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by Eve Sutton

eBook My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes download ISBN: 081930753X
Author: Eve Sutton
Publisher: Atheneum (April 1, 1974)
Language: English
ePub: 1595 kb
Fb2: 1631 kb
Rating: 4.1
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Category: Children's Books

It was written by Eve Sutton and Lynley Dodd, cousins-in-law. The book was first published in 1974 and won the 1975 Esther Glen Award.

Cats are internationally renowned creatures, with assorted traits and talents. Sutton's writing utilises rhyme and repetition, with a wonderful rhythmic quality and witty flair.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009. The cat from Spain Flew an aeroplane. The cat from France Liked to sing and dance. Perhaps it is that I know how to look for them now and am just spotting more. On and on like this around the world, one line adding to the next. I know I overuse the word, but CUTE is it.

Compares in cumulative verse the unusual activities of cats from different countries.
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We picked up a much-loved copy of this book at a garage sale this summer for about 10 cents. The text is great and the pictures are adorable, and my daughter (now 20 months) has loved it ever since we watched out cats playing with a box one day and then got it out to read. This last week she has been totally obsessed and wanted it read to her 10,000 times, and now she'll flip through it, "reading": "MY cat--boxes!"

The book reads:

(p1) My cat likes to hide in boxes.

(p2) The cat from France likes to sing and dance.

(p3) But my cat likes to hide in boxes.

(p4) The cat from Spain flew an airplane.
The cat from France likes to sing and dance.

(p5) But my cat likes to hide in boxes.

and so on, for the cats from Norway, Greece, Japan, etcetc. There are about a dozen different cats who do cool stuff, but in the end, "my cat" still likes to hide in boxes.

The only thing I don't like is that the text about the other cats builds up until it's really long near the end, but I just read about the next cat in line and skip it. Then again, my kid is only 20 months and has a short attention span--for an older kid that wouldn't be much of an issue.

I just bought two copies for Christmas presents. :)
One of my kids' all-time favorite books when they were little and now a favorite of their children. I keep buying multiple copies of this book and giving it to all the new babies in our circle. I read this to my younger grandson's preschool class and the teacher, who was just about to retire, was blown away by it. "THIS is the way children should learn poetry!" she said. And the kids loved it too, quickly learning to chime in with the verses as we went along. It's a wonderful book! By the way, it's fun to have the kids make up their own verses about their town or area. In our case, "The cat from Skokie does the hokey-pokey…!" Not nearly so elegant as the author's verses, but still fun!
Super P
As a cat lover since I was a little girl, this was one of my favorite books. I happened to hear someone say something about their cat liking to play in boxes and it made me think of this book and order a copy. It is the same adorable, illustrated story I have loved since I was little. This is a cute gift for any child who loves animals and is learning to read because it is very repetitive in text.
My children loved this book, but we only had one copy, so now that they want it for their own children I have been looking for used copies. This one is in great condition. It's a rhyming story about cat's from different countries, always coming back to the cat that like to hide in boxes!
I was so happy to find the board book version of My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes! My copy is probably 30 + years old and is falling apart. It was one of my favorite books and I always wanted to share it with my children. They fell in love with it the first time we read the book. They caught onto the rhythm of the book and started chiming in, "but my cat likes to hide in boxes." LOVE!
Great book and excellent price. Arrived in the States without issue from the UK. The book has a flow to it that will surely keep little kids interested in it. And of course, who doesn't love cats!?
My kids enjoyed this book years ago, and I was hoping to find a copy for my granddaughter. I was very pleased to find it still available. It's quite a classic!
I had this book for my children and they loved it. I was happy to find it again for my grand children.