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Author: Eric Shanes
Publisher: Grange Books PLC (July 1, 2005)
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By means of a variety of techniques, but principally choice of images, their visual repetition or pictorial isolation, and use of colour, Andy Warhol made people aware of contemporary materialism, political manipulation, media hero-worship and much more. This volume is a tribute to a unique artist.

Author(s): Eric Shanes (Text). Published January 1st 2011 by Parkstone Press. ISBN: 1840137703 (ISBN13: 9781840137705). Author(s): Eric Shanes. ISBN: 1283958430 (ISBN13: 9781283958431).

Eric Shanes is a professional painter, independent art historian, and lecturer

You will know things that you didn't imagined and the work of Warhol it's really well explained. Eric Shanes is a professional painter, independent art historian, and lecturer. He is a leading expert on Turner, a vice president of the Turner Society, and the author of many books on the artist. Books by Eric Shanes. Mor. rivia About Warhol.

He first exhibited in an art gallery in 1962, when the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles showed his 32 Campbell's Soup Cans, 1961-62. From then on, most of Warhol's best work was done over a span of about six years, finishing in 1968, when he was shot.

Series: Perfect Squares. As well as one of the leading figures in the American Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol was a painter, printmaker, occasional sculptor and filmmaker, whose work carried on the tradition of Dadaism which questioned the very validity of art itself. He used images, objects and their means of production to draw parallels with cultural processes.

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Books by eric shanes. La vie et les chefs-d'œuvre de . Turner: Temporis (eBook). William Turner: Perfect Square (eBook). by eric shanes (Author). Category: Arts & Entertainment.

Daily dispatch from the UK Authors : Shanes, MR Eric. Turner (Perfect Squares). Title : Turner (Perfect Squares). Product Category : Books.

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its a great book. i was a little surprised to see imaged in black and white, simply because i don't think of Warhol that way, but it is a wonder book for research and i love the orange cover.
Andy Warhol was not only one of the most important artists of the 60s and 70s, he was a cultural force the way the Rolling Stones or JFK or LSD were cultural forces. Their respective worlds were irrevocably altered by his presence and influence.

There are many good biographies of Warhol the man. Shanes emphasis is different. This gorgeously illustrated coffee table book opens with a 40-page introduction to Warhol's personal history, his approach to the art of his youth, his work as a commercial artist and his emergence both into the art world and the New York City of the early 1960s. Illustrated with excellent photos both of Andy and of several installations of his pieces, the introduction is concise and vivid and highly insightful.

Following this there are the plates. Starting with works like 'Peach Halves' and 'Saturday's Popeye' (both 1960), still very clearly derivative and formative, through the soup cans, the series prints, the disaster works, and the cultural iconography (Elvis, Mao, Marilyn) out to mid 80s works such as 'Sixty Last Suppers' and 'Camouflage Self-Portrait' and 'Footprints in the Sand', each of the works is presented in full color on one page, with commentary by Shanes on the work on the facing page. Much of his commentary, while never effusive or over long or over-analytical, it spot-on and helps the reader come to terms with his own interpretation of the work. Shanes writes well for an art historian, in the sense that others who are interested in the art world, but not themselves totally immersed in it, will enjoy his insights and his presentation.

Finally there is a short and concise chronology of Warhol's life, and his major exhibitions, as well as photo credits were appropriate.

Shanes' book is an excellent tool for the collector and student to enhance their own understanding and appreciation for the art and meaning of Andy Warhol.
This lavishly illustrated book includes poignant portraits of Andy Warhol like the photo of him in front of his Self-Portrait (1967) and one of him distributing Interview magazine on Madison Avenue. There are also early black and white illustrations like A la Recherche du Shoe Perdu (1955) and Young Man With A Flower (1957).
Of course, it includes all his most famous works like Soup Cans, Green Coca-Cola Bottles, Triple Elvis, Marilyn Diptych, Gold Marilyn, Marilyn Monroe's Lips, Mona Lisa, Brillo Boxes, Campbell's Soup Multicoloured, Dollar Signs and others. All of the works of art reproduced here are discussed in detail and often illuminated with quotes from Warhol himself.
The insightful introduction examines Warhol life and work from his birth in 1928 to his death in 1987. I found the sections on his association with The Velvet Underground, his films like Chelsea Girls, Trash, Flesh and I, A Man, most interesting. There is a reproduction of a still from the film Trash (1970), showing Joe Dallesandro and Holly Woodlawn.
The assassination attempt by Valerie Solanas is covered in detail, making for gripping history. The author claims that it took a deep psychological toll, greatly heightening Warhol's feeling that both life and art were senseless.
The book concludes with a Chronology, Photograph Credits, List of Plates and Selected Bibliography. Warhol as painter, printmaker, sculptor and filmmaker remains my favorite artist of the 20th century and this book does full justice to his genius.
Fans of Warhol would also benefit by investigating the album Songs For Drella by John Cale and Lou Reed. The tracks Forever Changed and Hello It's Me capture his spirit very well.