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by Sienna Mercer

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Author: Sienna Mercer
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Part of My Sister the Vampire series by Sienna Mercer. That's exactly how I am with the Count Vira books. You know-vampires, bloodsucking, frilly collars.

Part of My Sister the Vampire series by Sienna Mercer. They're sort of my secret vice. After lunch and through the rest of the day, Olivia watched for her sister in the hallways, but she was nowhere to be found. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12. Chapter 9. "What about a big box of props for the photo- graphs, so that people can pretend to stake each other?" Sophia asked eagerly as she added a chocolate brownie to her lunch tray. Ivy tried to nod enthusiastically, but her best friend was driving her seriously batty. Lately the ball was all that Sophia wanted to talk about. She didn't see Sophia anywhere either. Olivia started to really worry when Ivy didn't show up for last period.

Switched (My Sister the Vampire Sienna Mercer. Year Published: 2007. Welcome to Gray City. The free online library containing 450000+ books. Read books for free from anywhere and from any device. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading. That should be the number one rule of romance: no secret twin sister revelations until at least the third date. Olivia giggled and stuffed her clothes into Ivy's fuzzy black backpack. And remember," she said, slinging on the bag, "even if you're not the perky fashion victim, you could try smiling once or twice.

Author : Sienna Mercer. Olivia and Ivy are brimming with plans to switch places and pull every twin trick in the book. But Olivia soon discovers that she and Ivy aren't exactly the same. And she's not the only one in town.

My Sister the Vampire - Series 1 (Books 1 to 8) Collection Pack Set By Sienna Mercer (Titles includes: Star Style, Lucky Break, Love Bites, Take Two, Vampalicious, Revamped, Fangtastic, Switched). My Sister the Vampire Fangtastic! Sienna Mercer. My Sister the Vampire Vampalicious! Sienna Mercer.

The girl lifted her eyes from her book. No, actually, my name’s Camilla. No. I mean my name’s Olivia, she explained. Nice to meet you, Camilla. Camilla made an I’m-such-a-dork face and shook Olivia’s hand.

When Olivia moves to a new school, she meets Ivy Vega, a goth girl who looks just like her. Olivia finds out that Ivy doesn’t just look like her but is her identical twin sister with one major exceptio. he is a vampire

Switched is a novel by Sienna Mercer, and the first of sixteen books in the My Sister the Vampire collection.

Switched is a novel by Sienna Mercer, and the first of sixteen books in the My Sister the Vampire collection. I have a twin? And she's a vampire? When Olivia Abbott moves to town, she's excited to join the cheerleading team and make new friends. Then she meets Ivy Vega. At first, Ivy, pale and dressed all in black, looks like Olivia's opposite.

Being a new girl sucks. But then Olivia Abbott meets her long-lost twin sister, Ivy. Theyâ?™re as different as day and night â?“ and Ivy has a grave secret. But it wonâ?™t stop them getting to know each otherâ?™s worlds. After all, blood is thicker than water â?“ and itâ?™s certainly tastier!
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YA series of two teenagers who meet in school then realize they are sisters. I enjoyed this story. I liked how they were opposites and needed to help each other with these differences. I liked the setting of high school and how the girls have very distinct personalities and attractions to and from others. It was fun to read as they get in and out of situations. I look forward to reading the rest of the series
I love how this book includess both a mystery and almost aloce story. My Siter the Vampire #1: Switcher nis a mystery because at first the two sisters find eachother weird, but then they relize they are TWIN SISTERS!!!!!!! This book is also a love story because the book is about twin sisters learning about who they are as a person (or vampire!)Also, one of the twins actully found love! This is once again an amazing book! If you do end up reading it, you wont regret your decision! -Greta
I love this book please keep writing I am one big fan of this book and I can imagine the rest of the story but I think that it would be good if you put a website for kids and they can do quizzes of course I'll be the first to sign up and also I think you should write a complete book with all the collection inside and about the website it's a really a great idea everyone will love to sign up
I am a mom and I love these books. My daughter, now 11, and I have read all of the books in the series. She loves that I like to read her book selections and this is my favorite of all of her favorites. The story is cute, consistent and clean. Some of the plot lines in the later books become far-fetched, but they are still sweet books, perfect for third grade and up.
I thought this book might be a bit "young" for my reading due to the cover, but it was a highly enjoyable read. I recently bought the other two books in the series, but am on two other books right now (one kindle and one paper). So far I find it g-pg if one were rating a film and is highly appropriate for younger readers as well as adults..
This is a great book series for young girls! I have 2-5graders reading these books. My own girls loved these books. The storyline is fun and engaging.
Hi! If you are looking for a vampire novel so epic that it takes away your breath, read this book. They call humans "bunnies", and their school is, like 99% goth. But it's really cool and epic. Vampires can heal themselves really fast and, like you heard, hate garlic. But the fact they don't have a reflection is a myth. But the "I sleep in a coffin" myth is true. There are cheerleaders, too, and you will not want to not read this book. I won't give it all away. But if you like vampires and epicness, read this book! I purchased it and was totally addicted. There are two twins, Olivia, the bunny, and Ivy, the vampire. My favorite is Ivy. READ THIS BOOK!
My daughter loved this book.