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by Don Tait,Leon Cooper

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Author: Don Tait,Leon Cooper
Publisher: 90 Day Wonder Publishing (August 1, 2007)
Language: English
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90 Day Wonder-Darkness Remembered (with Don Tait) A young WWII US Naval officer metes out justice to his . My documentary film, "Return to Tarawa-the Leon Cooper Story" can be seen on Netflix, Hulu and Snagfilms. It has been shown on History Channel and Military Channel.

90 Day Wonder-Darkness Remembered (with Don Tait) A young WWII US Naval officer metes out justice to his sociopath Captain Bligh ship captain while keeping his promise to Leave Vengeance to the Lord. Kathleen rated it it was amazing Oct 02, 2014. Jonathan Kaplan rated it really liked it Nov 16, 2011.

90 Day Wonder-Darkness Remembered book. During WWII, Leon Cooper, the author, serves on a ship commanded by a "mustang," a long-serving enlisted man who bitterly resents "gentlemen" college graduates who, like Cooper, were commissioned after only 90 days' training.

Leon Cooper was a young US Navy officer who spent three years in the Pacific during WWII. Boda bore a deep resentment toward "gentlemen" officers like Cooper who were commissioned after only 90 days' training. Like others in the "Greatest Generation," he was prepared to do his duty in the defense of his country, but his stand-up nature brought him into conflict with Captain Boda, the commanding officer of the ship on which he served. Captain Boda was a "Mustang," an enlisted man of many years of service who received a "Battlefield" commission.

Leon Cooper was a young US Navy officer who spent three years in the Pacific during WWII

Leon Cooper was a young US Navy officer who spent three years in the Pacific during WWII.

Book DescriptionLeon Cooper was a young WWII US Navy Officer who was in a number of battles. The other conflict was between Cooper and his ship's Captain, a former enlisted man who had been awarded a battlefield commission. Captain Boda resented "gentlemen" officers like Cooper, commissioned after only 90 days' training. Besides, Cooper's standup nature riled Boda to the extent that he resolved to have him killed. Boda's sociopathic behavior, including his reckless commands, caused the death of many of Cooper's shipmates.

Darkness Remembered By Leon Cooper & Don Tait. 90. 2003 Leon Cooper. net No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recorded, or otherwise, without permission from the author. ISBN 13: 978-790584-1-7 ISBN 10: 790584-1-4 Published by 90 Day Wonder Publishing Design and layout by Selfpublishing. com Printed in the United States of America. To Alberta, my late wife, who loved me, helped me, understood me, tolerated m. .

Items related to 90 Day Wonder : Darkness Remembered. Leon Cooper, Don Tait. Book Description 90 Day Wonder Publishing, 2007. Mr Leon Cooper 90 Day Wonder : Darkness Remembered. ISBN 13: 9780979058417. Bob Thomas, noted Hollywood biographer, says "Leon Cooper's '90 Day Wonder' vividly captures the drama of what has been called The Greatest Generation. The combat scenes are especially gripping and Cooper's portrait of his wretched commander Boda ranks with Captains Bligh and Queeg. The book is an intensely human story intensely told. Published by 90 Day Wonder Publishing (2007).

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Published by 90 Day Wonder Publishing. Design and layout by Selfpublishing. ISBN: 979-790584-4-8.

A young WWII US Naval officer metes out justice to his sociopath Captain Bligh ship captain while keeping his promise to his dying wife to Leave Vengeance to the Lord.
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My Dad was a 90 Day Wonder. I read the book to find out more about what he went through and as a tribute to him and his fellow Naval officers. My Dad passed on 02/27/2007; I believe he would have enjoyed reading your book as well.

Thank you again and God Bless you always
Who started the dirty rumor? I learned the simple rhyme in elementary school, and it has hung around with me ever since. You know the childhood chant, "Sticks and stones/May break my bones,/But words can never hurt me." Let me dispel this falsehood. Words can hurt. They stick to our bodies like invisible glue. This is true for words spoken and unspoken.
"90 Day Wonder: Darkness Remembered," captures the ugly truth about how words can harm and mutilate souls. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor the military needed leaders, and Leon Cooper describes his quick training as an officer in the US Navy directly after college. His first assignment is aboard the USS Harry Lee.
Once on deck, he stood at attention in Captain Joseph Boda quarters, answering routine questions. As Boda stands up from his chair, tossing a few coins rhythmically in his hands, one of the coins falls on the floor. Leon doesn't to pick it up, realizing this is a test. He reflects, "I was off on the wrong foot with Captain Boda and my life aboard the Lee was to become a floating hell."(pg. 57) For the next four years, Leon survives Boda's verbal abuse, but Boda's words continue to circulate in Leon's mind. Even after Leon is honorably discharged from the Navy, the words plague Leon to the point of threatening Boda's life.
At the height of the story's action, Leon causally recalls the time as a child, and how his parents bought his brother Bill a bike, because had a paper route. When Leon whined for a bike also, his mother soothingly replies, "Maybe next year." (pg. 123) At the time, the scene seems insignificant, because one of his shipmates is waking him from a dream. But this dream of past reality describes the crux of Leon's attitude towards Boda or anyone in authority.
After years of serving in military and hating Boda, Dr. Metzler his psychiatrist, describes the situation perfectly, "You might have come out of the service okay, but you went in there with problems you didn't know you had. You were the helpless victim at home with your big brother, and you became the helpless victim on shipboard where you ran afoul of Boda." (pg. 266) Leon waited too long to talk about his anger towards his parents. The time lapse caused those unspoken words to become deeply embedded in his body, causing a raging fire, which could not be squelched.
Leon Cooper and Don Tait keep the reader anxiously awaiting for the story to unfold. The action often flips from the present to the past, but there is a smooth flow of events. The time line gets fuzzy towards the middle, when we were waiting for the birth of his second child. It is only at the end, when I learned he had five children. And it is not definitely clear if the cause of his wife's death relates to "the curse" (pg. 51) But, the physical combat and the mental battle keep the reader interested. I recommend "90 Day Wonder: Darkness Remembered" to anyone who likes military stories. It is also a good book for introverts to read about the danger of allowing words to hurt, instead of them letting go.
Comment about review by author Leon Cooper:
Judine - I hope you won't take my reaction to your review the wrong way ... but it's not "words" by the commanding officer of Cooper's ship that is the principle message of the book. Rather, it's the madness of sociopath Boda, including his reckless commands, that leads to the deaths of many of Cooper's shipmates. In wartime, military organizations are forced to put misfits or worse, madmen like Boda, in command positions -- this what leads to the conflict between Cooper, with his sense of justice, and Boda, with his absolute powers.
So, this is not a "war story" as such -- rather, it is the playing out of right vs wrong that happens to many of us during our lives. In this case, it happens to take place in a war setting -- and therefore is intensified -- but the main elements of the conflict happen often in less dramatic circumstances to many of us.
Co-author Leon Cooper recounts his experiences as a U.S. Naval officer during World War II. The story goes backwards and forwards in time, but mainly begins around the time Pearl Harbor was bombed. The reader glimpses several key people in Cooper's life, such as Lt. Commander Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Then there is Captain Boda of the Harry Lee who took an instant dislike of Cooper and began to make life very difficult. In fact, Boda is to Cooper what Vader is to Luke, a dark and maleficent force that needed to be reckoned with.
Then there is the return to civilian life. With all he has witnessed, Cooper and Alberta (the love of his life) must somehow cope with not only the events during Cooper's military time, but also events from his childhood.
***** If you enjoy reading about history, biographies, or just the events around the WW II era, then I strongly recommend this novel!
Authors Leon Cooper and Don Tait have done an excellent job in blending Cooper's military time, home life, and even his childhood days into a riveting story for readers. An outstanding piece of work! *****
Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
... it's a good read, especially for denizens of a Navy town and also for those who, after seeing the movie, enjoy boasting that they read the book.
The book purports to be the Cooper's autobiography covering the period starting with his senior year at the University of Illinois just before Pearl Harbor, continuing through his Navy service as a landing craft officer in the Pacific during World War II, and examining with especial vigor how the psychological trauma of this experience affected his post-war life.
Why do I say "purports" ? Well, a part of the reason is that I have insights gained from talking with Cooper's sister. These insights cast doubt on the truthfulness or accuracy of some of the incidents reported - having an engineering degree - meeting future bride Alberta in D.C. - having pre-marital sex with her - attacking the Admiral Boda's Buick in downtown Washington - talking his way aboard the Potomac (President Truman's yacht) armed and intending to kill this same admiral - the pickup scene in Hollywood. When questioned by his sister about some of these discrepancies, Cooper reportedly waved his arm and claimed "poetic license."
However, I believe it is more than poetic license. This is a book that screams out "Make me into a movie!" Witness co-author, Don Tait. This is not an "as told to" co-author. No, this is an experienced TV and movie writer (Maverick, Bonanza, Mr. Roberts) who has been brought in to enhance and perhaps concoct scenes that will sell the book as a movie. When is the last time you saw a movie without a sex scene?
Yes, but even the best movie biopics (a film or television biography) often have fictionalized, exaggerated, or time-disordered episodes - Patch Adams - for example. What remains is a basic core of truth. In this case that core is that sometimes malign tyrants cum martinets are placed in command of men and ships, that this error leads to unnecessary deaths and long-term, post-war psychological problems for the surviving subordinates. And the Navy looks the other way and brushes all this [stuff] under the rug. I'm sorry to be so blunt. Read the book, and judge for yourselves.