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by Nigel Cawthorne

eBook Sex Lives of the U.S. Presidents download ISBN: 1853752096
Author: Nigel Cawthorne
Publisher: Trafalgar Square; 1st paperback editio edition (March 1, 1996)
Language: English
Pages: 280
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He also contributed to The Guardian, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail, and the New-York Tribune. He has appeared on television and BBC Radio 4's Today programme. Prisoner of War series. The Bamboo Cage: The Full Story of the American Servicemen Still Missing in Vietnam, 1991.

Many of Nigel Cawthorne's books are compilations of popular history, without footnotes, references or bibliographies. His own web site refers to a description of his home as a "book-writing factory" and says, "More than half my books were commissioned by publishers and packagers for a flat fee or for a for a reduced royalty". The book caused much controversy, resulting in court cases for three years following its release. Cawthorne currently lives in Bloomsbury, London with his girlfriend and son, Colin (born 1982). Books by Nigel Cawthorne. Mor. rivia About Sex Lives of the.

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The Ultimate Book of Spells. That December, after returning from Shenandoah, Washington met the love of his life. She was the wife of his best friend George William Fairfax, whose father, Lord Fairfax, was Washington’s patron. Against Their Will: Sadistic Kidnappers and the Courageous Stories of Their Innocent Victims. George Fairfax had been brought up in England where his family had made his life miserable by spreading rumours that he was a mulatto.

Cawthorne Nigel Look at President Sukarno of Indonesia, the . Sadly, they lie beyond the scope of this book; and I can guarantee you now that there will be no Sex Lives of the Mullahs in this series.

Nigel Cawthorne SEX LIVES OF THE GREAT DICTATORS An irreverent expose of despots, tyrants and other monsters Introduction Seventies shuttle-diplomat Henry Kissinger explaining his success with women, once said Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. In a letter to a bishop, liberal historian Lord Acton penned the aphorism: Poker tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Look at President Sukarno of Indonesia, the authoritarian president who believed in guided democracy.

St. Martin's Paperbacks. St. From Washington's countless bed partners to Jefferson's illegitimate children, Kennedy's notorious womanizing to Clinton's unstoppable libido, find out the surprising and sometimes bizarre sexual practices of all the men in the Oval Office. Connect with the author. MACMILLAN NEWSLETTER.

Nigel cawthorne series: The Mammoth Book o. .Sex Lives of the Great Dictators. Irreverent and gossipy, the books are packed with carnal tidbits and eye-opening revelations.

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Recounts some of the scandals associated with the private lives of the presidents, including rumors of love affairs, illegitimate children, and other episodes.

Select Format: Paperback. Recounts some of the scandals associated with the private lives of the presidents, including rumors of love affairs, illegitimate children, and other episodes. ISBN13:9780312968380. Release Date:April 1998.

Power corrupts-absolute power is even more fun. Sex Lives of the Dictators is a look at the bedroom antics of the most powerful, and some of the most evil, men in history. Napoleon said Not tonight, Josephine, but only because he was busy entertaining other women. Lenin returned to Russia in the closed train in 1917 with his wife and two mistresses, and Benito serenaded his conquests with a violin.

This work is by the author of "Sex Lives of the Kings and Queens of England". Since the 19th Amendment gave women the vote in 1920, the Presidents of the United States have depended on their appeal to women to get elected. This book looks at the sexual history of one of the most powerful offices in the world. Many of the office's incumbents have been men with avid sexual appetites: from the adulterous Thomas Jefferson in Paris to the womanizing antics of JFK; right up to the scandals to rock the presidency of Bill Clinton.