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Author: Daniel S. Levy
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books / St. Martin's Press; 1st edition (August 1, 1997)
Language: English
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Levy, a staff reporter for Time magazine, tells the picaresque story of Jewish adventurer Morris Cohen, who in a small way helped influence events in China.

Levy, a staff reporter for Time magazine, tells the picaresque story of Jewish adventurer Morris Cohen, who in a small way helped influence events in China. Born in Russia of Orthodox Jewish parents and reared in England, Cohen was a hustler, card sharp, and con man who was eventually forced to emigrate to Canada.

Almost forgotten today (I heard about him through a War is Boring article), Levy's biography is a fascinating tale of a true character. The first difficulty, as Levy recounts, is that almost nothing written about Cohen, including his 1954 autobiography, is accurate. A. Record Scratch, Freeze Frame.

Morris (Moishe) Abraham Cohen (1887–1970), better known by the nickname Two-Gun Cohen and also known by his Chinese name Ma Kun (Chinese: 馬坤. .

Morris (Moishe) Abraham Cohen (1887–1970), better known by the nickname Two-Gun Cohen and also known by his Chinese name Ma Kun (Chinese: 馬坤), was a Polish-born British and Canadian adventurer of Jewish origin who became aide-de-camp to Sun Yat-sen and a major-general in the Chinese National Revolutionary Army. Cohen was born Abraham Mialczyn into a Jewish family in Radzanów, Poland on 3 August 1887. His father was Josef Leib Miaczyn, a wheelwright, and his mother was Sheindel Lipshitz

Presents a portrait of the British petty thief and con artist who became a general in Nationalist China.

Daniel S. Levy Two-Gun Cohen: A Biography (1997). Jim Christy, Scalawags (2008). This is what is written in the Charles Drage book, which Cohen essentially dictated to his friend Rose Klyne from his home in Montreal, and Klyne and Drage then organized as best they could.

Morris Abraham Cohen, a k a Two-Gun Cohen, was born in a Russian shtetl in 1887 and illustrates one of the more colorful and exotic Jewish trajectories of modern history. His path took him to the East End of London, to reform school, to Saskatchewan as a cowhand and card-sharp, and then, when he was 35, to China, where he became a bodyguard for Sun Yat-sen, the leader of the 1911 republican revolution

Daniel S. Levy is the founder of Advanced Analytical Consulting Group, Inc . Dr. Levy received a P. book. Two-Gun Cohen: A Biography

Daniel S. and he also serves as its National Managing Director. and a Bachelor of Arts with Special Honors in Economics from the University of Chicago. Two-Gun Cohen: A Biography )

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Two-Gun Cohen: A Biography. He earned the name Two-Gun because wherever he went he always packed two pistols, which he wasn’t afraid to use. A chunky Jewish battler from the East End of London, a con man, cardsharp, and rt who became a bodyguard to Sun Yat-sen and a general in the Chinese Army, Morris Two-Gun Cohen was one of the most unusual adventurers of the twentieth century. Born into devout piety and dire poverty, Cohen did not appear to have a promising future.

Nonetheless, Morris Abraham Cohen had a China story that deserves a telling. I mainly used Daniel S. Levy's superb biography: Two-Gun Cohen, A Biography. Today's episode will look at his early life, how he ended up in Canada and how he got hooked up with the local Chinese Canadians. We'll get as far as the death of Sun Yat-sen in early 1925. to/1fijARM TERMS FROM THIS EPISODE Ma Kun 马坤 Morris Cohen's Chinese name Tongmenghui 同盟会 Sun's Political Party, later became KMT Puyi 溥仪 Last Emperor of the Qing dyansty Song Qingling 宋庆龄 Madame Sun Yat-sen, Soong Ch'ing-ling Guo Fu 国父 Father of the.

Presents a portrait of the British petty thief and con artist who became a general in Nationalist China
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Morris Cohen was a blowhard, a card sharp, and a petty criminal. His life story begins in a country plagued by pogroms, takes him to the streets of London, the wilds of Canada, into the chaos of China in the pre-WWII era, into a Japanese prison camp, and back into China in the post-war era.

It is a fascinating tale. But, it is also a touching picture of a man of no great moral character or strength who is made into more than anyone thought he could ever be by his relationship with Sun Yat-sen and his family. Cohen was wise enough to recognize greatness and offer himself up in its service, despite all his own personal flaws.

The book covers an interesting time in China and Cohen's almost miraculous trip through those years. He was a rogue of the first order, but unlike many of those upper class English diplomats who looked down their thin noses at him, he was full-blooded in his support of what he saw as China's best hope and understood much about the China that those diplomats never knew existed or cared to understand.

I would have loved to have shared a number of afternoons with Morris Cohen, but I hope I would not have been a foolish enough to play poker with him.
It was a very interesting story which related to the historic immigration of the Chinese to Canada and U.S., the changes in the Government of China from Sun Yet Sun to the present, the development of trade, the pressures of various countries, the changes in Hong Kong, the invasion of the Japanese. Early in the book it talked about the treatment of Jews in Europe, the transportation of orphans to England. It spoke of how the British shipped orphans and undesireable people off to Canada and to Australia. In the center of this historic period was this Jewish man that was a small time pick pocket and card shark, con artist who became very influential in the Chinese society in Canada and later in China. He certainly promoted his accomplishments, but he really did a lot of good. I learned a lot and enjoyed the story; what more can you ask from a book?
If you want to learn the early 20th Century history of Western Canada you never learned in school, this book is terrific. One surprise after another, particularly how intimately tied the history of Western Canada is to the history of modern day China! This book is fascinating history and a fascinating yarn. 4 instead of 5 stars only because it occasionally is repetitive and a bit disjointed in places, but that should not deter any history buff about reading about an bigger than life Canadian adventurer who, if he had been American, would probably have a theme park based on his adventures and a national holiday named after him!
The Sinners from Mitar
Two Gun Cohen is bigger than life. Like most biographies it is not a fast reading book, but it is a great book for anyone interested in the history of western Canada, China or interested in Jewish biography. I read the book after visiting places in England where Two Gun Cohen spent his youth,in the cities of western Canada where he spent his youth and China where he spend his mid life. The book is not for anyone that is not interested in history or biographies of unusual people. For me it was a great book; I wish that it was still available in hard cover, I am buying two addional copies for two friends of mine.
What a character! I admire people who live by the seat of their pants.
The Chinese make a toast that goes something like: "May you live in interesting times" and it doesn't necessarily translate into "Good Luck" but Mr. Cohen certainly did live during interesting times...and survived!
It is an interesting but somewhat overpriced book , in my eyes.
Excellent book about a fascinating subject, with interesting part of history thrown in. Worthwhile reading. Excellent packaging and on time delivery.
The story didn't seem to go past the details, inconsequential names and nitnoid minutiae of the writer's obvious research.
It was a reach into history... Looking at the life of a con man and a hero... A rascal and a friend... Good and bad... Dogooder and slimy rapscallion...