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by Taschen America,Leni Riefenstahl

eBook Leni Riefenstahl (Postcard book, 30 detachable postcards) download ISBN: 3822862215
Author: Taschen America,Leni Riefenstahl
Publisher: Taschen (December 1, 2001)
Language: English
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Rating: 4.3
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Leni Riefenstahl book. Published December 1st 2001 by Taschen America.

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Helene Bertha Amalie "Leni" Riefenstahl (German: ; 22 August 1902 – 8 September 2003) was a German film director and actress

Helene Bertha Amalie "Leni" Riefenstahl (German: ; 22 August 1902 – 8 September 2003) was a German film director and actress. A talented swimmer and artist, she also became interested in dancing during her childhood, taking dancing lessons and performing across Europe. After seeing a promotional poster for the 1924 film Der Berg des Schicksals ("The Mountain of Destiny"), Riefenstahl was inspired to move into acting.

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In the dark, Leni Riefenstahl flickered the promise of German womanhood to the wandering soldier frayed from performing . The postcards had gone into the void. It meant that the addressees were in prison, or in the forest, or at labor in some camp, or in a ghetto, or dead.

In the dark, Leni Riefenstahl flickered the promise of German womanhood to the wandering soldier frayed from performing the nation’s works in the barbarous ghetto or on the increasingly risky streets of Polish Cracow, and the next second a vast yellow spear of flame extinguished the sight. All the Zionists of Istanbul had was the ominous negative evidence of silence. In the late autumn of 1942, they at last received one reply, a postcard with a view of the Belvaros of Budapest.

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Leni Riefenstahl is a ninety-year-old German who has been a dancer, actress, deep sea diver, photographer of African tribes--and Hitler's top film executive. In her own unique style, she tells the story of her life and its mark on history. photos.
Comments: (7)
...was just using the wrong men. And it is definitely not her fault that she lived
in these times.
I also believed for a long time that Riefenstahl produced propaganda movies for
the Nazis including hate speeches and incitation to aggressive wars. But everybody
who has seen her notorious movie "Triumph of the Will" knows that there Hitler preaches:
"We want that this nation will be peace-loving but also brave, thats why you must be
peaceful". Therefore the french government awarded this movie a "Grand Prix" during
the world fair 1937 in Paris.
And seven trials, one american, two french and four german, revealed that she was
never member of any Nazi organisation. To those, who still continue bashing Leni
Riefenstahl, I just want to say that they also cannot forsee the future. And they are
also incapable of remote viewing what happens in some concentration camps hundreds of
miles away, which were, as everybody knows, not accessible to the public.
This book is as fascinating as her olympic movies. Although I like to go to bed very
early I could not stop reading before 3:00 am. During breakfast I had to continue
reading. It shows clearly that Riefenstahl was an extraordinary strong personality.
Thats why she never gave excuses for crimes that she never commited, although a lot of
pressure was put on her in that direction. For this I tribute her lots of respect.
I am pretty much more concerned about those germans with weak moral, which believed
in the past to be a member of a superior race, while today they feel guilty
for crimes that they never commited, because they were not alive those times.
What kind of madness will originate from these delicate personalities in the future?
Another aspect: through Riefenstahls eyes it becomes discernible that the Nazi leaders
were a bizarre clique of gamblers and bohemiens.
But those, who read in between the lines of her memoirs, realize that Leni Riefenstahl
had not only an extremly strong will but also narcissistic traces in her character.
As a young girl she wanted to be admired as a dancer. Concerning men she decided to
control them always. Whenever necessary she twisted them around her little finger
and used them for her ambitions as an artist, which were the main motor of her live.
But her movies demonstrate clearly that she had a positive attitude towards men.
Everybody, who experienced as a forty year old man that a hundred year old lady
appeared to him interesting as a woman believes the following episode of her memoirs.
He also knows how she made it. 1936, in the olympic stadium, seen by all the
spectators, the winner of the decathlon Morris (USA) opened her shirt and kissed her
breast. Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels wanted to throw her out of the stadium
because of her scandalous behavior. This is typical of Riefenstahl: the king of
athlets must be captivated in the public and no thought about the consequences.
In german newspapers there are still rumours from hearsay that around 1937 Riefenstahl
confessed, Hitler has been kneeling in front of her and was asking her with wet hands
for marriage. But without these properties Riefenstahl would have never become the most
ingenious female movie maker of the 20th century. And which man was able to match her?
Absolutley: this is a five star book. But one star I withdraw from Leni Riefenstahl as
a sign of solidarity with some of the men she used. For instance the ingenious pioneer
of mountain movies and avantgardistic nature movie maker Dr. Arnold Fanck, the creator of
the breathtaking silent film "The white hell of Piz Palu".
Leni Riefenstahl should be held up as a role model for young women. She proved in so many ways that she embodied the qualities that are generally expected to be found in role models: courageous, dedicated, persevering, diligent, intelligent, athletic, dynamic. The list could go on for pages. Instead, she has been reviled, stigmatized, vilified, and betrayed over and over for a large part of her life and all because she was chosen by Hitler to make a couple of films for him and the Third Reich. She didn't seek the job or particularly want the job. However, when you live and work in Nazi Germany and der Fuehrer taps you on the shoulder and asks you to do a job, what can you do? Especially, when he tells you he will provide you with all the equipment, materials, and manpower and give you pretty much a free hand in making the film. The irony of it is that Riefenstahl never seemed to have any interest or use for politics unless it impinged on her ability to continue her work.

The book is written in her simple, straightforward style without a touch of bitterness or self pity, which is an amazing feat in itself considering what she had to endure over many years. We are fortunate that she lived long enough to complete her autobiography and set the record straight.
the monster
A well written book. Not a fan of autobiographies but this is an acception. I loved how she told about all her aspects of her life before during and after WW2. She changed film making so much and is such an under known historical person. Give this book a chance.
It turns out that Leni R. is not only a great filmmaker, but a great writer. I found myself fascinated by this woman's triumphs and struggles, and saddened by the persecution of her that continued to the day of her death. There's something for everyone in this book, For 'creative people' you will find her insights fascinating....for the armchair adventurer, her travels to Greenland and Africa read like hemingway....the blurb on my addition says "coulnd't put it down' for once a book lived up to its expectations.

Side note:One of the great tragedies of the filmmaking is that this woman was essentially blacklisted after 1945 - and the hypocrisy of the people who do it and simulataneously heap praise on Sergi Eisentien (supporter of stalin) is appauling.
An excellent book! Very interesting, trying to understand this creative, atistic, energetic personality. It is a sad outcome that the war ruined her great abilities/gift she had to offer our world/society. What she could have accomplished had the war not interfered. Loved the ability this book gave me to try and understand the time period: the different views on what people were experiencing through all these changes in our world. One person's experiences in Germany from the 1920's through today, from the view of the filmmaking industry just beginning to grow. So VERY INTERESTING! Again, a SUPER GREAT READ. Anni J Teufel-Hoberg
Incredible, the insight she gives into the making of films before and during WWII. The trials and tribulations actors and film-makers endured is described in such detail that one can imagine being there.

The book is art, absolute art, all the way through, no matter what Riefenstahl describes. I especially loved the beginning of the book, the description of her childhood. It is so totally German. The customs, the sentiments, the feelings she describes returned me to the stories my mother and grandmother told me, and to many of my own childhood memories.

After reading her book, I believe that she has been deliberately maligned and that she was always only an artist, not ever a collaborator of Hitler.

I especially recommend the book to anyone who loves the art of film-making.