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by Serge Bramly,Bettina Rheims

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Author: Serge Bramly,Bettina Rheims
Publisher: Gina Kehayoff Pub (January 1, 2001)
Language: English
Pages: 128
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Rheims' previous books include 'Chambre Close', 'A Room in the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt' (both Kehayoff), 'Female Trouble', and '.

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Serge Bramly was born in Tunisia in 1949 and came to Paris to study literature in 1961. He has published short stories, novels, biographies, screenplays, and photography, and has contributed essays to various exhibition catalogs. His biographies include Leonardo: The Artist and the Man (Michael Joseph, 1992). Work from his photography collection was published in Anonym (Gina Kehayoff, 1996). Iesus Nazareus Rex Iuderoum; Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Iesus Nazareus Rex Iuderoum; Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. The story of Jesus has been continually reinvented and reinterpreted.

Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly.

Shooting anonymous subjects and global icons like Kate Moss and. Patrick Remy has authored several publications and launched two book series, namely Fashion Images de Mode and e/Sensation (Steidl). He has also published a number of photographers’ monographs and organized several fashion photography exhibitions, in particular in Miami, Tokyo, and Melbourne. Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly.

Bettina Caroline Germaine Rheims (French: ) is a French photographer born in Neuilly-sur-Seine on 18 December 1952. Bettina Rheims' photographic career began in 1978, when she took a series of photos of a group of strip-tease artists and acrobats, which would lead to her first exhibitions. This work would unveil Bettina Rheims' favourite subject, the female model, to which she would frequently return during her career. I am a photographer of the skin".

Bettina Rheims is a French fine art and fashion photographer. 8 results Top. Bettina Rheims Bettina Rheims Bettina Rheims. Rose - c'est Paris Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly. She first won acclaim with a dramatic series of portraits of striptease artists and. 40. label quick view. 450. XXL. Rose - c'est Paris Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly Bettina Rheims/Serge Bramly. 900.

Bettina Rheims, born in Paris in 1952, first exhibited her work in 1981 at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. As a photographer of fashion and advertisement, Rheims is renowned for her ability to combine commercial and artistic work. Her publications include Modern Lovers (Paris Audiovisuel, 1990) and Female Trouble (Schirmer-Mosel, 1989) as well as the collaborations with Serge Bramly: . Monacelli Press, 1999) and Chambre Close (Gina Kehayoff, 1992).

Bettina Rheims - Naked War Art direction - Serge Bramly Films - Sophie Bramly Makeup artist - Topolino, assisted by Tomaso Hairstylist - Olivier Schawalder Set design - Armand de Tayrac Expostion at Xippas gallery Paris, 108, rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris.

Bettina Rheims - Naked War Art direction - Serge Bramly Films - Sophie Bramly Makeup artist - Topolino, assisted by Tomaso Hairstylist - Olivier Schawalder Set design - Armand de Tayrac Expostion at Xippas gallery Paris, 108, rue Vieille du Temple, 75003 Paris Duration : October 21 - November 25, 2017 Opening hours : Tuesday - Friday 10h-13h, 14h-19h Saturday : 10h-19h, closed on.

In work carried out during the year 2000, in these 62 photographs Bettina Rheims represents three phases in the coming-of-age of a young girl: The first shows the background of a young girl's own environment, the pinks and blues of junior theatre.

Serge Bramly and Bettina Rheims, INRI (Monacelli, 1998). It has long been a truism that some of the world's most spiritual works are those most held up to persecution, ridicule, and other types of snubbing by those who believe themselves to be the moral guardians of the earth's souls. Take, for example, Scorsese's adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis' wonderful book The Last Temptation of Christ.

Hard to Find book
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The first thing that struck me about this book was the incredible use of colour. It could be suggested that the use of colour is almost too extreme in some of the photo's, but I think perhaps that was the desired affect... and it worked really well. I bought A Room in the Museum of Modern Art in Frankfurt (a previous Bettina Rheims release), and although I enjoyed it, it left me craving for a little more. X'mas provided that with several really nice shots. Interestingly, the photos played a lot on what was in the background, with the model seemingly "stuck on", as if they were playing the part in some kind of production. All in all, I found it a most enjoyable book, and a good account of some of what Bettina Rheims has to offer.
When art directors want to find a model, or a bunch of models, they'll call an agency, "We're looking for an executive type with gray hair" they say and the agency calls wannabes like me to run to a "go-see". I'd go, the art director saw me and my gray hair. "Stand on the x on the floor and we'll shoot a Polaroid and a couple of test shots." I'd get about 6 seconds to compose myself and FLASH! FLASH! FLASH! it was over. They'd hire somebody else. Dang. You get the idea. Go-sees take practice, otherwise the aspiring model looks like a deer caught in the headlights, dumbfounded, as inexperienced models often are. X'mas is a whole book full of such pictures. Girl models, nude or with baggy, soiled, homely undies, slightly askew or conspicuously disheveled, some girls have a bustline, many don't, all appear as if they were waiting on the photo set for the photographer to say "Smile" or give some other indication it's time to take a picture. FLASH! "OK, dear, thanks. We'll let you know. Who's next?" Only Rosemary Bartilla seems to react, and she's absolutely glowering. Teen anger, teen anger, I can just hear Rosemary gnashing her teeth -- "This is stupid!" she's thinking. And she's right. X'mas is cynical drivel -- not "decisive moments" but a string of klutzy, vacant moments -- from a photographer who has done enormously more interesting work. The photo technique is consistent with Rheims's Chambre Close with the addition of some filter/gel effects and the use of a rear-projection screen, and the indoor sets have the same color and style sense.
Without sexualizing her subjects (ala Richard Kern*), Ms. Rheims still presents sexually powerful photographs of beautiful young women. The wife of photographer Jeanloup Sieff certainly has a different style than her husband, but they are two of the foremost photographers of feminine beauty to ever pick up a camera. A wonder to behold, this book. You flip the pages and view the photos horizontally. Every page contains another breathtakingly beautiful girl in, most of the time, humorous but powerful poses, and mostly undressed. I've always likened Bettina to be halfway between a Juergen Teller and a David LaChapelle. The faces and poses are fresh and natural, but there's always a hint of wackiness. You get the feeling there is a lot of laughter at her shoots. (I wonder if it's more comforting to be a woman posing for a woman?). If you like Ellen Unwerth, Jock Sturges, Fabio Cabral, Teller, Kern, Hamilton or Roversi, this should be up your alley.
*- (not that I'm complaining)