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by Jean De Brunhoff

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Author: Jean De Brunhoff
Publisher: Egmont Childrens Books (September 30, 2002)
Language: English
Pages: 52
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Rating: 4.1
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Jean de Brunhoff (9 December 1899 – 16 October 1937) was a French writer and illustrator remembered best for creating the Babar series of children's books concerning a fictional elephant.

Jean de Brunhoff (9 December 1899 – 16 October 1937) was a French writer and illustrator remembered best for creating the Babar series of children's books concerning a fictional elephant, the first of which was published during 1931. De Brunhoff was the fourth and youngest child of Maurice de Brunhoff, a publisher, and his wife Marguerite. He attended Protestant schools, including the prestigious École Alsacienne.

In the second Babar story, Babar and Celeste set off in a balloon, beginning an exciting series of adventures. Babar's Travels Paperback – September 5, 1989. by Jean De Brunhoff (Author).

Laurent de Brunhoff has kept the spirit of Babar and his family alive for more than 50 years. Babar comes to America and visits all of the usual tourist attractions, with which all of us are familiar. Originally created by Laurent’s mother as a bedtime story, Babar the elephant first came to life through the art of Laurent’s father, Jean de Brunhoff, who produced seven books about the character before his untimely death. Building on his father’s original framework, Laurent has gone on to provide many new adventures for the elephant family while giving them new spirit through his use of line and color.

Babar the Elephant is a fictional character who first appeared in 1931 in the French children's book Histoire de Babar by Jean de Brunhoff. The book is based on a tale that Brunhoff's wife, Cécile, had invented for their children. It tells of a young elephant, named Babar, whose mother is killed by a hunter. Babar escapes, and in the process leaves the jungle, visits a big city, and returns to bring the benefits of civilization to his fellow elephants.

This book is the second of the three Babar books published by the New York .

Babar's Travels book. Jean de Brunhoff's famous elephant continues his adventures. Babar and Celeste are on their honeymoon travels, from desert islands and ski slopes to ships and the circus.

Babar returns in this unusual and heartwarming Christmas story by Jean de Brunhoff

Babar returns in this unusual and heartwarming Christmas story by Jean de Brunhoff. Babar’s children have caught wind of a fellow in Man’s country named Father Christmas who brings joy and toys to little children. If only we could bring him here,��. Bonjour, Babar!: The Six Unabridged Classics by the Creator of Babar. by Jean de Brunhoff · Kevin Henkes. Widely recognized as the father of the picture book, Brunhoff wrote and illustrated six Babar stories before his early death in 1937.

Jean de Brunhoff is considered to be one of the greatest picture book authors in history. Born in Paris, de Brunhoff was the fourth and last child of a successful publisher

Jean de Brunhoff is considered to be one of the greatest picture book authors in history. Born in Paris, de Brunhoff was the fourth and last child of a successful publisher. He enjoyed a prestigious education, before joining the French army and fighting on the front lines at the end of the First World War. After the armistice, he decided to become a professional artist and studied painting at the Academie de la Grand Chamiere in Montparnasse

The travels of Babar.

The travels of Babar. Brunhoff, Jean de, 1899-1937; Haas, Merle, tr. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Comments: (7)
This is the "Bambi" of children's books. Wonderfully and engagingly written, w fantastic illustrations, this is the book that kicked off the wonderful Babar series.
But- but- but! Like "Bambi"... notice how that's never on TV, ever? The one jarring moment is in the first few pages when a hunter SHOOTS AND KILLS Barbar's mother. You could argue that it's part of the reason the book is so powerful- Babar discovers his independence! - but it is jarring for modern readers, and can be difficult for sensitive children. I loved the book as a child, and I have read it to my son many times... but he had a tough time the first read we did together.
As a child growing up I was a big fan of Babar- rereading it to my son today, I was a bit taken aback. Some spoilers ahead:
Babar's mother is shot dead on the first few pages
Babar is elected king because he wears a suit and is civilized (compared tot he other "savage" elephants)
A bit heavy on the British Imperialism, the book feels very dated and has a questionable message for children today
I bought this book for my kid's collection because I remembered it fondly from my childhood. It just arrived though and re-reading it, it's a pretty terrible story without any redeeming messages.

Spoilers ahead:
- As mentioned by others, Babar's mom dies almost instantly, and he spends about 4 seconds being sad about it
- The imperialism message is a given, but I'd forgot how horribly pro-consumerism it is; they repeatedly react to tragedy/strife by buying nice clothes and sweets and it's all totally fine
- He gets picked to be king because he's wearing a fancy suit and driving a car
- He randomly decides to marry his juvenile cousin

Sorry if this is an overly millennial/snowflake-like reaction, just hoping I might help someone else avoid the mistake I made. If you're buying it for nostalgia go for it, but otherwise a pretty terrible story and not something I want to read to my kid.
I had not really planned to share the Babar books with my child as I thought of them as being outdated and a bit too depressing for today's kids. However, my son heard about Babar somewhere and was curious so we got Babar the King and The Story of Babar from the library. He could take or leave The Story of Babar but found Babar the King absolutely captivating. The pictures are fabulously detailed and sometimes humorous. The story focuses on the building of Celesteville and the activities of the elephants--going to school, swimming in the lake, celebrating their town, etc. The explanation of all the different occupations of the elephants is very interesting to my nearly 6 year old. There are also some funny parts and a nice message about focusing on the positive at the end. While it doesn't have a traditional plot, it is quite an enjoyable read. It is pretty long, it generally takes us about 25 minutes to read the whole thing. It does have a little drama as well--the Old Lady is bit by a snake and Cornelius's house catches on fire and he is injured so keep that in mind if selecting this for a younger or more sensitive child.
I bought this children's book online in order to refresh my memory from my childhood because my mother used to read this to me. I needed to refer to it with regard to something that I am writing. I wouldn't recommend buying the Kindle version of this book because it is a children's book and the child will enjoy an actual book MUCH better - especially if it is a large hard bound variety. The pictures are beautiful, but practically cannot be seen on a kindle.
I forgot about the hunter killing Babar's mom. My daughter loves this book and when we get to that part she is always worked up, yelling it's the hunter! I try not to laugh when she does that.
I am so excited about this purchase! I read these stories as a child and I'm thrilled to be able to pass the little tradition on to new members of my family. I got this and two other Babar books for my cousins' new baby for his Easter basket. I'm just so excited to watch him grow to love the stories!
Who doesn't love Babar? Classic story and a joy to share with my young kids. However, the finishing of the printed pages is frequently substandard. Some running/smearing of colors. Physical characteristics/quality of the paper pages is suspect too. Many pages have "wrinkles" near the spine. Does not appear to be a binding issue but rather due to inferior paper. Definitely NOT the kind of pages that will be able to withstand a lot of handling. Perhaps Amazon could find a higher quality version?