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by J. Lockwood Kipling C.I.E.,W. H. Drake,Rudyard Kipling

eBook The Jungle Books (Vintage Classics) download ISBN: 0099540924
Author: J. Lockwood Kipling C.I.E.,W. H. Drake,Rudyard Kipling
Publisher: Random House UK (July 9, 2010)
Language: English
Pages: 288
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Rating: 4.1
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John Lockwood Kipling CIE (6 July 1837 – 26 January 1911) was an English art teacher, illustrator, and museum curator who spent most of his career in British India. He was the father of the author Rudyard Kipling.

John Lockwood Kipling CIE (6 July 1837 – 26 January 1911) was an English art teacher, illustrator, and museum curator who spent most of his career in British India. Lockwood Kipling was born in Pickering, North Yorkshire, the son of Reverend Joseph Kipling and Frances nee Lockwood, and was educated at Woodhouse Grove School, a Methodist boarding school.

The Jungle Books (Illustr. has been added to your Cart. Rudyard Kipling (Author), . ockwood Kipling (Illustrator), and . Illustrator) & 0 more. this book is excellent.

Rudyard Kipling was a short-story writer, novelist and poet, and the first Englishman to receive the Nobel Prize . W. H. Drake was an illustrator. Ben Fogle is a British adventurer, writer, and broadcaster

Rudyard Kipling was a short-story writer, novelist and poet, and the first Englishman to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature. He is the author of Just So Stories, Kim, and The Man Who Would be King. John Lockwood Kipling, . was an illustrator and Rudyard Kipling's father. Ben Fogle is a British adventurer, writer, and broadcaster. He is the author of The Accidental Adventurer, Offshore, and The Teatime Islands.

These are the original Jungle Book stories by Rudyard Kipling. Although there are tiny scuffs at the top,as you can see in the photographs, this is leather bound and far more beautiful than a paperback and has the wonderful illustrations. See all. About this item. Postage, Returns & Payments. Best-selling in Fiction. Roald Dahl Collection 15 Books Boxed Set (Paperback, 2016).

Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936; Kipling, John Lockwood, 1837-1911, ill; Drake, W. ill; Frenzeny, Paul, il. Stories of animals in British India including several with Mowgli, the boy raised in the jungle by them. Interspersed with poems. ill; Frenzeny, Paul, ill. Publication date. Jungles, Animals, India - Fiction. Mowgli's brothers - Kaa's hunting - "Tiger! tiger!" - - The white seal - "Rikki-tikki-tavi" - Toomai of the elephants - Her Majesty's servants.

The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling 1975 - Book Club Associates.

Drake and P. Frenzeny. The Jungle Books by Rudyard Kipling 1975 - Book Club Associates.

Rudyard Kipling’s most popular book is The Jungle Book. The Jungle Books by. Rudyard Kipling, Alev Lytle Croutier (Afterword).

Orphaned as a baby, human-boy Mowgli is adopted by wolves, befriended by Baloo the bear, and educated in the wonders and dangers of the Indian jungle. But the adventures of The Jungle Book don’t end with the young man-cub and his unusual new family. Kipling's charming songs and verses, including the famous Smuggler's Song are placed between each thrilling story. The book is beautifully illustrated by . This classic collection of short stories by Rudyard Kipling includes the works, The Education of Otis Yeere, At the Pit's Mouth, A Wayside Comedy, and The Hill of Illusion, among others. History & Fiction.


The Two Jungle Books, by Rudyard Kipling. Illustrations by J. Lockwood Kipling, . Published by Doubleday, Doran & Company, In. New York, 1893. File:JLKipling Kim Great Trunk Road.

"As a child I loved The Jungle Books . . . If you want to look at the India of Kipling's time, there is no writer who will give it to you better."  —Salman Rushdie
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this is a quote from the back cover: "The original book, published in 1902, contained more than thirty of Kipling's own brilliant illustrations, all of which have been faithfully reproduced in this Aziloth Books edition." "BRILLIANT" and "FAITHFULLY REPRODUCED" IS TOTALLY INACCURATE. The book itself is not large and the inside illustrations are ALL BLACK AND WHITE and SO RIDICULOUSLY SMALL that the reproductive quality is non-existant. The stories and poems are fine. I am SOOOOO DISAPPOINTED when the ILLUSTRATIONS, just as delightful as Kilings writings are impossible to enjoy..even the larger ones are reproduced so badly, fuzzy B&W lines. Some are as small as <1/2" by <1/1/2 " !!!
“Just So Stories” is a collection of 12 children’s stories. The theme that runs through the dozen stories is that they are mostly tall-tale answers for questions that children might have. All but two of them focus on animals and nature, and the two divergent stories deal with the origin of written language. Since it’s such a small collection and the titles tend to synopsize the stories, I’ll include the table of contents below, which may give one greater insight into the nature of the stories.

1.) How the Whale Got his Throat
2.) How the Camel Got his Hump
3.) How the Rhinoceros Got his Skin
4.) How the Leopard Got his Spots
5.) The Elephant’s Child
6.) The Sing-Song of Old Man Kangaroo
7.) The Beginning of the Armadillos
8.) How the First Letter Was Made
9.) How the Alphabet Was Made
10.) The Crab that Played with the Sea
11.) The Cat that Walked by Himself
12.) The Butterfly that Stamped

The edition that I have has a number of black-and-white graphics (block print and line drawn style)—one or two per story. Given the genre, I imagine most editions have some kind of pictures, but your edition’s graphics may vary. A number of the stories include short poetry—usually at the end. The poetry is part of the original Kipling product and so are likely included in all unabridged editions.

I’d recommend this book for those looking for short stories that are relatable to young children.
This book was released July 1, 2018 and I pre-ordered without reviews as none were available. I was surprised to find 2700 reviews on this book right after Amazon received it in mid-July, 2018. My review is for "this specific book." Amazon has generic reviews listed for this book of all the Rudyard Kipling "Jungle Books" they sell, so we customers do not know what reviews applies to what books. Amazon did this also with Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories many books Amazon sells. Not acceptable! This specific book, released July 1, 2018, is abridged with illustrations that can help a child understand how a boy could grow up with animals in the wild. Well written story. Definitely for ages 5 and up. I will give it to my grandson, but feel I cannot give it to my granddaughters because it has various illustrations of boy nudity from the back. 1 picture of bare butt would have been enough; the other illustrations could have had foliage discreetly hiding the nudity.
I first encountered this story as a child, as an animated film on television. It became my favorite story, with the cadence of the narration and the wonderful animation bringing the story to life. I used to watch it every year, just like the Christmas specials and The Wizard of Oz. I've even seen it a few times as an adult, each time reliving a little piece of my childhood.

When I saw this book recently, on a list of free books, I grabbed it up so I could carry this little piece around with me all the time. I was kind of afraid to actually read the story, because so often these days books and their movies don't have much in common. However, this is word for word the animated story I have enjoyed so many times; or should I say the animated film is just like the book. The language is lyrical, and there is a rhythm to the story that reinforces this quality. If I had a child, since they don't show the film any more, this would be a regular on the bedtime story list, and not just for the language. The themes of making the best of what happens to you in life, and of protecting your family, are woven throughout this story, as well as using common sense when planning anything you have to do. I'm going to grab The Jungle Book next!
This is a beautiful copy of Just So Stories. As others have mentioned, it is a small volume but the cover is embossed and the pages are gilded. The paper is thin--not due to cheapness but rather it is fine paper. It contains the original illustrations and their captions, and it is just lovely.

I ordered this copy because I was unable to find the copy my grandfather had given me as a child, which was a rather sizeable volume complete with colored illustrations on glossy paper. This copy is nothing like that volume, which held up well to the repeated use of a young child. This volume is meant for the caring, gentle hands of an older child or adult. If your child cannot use tissue paper without tearing it, this is not the volume for him or her.

That said, if your child loves the stories, this would be a wonderful book to give him or her when she or he grows up.
elegant stranger
I made this purchase as a gift to a child, purchasing a second copy for his brother. Physically speaking, this is a beautiful book. As far as the writing goes, I sincerely believe that there is little on the market that can compare with Mr. Kipling, who positively adored children. He wrote always with the basic intent of opening the door of wonder in every child's mind.
His work will be honored for centuries to come.
The seller of this beautiful work has my genuine gratitude.