eBook Skinny Brown Dog download

by Donald Saaf,Kimberly Willis Holt

eBook Skinny Brown Dog download ISBN: 0805075879
Author: Donald Saaf,Kimberly Willis Holt
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. (BYR); 1 edition (June 12, 2007)
Language: English
Pages: 40
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Fb2: 1125 kb
Rating: 4.5
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Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Growing Up and Facts of Life

A charming story about an unlikely friendship by National Book Award–winning author Kimberly Willis Holt

Benny the baker leads a simple life. He makes delicious cakes, cookies and muffins, and keeps his customers well fed and happy. When a skinny brown dog shows up on Benny's doorstep, nothing Benny says can convince him to go away. While Benny insists that the dog isn't his, customers soon grow as fond of the skinny brown dog as they are of Benny's yummy treats. The children even name him Brownie―the perfect name for a baker's dog.

Benny starts to wonder what it might be like to have a dog of his own. But it's not until Brownie comes to his rescue that Benny realizes a dog can make a very good friend. Full of winning characters (and delicious treats!), this book celebrates a very special friendship.

Comments: (7)
A beautiful book in many respects. Well made, nice thick pages and great illustrations. With mostly animal characters, a bear owns a bakery, finds this skinny brown dog hanging around who wants to be adopted by the baker. The baker doesn't want a dog. All the neighbors and kids assume the dog already belongs to the baker since the dog hangs around so much. After a fall off a ladder, the bear goes to the hospital and realizes he misses the dog. The bear baker comes home, adopts the dog who ends up working in the bakery and everyone lives happily ever after. Nice story about friendship, caring, working together. This would be a great child's gift or for a teacher to use as a read aloud. Highly recommended!
Very sweet story and great illustrations.
This story about a skinny brown dog, who gradually wears down the resistance of the baker, is comforting and amusing. The pictures are wonderful, especially of the "children", who are actually other types of animals, and are allowed into the bakery, while dogs are strictly prohibited!
I have a weakness for dogs. This book tells a sensitive, caring story about a sweet little dog and his quest to fit in. Beautiful!
Cute story about a dog who needs a home, and a Baker who could use a pet to love.

My 2y11m old son really likes this book and has been requesting it be read to him several times a day. We really like the illustrations and Brownie the Dog is adorable. I especially like how when Benny the Baker imagines having a dog (i.e. adopting Brownie, although he denies that he wants to do this), there is a pale white outline of the imaginary dog sitting on the hearth rug so that we can see what Benny the Baker is thinking. I also like the "older elephant" quality of Mrs. Patterson (the illustrator captures the essence of the elderly nice lady).

As others have mentioned, Brownie the Dog is the only animal who is an animal-animal and not a human-type (anthropomorphized) animal but I suggest the reader just has to "suspend disbelief" there, it certainly doesn't bother my toddler/preschooler (I think he's used to dealing with seemingly arbitrary rules...).
I've had this book out of our local library for MONTHS now and my 2.5 year old daughter and I just love it! I love the artwork and the story. My daughter never tires of it. And although some people are concerned about the world within the book (where a bear is a baker and an elephant is a little, old woman who frequents the bakery) doesn't "make sense" in real life. It doesn't matter! How many kids' books out there aren't working within reality!? (Ever read "Curious George", for example?) I just love this book so much I'm buying it.
we borrowed this book from the library because it had a cute little dog on the front. As I was reading to my 5 year old son I was questioning writer's view point about dogs. Througout the book the dog was treated like an animal while other wild animals (even a porcupine) were assumed to be human. Poor dog didn't even have a name and was called "the skinnny brown dog" or "the dog" until towards the end. Our son was very disappointed when "the dog" couldn't go inside the bakery or hospital when other wild animals could go in.. what was that all about?
Publisher's Weekly gave the art in this book TERRIBLE reviews, but I've got to say it: I LOVE THE PICTURES in Skinny Brown Dog. Yes, it's a little weird that Brownie is a pet when all the other animals are not. Yes, that's weird. But the animals are adorable and the story is absolutely endearing. My toddler loves, loves, loves Benny and his Skinny Brown Dog and so does her mom!