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by Thornton W. Burgess

eBook Mother West Wind When Stories download ISBN: 1434469913
Author: Thornton W. Burgess
Publisher: Wildside Press (April 30, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 248
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Rating: 4.3
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Category: Children's Books
Subcategory: Animals

Home Thornton W. Burgess Mother West Wind When Stories

Home Thornton W. Burgess Mother West Wind When Stories. Mother west wind when s. .Mother West Wind When Stories, . When the place where the first birds lived became too crowded and oldKing Eagle led them out into the new land Old Mother Nature had beenpreparing for them, Mr. Bluebird was one of the first to follow him. Thenew land was very beautiful, and there was plenty of room and plenty toeat for all. Then came Jack Frost with snow and ice and drove all thebirds back to the place they had come from.

Home Thornton W. Old Mother West Wind told me the story, and she got it from PeterRabbit, and Peter got it from-well, I don't know for sure, but Isuspect he got it from Bob White himself. You know Peter and Bob Whiteare great friends. They are very near neighbors. They are such nearneighbors and such good friends that if it popped into Peter's funnylittle head to be curious about Bob White's affairs, he wouldn'thesitate an instant to ask Bob about them. When old mr. gopher first got pockets. THERE was one of Peter Rabbit's neighbors of whose presence he wasalways aware, and yet whom he almost never saw. No, it wasn't Miner theMole, but it was one who lives in much the same way as Miner. When Peterwould leave the dear Old Briar-patch he seldom went far without comingto a little pile of fresh earth. These little piles of earth had puzzledPeter a great deal for a long time. It sometimes seemed to Peter as ifthey appeared by magic.

Mother West Wind "How" Stories. The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse. The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad.

In Burgess' first book, Old Mother West Wind (1910), the reader meets many of the characters found in later books and stories The Thornton W. Burgess Society operates the Green Briar.

In Burgess' first book, Old Mother West Wind (1910), the reader meets many of the characters found in later books and stories  . The Thornton W. Burgess Society operates the Green Briar Nature Center in East Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Read various fiction books with us in our e-reader. 9, 10. Mother West Wind Why Stories By Thornton W Burgess Illustrations in Colou. The Boy Scouts of Woodcraft Camp.

The books themselves: Mother West Wind 'When' Stories: 16 stories about how different animals and birds acquired . Old Mother West Wind: A group of stories with Mother West Wind or her Little Breezes helping the animals of the Meadow and forest.

The books themselves: Mother West Wind 'When' Stories: 16 stories about how different animals and birds acquired a special attribute- like Hummer's long beak, or Bat's ability to fly. Often these special traits came from Mother Nature as a reward for courage, industriousness or gratitude. Morals/ Values in the stories: courage, industriousness, gratitude, laziness, pride, being a sneak. A couple of 'how the xxx got/ lost zzz' stories also that were quite entertaining. Morals/ values/ lessons intertwined in the book: vanity, friendship, contentment, helpfulness.

Mother west wind "When" stories. I. when mr. bluebird won his beautiful coat. II. Author Of "Old Mother West Wind," "The Bed Time Story-Books," Etc. Illustrations in Color by Harrison Cady. Mother west wind "When" stories. III. grouse got his snowshoes. IV. panther lost his honor.

This children's book is about when things first happened to animals around us: when Mr. Bluebird won his beautiful . Thornton Waldo Burgess (January 14, 1874 – June 5, 1965) was a conservationist and author of children's stories. Bluebird won his beautiful coat, for instance; and when Mr. Moose first lost his horns. The 16 short tales are just perfect for bedtime or for children learning to read.

Thornton W. Burgess's children's tales have enchanted generations. Wildside Press is pleased to release new editions of all the "Mother West Wind."
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My husband & his siblings were raised with Mr. Burgess's books. His sister found several very old copies which we treasure. We have spent several hundred dollars on many of his books which we have given to both our grandchildren & friends with grandchildren. The books are so well written, not to mention also quite accurate, but are so much fun for even adults to read. My husband & I enjoy a chapter over coffee each morning of one of Mr.Burgess's books. The latest is "The Burgess Seashore Book for Children". Danny Meadow Mouse is the "star" of this volume. We love them all, but "Blacky the Crow" will always be our favorite. We sincerely hope that other parents & grandparents will purchased these books for their offspring. Please do not get us wrong, we still enjoy Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Wiley coyote & the Roadrunner,& of course, Mickey Mouse!
Great stories for children and maybe not so young folks too. Lots of good teaching in these stories.
First read this book as a child over 65 years ago when I read my father's childhood book. Loved it then and love the fact that the kindle version had all the original illustrations which enhance the stories. Perfect book to be read to your young grandchildren!
I bought this to listen to in the car with our children. It sounds like it is being read by aliens who learned English from ancient radio broadcasts, and who are speaking extra slowly to avoid making any mistakes. The diction is archaic, too: "Who would be herald to mistress Spring?" This may be good for putting your children to sleep, but it had my wife begging me to throw it out the car window. My eight-year old claims he likes it, though.
i enjoyed these so much when I was a child and was so happy when I found that copy for my great-grandchild.
Love these stories with good moral content in a delightful outdoor world.