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by Lynne Reid Banks

eBook Angela and Diabola download ISBN: 0006753000
Author: Lynne Reid Banks
Publisher: Collins; New Ed edition (1998)
Language: English
Pages: 160
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Rating: 4.8
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Category: Children's Books
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Lynne Reid Banks (born 31 July 1929) is a British author of books for children and adults.

Lynne Reid Banks (born 31 July 1929) is a British author of books for children and adults. She has written forty-five books, including the best-selling children's novel The Indian in the Cupboard, which has sold over 10 million copies and has been successfully adapted to film. Her first novel, The L-Shaped Room, published in 1960, was an instant and lasting best seller. It was later made into a movie of the same name and led to two sequels, The Backward Shadow and Two is Lonely.

Lynne Reid Banks, bestselling author of the award-winning Indian in the Cupboard books, has created a darkly comic, modern classic tale of good and evil. As powerful as it is funny, Angela and Diabola is a story that will speak to young readers on many levels. Lynne Reid Banks, bestselling author of the award-winning Indian in the Cupboard books, has created a darkly comic, modern classic tale of good and evil. Twins Angela and Diabola come into the world as different as night and day.

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Lynne Reid Banks has written a number of books for children and young adults

Lynne Reid Banks has written a number of books for children and young adults. Her children’s books include The Adventures of King Midas; The Farthest-Away Mountain; Maura’s Angel; The Indian in the Cupboard, recently made into a major Hollywood film; Return of the Indian; The Fairy Rebel; and The Magic Hare. Her books for teenagers include One More River, Sarah and After, My Darling Villain, The Writing on the Wall, Melusine: A Mystery and Broken Bridge. In addition, she has written two historical books about Israel: Letters to My Israeli Sons and Torn Country. From the very beginning, Angela is a happy, beautiful, perfect, blue-eyed little girl. A joy to her parents, she never

Diabola, absolutely without conscience, grows up and goes on wreaking havoc, culminating with the burning down of the school.

Diabola, absolutely without conscience, grows up and goes on wreaking havoc, culminating with the burning down of the school. She's by far the more engrossing character, but sweet, passive Angela has more to her than meets the eye-she's the only person on earth with a modicum of control over Diabola. Banks (The Mystery of the Cupboard, 1993, et. introduces readers to twin girls-one purely good, one purely evil-who make a hash of their well-intentioned parents' lives. From birth, Angela is the embodiment of goodness; people blissfully melt at the sight of her.

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We purchased the audiobook version of this book. It was an interesting story that my 8 yo loved, but my 6 yo was somewhat frightened by it(and he's not frightened by much lately). The characters are very interesting, deeply drawn and the relationship between the "good" twin (Angela) & "bad" twin (Diabola) is complex & rich. The reader did an excellent job (very important in an audio book). In addition, the layers of the story were sufficient for my husband & I to enjoy the book as well (we listened on a long car trip).
The only reason I gave this 4 stars was the fact that my 6 yo was too young for some of the content, making this book not appropriate for all ages.
Love this story doesn't get old.
I am not a fan of Lynne Reid Banks, and I wasn't as a child, either. But this book always intrigued me. It's a story about a pair of twins who most rightfully, should have been one child. However, they are one child split into two. Angela is all that is good in a person, like an angel in human form, while Diabola is every evil urge in a person, like the daughter of Satan. The ending, when one twin dies and the other twin claims that she is "Not gone", is also interesting. Angela becomes herself and Diabola in one, and although she is still predominantly good, she no longer represents goodness. She has one "heavenly blue" eye, and one "glittering green" eye, and whenever she wants to do something bad, her eyes would squint at each other, representing the good and evil in every person. Good vs evil is a huge theme in this story, along with names. Originally, the parents wanted to call the twins Jill and Jane, nice, sunny, ordinary names, as they said. However, the vicar was overcome each time, and ended up calling them Angela and Diabola, and both twins lived up to their names. However, they changed Angela's name to Jill after she and Diabola became one.
Also, I would add here that while the twins are both alive, they have powers. Angela's powers make people do good things and feel happy, while Diabola can set things on fire and cause pain - as well as being able to draw brilliantly.
Anyway, I do recommend this book for older children, and parents who read it may find the themes of good vs evil and living up to one's name interesting.
Angela and Diabola is about two sisters, one very angelic, and one very, very diabolic. The book starts out with Mrs. Cuthbertson-Jones, their mother, giving birth to the twins. Angela comes out very peacefully and doesn't cry afterwards, but Diabola comes out kicking and screaming and almost bites the nurse's finger off. The girls grow up into toddlers and Diabola becomes even worse while Angela became sweeter. When the twins are six they begin school. Angela is very excited, but Diabola is bored and gloomy. Then Diabola draws a horrid picture, and the principal thinks Diabola is a genius. Diabola then starts to love school, and especially drawing. The principal only starts to doubt that Diabola is a genius when she burns down the school building. After that Diabola starts acting even more diabolic. She acts so badly that Mr. Cuthbertson-Jones leaves and abandons his family. Diabola also discovers that she has powers where she can set things on fire, which is how she burned the school down. With these new powers, she burns her house down too. The Cuthbertson-Joneses have to move into a run down apartment. Diabola does many mean but funny things. Read the book and find out what she does!
I think this book is hilarious. It is also rather emotional at times, though, for instance when Angela encounters these weird feelings where she feels she must be near Diabola. My favorite part is when Diabola and Mrs. Cuthbertson-Jones are in the kitchen in their apartment and men come in and try to steal all their food. Diabola becomes mad and uses her powers to make their eyes sting. Mrs. Cuthbertson-Jones thinks Diabola hurt the men for her, but really Diabola didn't like the men and had done it for herself. My least favorite part is when Mr. Cuthbertson-Jones leaves his wife to handle the twins. A ngela becomes really emotional when her dad sends her letters.
I really liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes books about the good and the dark side of life. Anyone who likes Harry Potter would like this book because it is about fighting and neutralizing evil people. Angela and Diabola is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a funny novel.
I thought that ANGELA AND DIABOLA by Lynn Reid Banks was a good and funny book, because at some parts it makes me laugh and at others it's very exciting. The kind of reader that might enjoy this book is someone that likes adventure, excitement and funny books like me. You should read this book because it's about twins that don't seem anything alike. You shouldn't read this book if you don't like it. How you know you don't like it is if you don't like exciting, funny and adventurous books. Angela is one of the main characters and on of the twins, and is a sweet, kind and, can you believe when she was being born she wasn't crying at all, that can't be. She wasn't mean and loud. Diabola in the other hand was born crying, kicking fighting. She had teeth to bite the nurse's thumb and forefinger. Their parents they think that Angela is an angel and can get whatever she wants. Then comes Diabola. Their parents paid no attention to her at all. Their mother always has to deal with her. Not many times the dad. She doesn't like it at all. It's like the parents have chores going on and off taking care of Diabola. The author's settings are in a lot of places, such as the hospital where the twins were born, their house where the twins live and plenty of others. Also in the story Angela and Diabola oops... you'll have to find out when you read this great book. I would recommend ages 8 and over because that's the ages it would make sense to, but if you are younger you can ask your parents to read it to you. Other books by this author is THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD, THE FAIRY REBAL, I HOUDINI, MAURA'S ANGEL and many other good books.