the most wonderful books I have read!
This book is about a foster child named Elizabeth.
When she moves in with her foster parents Kevin and Karen.
After a few weeks she gos to see Kevin's mother Mrs. Sheridan.
Her cousins and grandmother are loud and big most of all they are a hugging kisses loving family. But Elizabeth stays apart knowing that one day she will be sent away. She soon hates the grandmother she calls Iron Woman. The only sane one in the house is 4 yr old Petey.Everyone is mad with her about how she never socializes with her as now temperary family.
She struggles threw out the story on how to deal with Iron woman.
When Iron Woman shows her whats it's liked to have a family and be loved.
I loved this book Irecomend it to children from the ages of
10 to 13.