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by Samuel R. Delany

eBook The Motion of Light in Water: East Village Sex and Science Fiction Writing, 1960-1965 download ISBN: 0586089101
Author: Samuel R. Delany
Publisher: Paladin; 1st British edition (1990)
Language: English
Pages: 592
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Rating: 4.4
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Samuel R. Delany is the author of numerous science fiction books including Dhalgren, other fiction including The Mad Man, as well as the best-selling nonfiction study Times Square Red, Times Square Blue. He lives in New York City and teaches at Temple University.

Samuel R. The Lambda Book Report chose Delany as one of the fifty most significant men and women of the past hundred years to change our concept of gayness, and he is a recipient of the William Whitehead Memorial Award for a lifetime's contribution to lesbian and gay literature.

Praise for the writing of samuel r. delany. I consider Delany not only one of the most important SF writers of the present generation, but a fascinating writer in general who has invented a new style. Umberto Eco. Samuel R. Delany is the most interesting author of science fiction writing in English today.

Award-winning author Samuel R. Delany's riveting autobiography of one of science fiction's most important voices. Delany paints a vivid and co mpelling picture of New York's East Village in the early 60s, a time of unprecedented social transformation. Admittedly I went into "Motion of Light in Water" not knowing what to expect, and I would reason that is the case for most readers " would give me more insight into what it was like to live in NYC's bohemian communities back in the 1960s, which it certainly does to varying degrees.

The Motion of Light in Water: Sex and Science Fiction Writing in the East Village, is an autobiography by science fiction author Samuel R. Delany in which he recounts his experiences as growing up as a gay African American man, as well as some of hi. . Delany in which he recounts his experiences as growing up as a gay African American man, as well as some of his time in an interracial and open marriage with Marilyn Hacker. It describes encounters with Albert Einstein, Bob Dylan, and Stokely Carmichael, a dinner with W. H. Auden, and a phone call to James Baldwin.

Delany, Samuel R. Publication date. Delany, Samuel R, Authors, American, Authors, American, Bohemianism, Science fiction. New American Library. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by booksale-cataloger6 on September 26, 2011. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). As of this book, is the best science-fiction writer in the world. The prose of The Motion of Light in Water often has the shimmering beauty of the title itsel. his book is invaluable gay history. Galaxy Science Fiction. A fast-action far-flung interstellar adventure; archetypal mystical/mythical allegory. modern myth told in the SF idio. nd lots more. The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction.

Born in New York City's black ghetto Harlem at the start of World War II, Samuel R. Delany married white poet Marilyn Hacker right out of high school. The interracial couple moved into the city's new bohemian quarter, the Lower East Side, in summer 1961. Through the decade's opening years, new art, new sexual practices, new music, and new political awareness burgeoned among the crowded streets and cheap railroad apartments. Beautifully, vividly, insightfully

Samuel R. Delany is the author of numerous science fiction books including Dhalgren, other fiction including The Mad Man, as well . This book is invaluable gay history.

Home Samuel R. Delany The Motion of Light in Water: East . 0586089101 Has moderate shelf wear, highlighting, underlining and/or writing. Book is in Used-Good condition. Pages and cover are clean and intact. Delany The Motion of Light in Water: East Village Sex and Science. The Motion of Light in Water: East Village Sex and Science Fiction Writing, 1960-1965. Great used condition. A portion of your purchase of this book will be donated to non-profit organizations. May show signs of minor shelf wear and contain limited notes and highlighting. Seller Inventory 0586089101-2-4.

Paladin, 1990. Contains material not found in the American edition. An offbeat literary autobiography, where the writer's first years as an author in the early 1960s East Village scene of New York provide the setting for his story.
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This is an exceptional and thought provoking memoir, written by Samuel R. Delany of early days as an author living in the East Village. Told in a series of vignettes, he writes of what his life was life then, what New York was like then. Most interestingly, for me, is how he returns back to main recounting in this book to dive "into the margins" as he puts it, if I recall properly, to tell of side events that were happening at the same time as many of the main narratives he reveals.

This makes this a fascinating, non-linear, richly layered peak back into his life, and how memory and the writing of memory interact and clash, and coalesce.
I am amazed that I'm the first person to write a review of this terrific book.It's a fascinating autobiographical portrait of 1960's bohemian - literary New York .Delany was in an almost unique position as a native New Yorker who grew up within the Harlem middle class.His family has become rather famous in recent years due to a play about his aunts.When you think of New York "Bohemians" , you think White,if from New York probably Jewish. As a black gay man with an observant eye and real talent as a writer he brings something different and actually refreshing to our view of this particular milieu.His portrait of the development of New Yorks' gay scene is also very interesting.You can profitably read Dealany as a social historian.One thing you won't doubt after reading this book is that something was happening in early '60s New York which almost no one grasped.Bob Dylans BALLAD OF A THINMAN is good companion piece to this work.By the way I find the tag suggestions for reviews of this book rather off.It deals at length with gayness but why consign a book this acute to a literary ghetto.It also deals with heterosexuality ,blackness,art, culture and social change.This book functions on a number of different levels.It doesn't need to be pidgeonholed and people shouldn't pidgeonhole their reading .
Fascinating life!
excellent writer.
As a tenured sociology professor, this book was a pure joy to read. It handled theoretical concepts in a lyrical manner not often seen. It also inspired/reminded me that I also love to write, which was something that I had suppressed.
Well, the detailed sex may shock you. But I bought the book to learn more about Delany's early days and how he wrote his first half-dozen mind-blowing science fiction novels -- Empire Star, The Einstein Intersection, Nova, Babel 17, etc. And I learned a lot. Black, bi-sexual Delany and his wife, white poet Marilyn Hacker, did not have an easy time in the early '60s -- they even had to go two states away to get married! And then things got even more complicated.... The intense gay-sex remembrances may put some readers off, but there's also a lot of detail about Delany's novel-writing. Overall, probably the most open and detailed autobiography I ever expect to read.
This memoir of an important time in the life of Delany has a vivid sense of life being lived I find remarkable. I have read it half a dozen times over the years, not because I have all that much in common with Delany, because I don't, but because the very best memoirs share a quality of time passing, of the simple human desires to love and be loved and make something valuable of one's time.

I see this memoir grouped with those of other African-American writers, or gay writers, or science fiction writers, and it's startling how this 'progressive' identification of human individuals with their groups comes off as some scifi nightmare world's typing of individuals by characteristics which are ultimately of limited use. Would someone who enjoys the work of Alice Walker enjoy this book because of Delany's skin tone? I think someone who enjoys Jack Kerouac would enjoy this book, not because Delany has much in common with Kerouac but because both were people who lived their lives outside the norm and who didn't try to tell others how to live and did their own things. That seems far more important when trying to categorize Delany than the gender of partner he prefers.

I've gone off but not on a tangent, because that's the essence of this book. Delany doesn't whine, doesn't list every wrong by every PC villain, but he isn't wishy washy about the life he led. Yet it was a joyful life, from glancing encounters with Bob Dylan and Albert Einstein, to a more substantial relationship with W.H.Auden. Delany's wife, poet Marilyn Hacker, is there on almost every page, and she comes across as very much her own person. There is a touch of sadness about their marriage, a sense that it will not last (something that could be said of some? most? all marriages), but Hacker's life is sketched in as well.

I have no grand summing-up to end with. For all the political, sociological and gender stuff that could be said about this, it's just one of the those books that has given me great pleasure to read.