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Author: Leonard Cohen
Publisher: Penguin Books; 1St Edition edition (August 2, 2007)
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Published in Penguin Books 2007.

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Book of Longing was the first new poetry book by Leonard Cohen since 1984's Book of Mercy. First published in 2006 by McClelland and Stewart, Book of Longing contains 167 previously unpublished poems and drawings, mostly written at a Zen monastery on Mount Baldy in California, where Cohen lived from 1994 to 1999, and in India, which he visited regularly during the late 1990s

392 quotes from Leonard Cohen: 'There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets i., 'Poetry is just the evidence of life.

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Book of Longing is Leonard Cohen's astonishing new collection of poems, the first since Book of Mercy was published nearly three decades ago. Leonard Cohen made his name as a poet before he came to worldwide attention as a singer and songwriter. Book of Longing, his new collection of poetry, was twenty years in the making and written in Montreal, Mumbai and during his retirement in Mt Baldy. Enhanced by Cohen's own playful and provocative illustrations, these poems show the full range of one of the most influential and enigmatic writers of his generation.

Leonard and I first began talking about a poetry and music collaboration more than six years ago. We met at that time in Los Angeles, and he had with him a manuscript that became the basis of the collection of poetry now published as the Book of Longing. In the course of an afternoon that stretched into the evening, he read virtually the whole book to me. I found the work intensely beautiful, personal, and inspiring. On the spot, I proposed an evening-length work of poetry, music, and image based on this work. Leonard liked my idea, and we agreed to begin

Leonard Cohen wrote the poems in Book of Longing-his first book of poetry in more than twenty years after 1984's Book of Mercy-during his five-year stay at a Zen monastery on Southern California's Mount Baldy, and in Los Angeles, Montreal, and Mumbai

Leonard Cohen wrote the poems in Book of Longing-his first book of poetry in more than twenty years after 1984's Book of Mercy-during his five-year stay at a Zen monastery on Southern California's Mount Baldy, and in Los Angeles, Montreal, and Mumbai.

"Book of Longing" is Leonard Cohen's first book of new poetry since "Book of Mercy" was published two decades ago. It collects Cohen's poetry written between the 1980s and the present, and also includes his wonderfully witty and sensuous illustrations, including numerous playful self-portraits. The illustrations interact with, and complement, the poetry in unexpected and fascinating ways. "Book of Longing" demonstrates the range and depth of Cohen's work, revealing an extraordinary gift of language and visual art that speak with rare clarity, passion and timelessness.
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I've considered myself a Leonard Cohen fan for many years now, but I often wonder why.

I don't appreciate or admire the famous "ladies' man" aspect of his career, and don't even enjoy listening to any of his music before the late 80's, when his youthful, boyish voice seemed to have oozed (or cooed) this persona. This is unfair of me--he also wrote some wonderful songs and literature in that time. But I find his early career can't compare with his later--confirming my growing hypothesis that artists generally improve with age (Beethoven with his Ninth Symphony, Bach with his Goldberg Variations and Art of Fugue, T.S. Eliot with his Four Quartets, etc.)--and I'm not really interested in his work published before "THE FUTURE". (And I for one prefer his aged, gravelly bass voice to his earlier, folk-singer treble.)

All that I write as a preamble to my review: This present book of poetry is a delight, and seems to get better each time I read it.

I recently re-read his "STRANGER MUSIC: SELECTED POEMS AND SONGS", which I remember liking much more some years ago, only to find myself questioning his powers of expression and articulation, in the past. (That collection includes pieces from the beginning of his career but only up to "THE FUTURE" album.) I seldom felt moved by or sympathy with the poems, songs, and prose in that collection; much of it seemed Dadaistic, even, whether Cohen intended such or not. And not in a complimentary way.

But "THE BOOK OF LONGING" is "an odd collection of jazz riffs, pop-art jokes, religious kitsch and muffled prayer," as he describes his novel "BEAUTIFUL LOSERS" apparently, in "A Note to the Chinese Reader" (somewhat enigmatically included in this present book). There are Cohen's own drawings (in a variety of mediums) scattered liberally throughout the book, most of them poems in themselves (with script or text accompanying them). But the sheer variety of material is what makes this interesting. There are humor, pathos, romance, tragedy, optimism, pessimism, spirituality, respectful irreverence, clarity, obscurity, prose, poetry, and visual art in this book.

Perhaps most importantly: Cohen has developed a very smart sense of humor over the years, and does not spare himself. And these pieces showcase this. Whereas his past material frequently contained an often repugnant self-centeredness and vanity, his more recent works (such as this volume) are lighter (in the best sense of that word); he must've learned well from his Zen training, however much he himself would disagree (and does disagree, in some of these poems!)

I think that most of his best work is contained in this book. It is a sort of companion to his "TEN NEW SONGS" album, which features several of these poems set to music. Furthermore, his collaboration with Philip Glass and Glass's singers and musicians on the "BOOK OF LONGING" album of music--featuring many more of these pieces set to music--is also very interesting.
I love Cohen's music but I really can't listen to it very long without it affecting my mood. This book is perfect! I got it yesterday: I was 60 pages into it before I came back up for air! The poems are meant to roll around in your mind until the words have touched you like they were intended. Open, raw, humorous and one of a kind. Cohen stays true to form and touches his readers in places we thought were private, but then you realize: you are incredibly happy that he managed to find his way in. This was one of his later works and now I'm interested in finding more (and working my way back) to the younger man. I highly recommend this book!
I was lent this book shortly after it was published when I was quite young and unseasoned. Reading these poems then, I felt sorry for Cohen. After studying Zen for six years, and revisiting this book, I feel like I get it. This book, for me, transitioned from being the diary of an aging artist/lover, to a raw critique of the nature of longing and the ever changing course of perspective as we encounter old age, sickness and death. This is a book that will grow with you, especially if you practice Zen. Thank you, Jikan, for your words.
I wish I had known and read more about this man before his death. His darkly tragic and simultaneously humorous poetry is something I know I will read again and again for the joy of it and the inspiration. His illustrations are quite interesting also. What a talent. I am starting to love him. I can see why he had he a following of swooning women. His music and words are like pheromones "a thousand kisses deep."
Leonard Cohen has been a BIG favorite of mine for 40-something years. His music is some of the most recorded stuff on the planet. Even if his voice is an acquired taste, other performer love his songs enough to make their own versions.

Cohen's poetry in this book is no different than his music -- great stuff. Some is exactly the same as his best lyrics, and some is changed to match the written word better. This book is a fantastic book of poetry.

The only person on the planet back in the 60/70's who wasn't blown away by Bob Dylan was Leonard Cohen. That's because his songs were better. Dylan's imagery was far out, ahead of it's time. Cohen's poetry though written for it's time, was also out ahead of it. I like Cohen's stuff more but Dylan is no slouch either. Anyhow if you like personal poetic conceit this book will do it.
Beautiful work but only recommended if you are looking to gain satisfaction by indulging in sadness. Otherwise, another option is advised.
I have loved the music of Leonard Cohen for almost 50 years. I purchased this book while mourning his passing. Reading these poems reminded me that while we all die, the beautiful and useful things we make can live on to touch other people.
A wonderful collection of poems, some touching, some amusing. Highly recommended
Sweet words, clear thoughts, fond memories .....God Bless Leonard Cohen.....Angels will want to hang with you!