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by Charles C. Alexander

eBook Rogers Hornsby: A Biography download ISBN: 0805020020
Author: Charles C. Alexander
Publisher: Henry Holt & Co; 1st edition (July 1, 1995)
Language: English
Pages: 366
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Alexander, Charles C. (1995). Rogers Hornsby: A Biography. New York City: Henry Holt and Company. Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Publishing Group.

Alexander, Charles C. D'Amore, Jonathan (2004). ISBN 978-0-313-32870-1.

One of the major characteristics that author Charles C. Alexander dotes on constantly throughout the book is how blunt of a character Hornsby really was. Perhaps, then, Alexander was trying to match his writing style to his subject, but that only amounted to a book as bland as the words on the page. That being said, I cannot imagine a baseball biography being more thorough or in-depth than this one was.

Dr. Charles Alexander, professor of History and Baseball at the Ohio University at Athens for many years, has written a very good book about the life and times of Baseball Hall-of-famer Rogers Hornsby.

Ships from and sold by Books Mela. Dr. Alexander's biography of Rogers Hornsby is balanced,interesting and nuanced. Hornsby was arguably one of the 15 greatest baseball players to ever play the game. 424 batting average in 1924 was the highest batting average recorded in the 20th century.

Rogers Hornsby: A Biography. by Charles C. Alexander. A relentless competitor, Rogers Hornsby-arguably the finest right-handed hitter in baseball's history-was supremely successful on the baseball field but, in many ways, a failure off it. In this biography, Charles Alexander turns his skilled eye to this complex individual, weaving the stories of his personal and professional life with a lively history of the sport. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere.

Charles C. Charles C. Alexander, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at Ohio University, has published several important works of American intellectual and cultural history in addition to his acclaimed baseball books Our Game: An American Baseball History and Rogers Hornsby: A Biography, and Breaking the Slump: Baseball in the Depression Era.

In the 1920s Rogers Hornsby was the National League's foremost star, its biggest since Honus Wagner ISBN: 0805020020 (Hornsby, Rogers, Biography). Other Products from hartmannbooks (View All). William Carlos Williams: A New World Naked.

A biography of Rogers Hornsby, his career as a baseball player, manager, and instructor, and the story of his life which many believe chronicles the golden age of baseball. oceedings{A, title {Rogers Hornsby: A Biography}, author {Charles C. Alexander}, year {1995} }.

Rogers Hornsby facts: Rogers Hornsby (1896-1963) was the greatest right-handed hitter in baseball history. Alexander, Charles . Rogers Hornsby: A Biography, Holt, 1995. Burns, Ken and Geoffrey C. Ward, Baseball: An Illustrated History, Knopf, 1994. With a single-minded dedication to baseball, Hornsby was the National League's answer to Babe Ruth in the 1920s. New York Times, January 6, 1963.

A profile of the legendary baseball player, manager, and instructor contrasts his extraordinarily successful sports career with his complex, sometime turbulent personal life and analyzes Hornsby's seminal role in the history of professional baseball.
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Dr. Charles Alexander, professor of History and Baseball at the Ohio University at Athens for many years, has written a very good book about the life and times of Baseball Hall-of-famer Rogers Hornsby.

Dr. Alexander's biography of Rogers Hornsby is balanced ,interesting and nuanced. Hornsby was arguably one of the 15 greatest baseball players to ever play the game. His .424 batting average in 1924 was the highest batting average recorded in the 20th century. His 1922 season, when he recorded 100 extra base hits, batted .401 and drove in 162 is statistically, the fourth best season ever recorded by a major league hitter.

His .359 lifetime batting average is second only to Ty Cobb.

Hornsby's numbers, as impressive as they are, are just a part of the story that Dr. Alexander tells. "The Rajah" was a complex and hard driven man. He was not friendly and he did not yield when he thought he was right. His stubbornness ultimately cost him his place in the game. Hornsby was effectively exiled from Major League baseball from his firing by the St.Louis Browns as their manager in 1937, until his hiring as the Cincinnati Reds Manager in 1952. Dr. Alexander walks the reader through the exile years, as Hornsby took jobs managing in the very low minors to keep his hand in the game he loved.

Dr. Alexander shows us Hornsby's personal life in as dispassionate a way as possible. He is simply factual about Hornsby's extra marital affair that ended his first marriage. He is very factual about his many complex relationships with the women in his life. In many ways, he was as unyielding in his personal life as he was in his professional life.

If you are a fan of the sport of Baseball, and you like straight ahead , honest biographies that neither exalt nor vilify, than this book is for you.
Another excellent biography by Charles Alexander. Hornsby was a real curmudgeon of a person. Not liked by most but he really didn't care. He just wanted to play baseball. That was what he was all about. Alexander points out that Hornsby had little interest in anything else but baseball. He would pass his spare time just sitting in a lobby of a hotel while not being interested in doing anything else in life. A great player for many years and then turned manager without much success. A must read for any baseball historian who wants to know more about one the great hitters of the game.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I thought the author did a marvelous job of capturing the essence of Rogers Hornsby's personality, warts and all. By the time I finished it, I felt that I really knew what Hornsby was like.

I also had a small personal connection to Hornsby that served to increase my enjoyment of this book. When I was ten years old in 1960, living in the Chicago suburb of Lincolnwood, my grandfather, who was retired and living with my family, somehow became friends with Rogers Hornsby. What was the one common interest that brought these two guys together? You guessed it - playing the horses! Almost everyday, from the time they met in 1960 until Hornsby died in 1963, he would drive his car to our house, and then ride together with my grandfather in my grandfather's car to Arlington Park Race Track. Knowing of my love for baseball even at the age of ten, my grandfather introduced me to Mr. Hornsby and even had him sign a baseball for me - unfortunately long since lost! I also spoke to him numerous times on the phone when he called our house.

Mr. Alexander makes it vividly clear that, other than his love for baseball, the major constant in Hornsby's live was his addiction to playing the horses. It's now very clear to me why these two old codgers became fast friends - their love of horseracing.
Rogers Hornsby was a great baseball player, who did not always carry the best disposition. He had few friends even amongst teammates and his personal relationships were not always on the best of terms. Quite possibly this narrow mindedness helped him to become one of the best baseball players of all time. He often wore out his welcome, with teammates, managers and cities but he has never worn out his welcome on the greatest second baseman of all time. Charles Alexander does a fabulous job of displaying Rogers drive to be one of the best hitters ever.

If you want to get an insight of the man who challenged Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig as the best hitter of the twenties, and understand how surliness in his youth, prevented him from the reverence he deserved as a ballplayer, pick up this book.
1915-1962 covers so much progress in the biz of baseball. RH was the steady barometer for hitting. Could do it, could teach it. This was a wonderful era in American history and RH was out in front. Who cares if he hurt your feelings.
Gonna share with baseball friends. A need to read. Required reading, just like anything related to Connie Mack over that same period.
generation of new
This bio of Hornsby was very disappointing for the simple fact the author doesn't tell us much of anything about why Hornsby was so great. Did Hornsby have great eyesight, bat speed, determination, other factors? I suppose, but you don't find any attempt by the author to explain to the reader why Hornsby was so great. Like a lot of modern-day authors books, you read more about the athlete's off-field activities than the on-field ones. When I read about an athlete that did great things, I want to know more than just that the did it, I want to know how he did it. Alexander really falls down in these areas. I assume records from the time, especially the Cardinals world series championship season, are available. Alexander breezes through Hornsby's six years reign as batting champ including including incredible stats like he was writing a two paragraph bio for an obituary. I want more info. Why was Hornsby so superior to other hitters? Alexander does not provide that info, and therefore this book fails in that respect.
Great Player and well written book about a player who only cared about baseball and was brutally Honest
Good verbiage . No Pictures . The story begs for photos of old ballparks and players.