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by Tomoko Noguchi

eBook Object of Desire download ISBN: 1934496499
Author: Tomoko Noguchi
Publisher: Luv Luv Press (December 23, 2008)
Language: English
Pages: 208
ePub: 1730 kb
Fb2: 1540 kb
Rating: 4.1
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Category: Art and Photo
Subcategory: Drawing

, Tomoko Noguchi (野口智子).

, Tomoko Noguchi (野口智子). from DARUMA PATTERN BOOK 4. 26. 粒々レースのカーディガン.

Object of Desire book.

Alternative: Object of Desire. Authors/Artists: Noguchi tomoko Status:Completed. Genres: Josei, Adult, Mature, Smut, Comedy, One shot, Romance, School life. Setsunai Koi R·8466th.

A collection of six unrelated stories by the same author, Object of Desire has a more distinctive look than the other Luv Luv books. It feels more indy, as the characters have darker eyes and more solid presence. It reminds me of the work of Erica Sakurazawa. In the first chapter, a well-built girl is tired of guys pretending to ask for dates when all they want is sex. Then she meets one who’s direct about his desires. She’s refreshed by his, plus they find out they have other interests, like shogi, in common.

Object of Desire Vol. 01. December, 2008. Object of Desire Vol.

Home Tomoko Noguchi Object of Desire (Josei) (Luv Luv). Problems arise as Kako finds herself as an object of desire for men all around. Object of Desire (Josei) (Luv Luv). ISBN 10: 1934496499, ISBN 13: 9781934496497. Visit Seller's Storefront.

Object of Desire, by Tomoko Noguchi, is much better than it has a right to be, considering its politically incorrect take on heterosexual relationships. Object of Desire is comprised of very explicit short stories about love and lust relationships between teenagers. Every boyfriend, not matter how kind or how cruel, is always a cheater waiting to happen, while every girl is a doormat waiting to break out of her shell. Luckily, most of the time she does eventually stand up for herself, but not before she has been done wrong by boys of varying levels of jerkiness.

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Tomoko Miho (September 2, 1931 - February 10, 2012) was a Japanese-American graphic designer and recipient of the 1993 AIGA Medal. She is known for her solid understanding of the relationship between space and object

Tomoko Miho (September 2, 1931 - February 10, 2012) was a Japanese-American graphic designer and recipient of the 1993 AIGA Medal. She is known for her solid understanding of the relationship between space and object. Tomoko Miho (née Kawakami) was born in Los Angeles in 1931 and spent her early days in the Gila River War Relocation Center in Arizona.

When one is looking for love, where can she find it? Problems arise as Kako finds herself as an object of desire for men all around. Can she ever break what men are after and find real love?
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As far as some of the Luv Luv titles go, this one is lower on my list. It had some nice elements while reading it, but it wasn't enough to keep me fully engaged. It's not too bad as maybe an introductory to the Josei genre, but it still leaves to be desired.
I really want to love these josei, smutty books. But yet again, I am disappointed.

The art was weak and I didn’t like it. The characters were one-dimensional and didn’t stand out, and I didn’t particularly like any of them. The stories were weak.

I didn’t like any of the smut, even. The stories were unimpressive, as were the characters, and so I didn’t enjoy reading any of it. I wanted it to be over.


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Object of Desire, by Tomoko Noguchi, is a story of how modern high school student, Kako, comes to terms with the fact that all guys seem to want is sex...with love trailing behind "if" one's lucky. Of course, this is probably due in part to her "E-cup breasts," but hey, it's not like such girls don't exist in ordinary life! Teenage life is full of pubescent girls and boys with raging hormones, so for a girl blessed with beauty, big breasts, or some other physically ideal attribute, it's understandable that they would have a hard time finding anything remotely close to the "meaning" of love (since boys tend to spout such cliche words just to get in a girls pants).

So in a way, this story is just as described in the title: women as objects of desire. Will this stereotype ever be overcome? Personally, I doubt it. But, as Kako puts it, "I actually don't care if they just want to sleep with me, if only they would be honest about it." And interestingly enough, the main guy character actually does just that when he approaches her upfront and tells her straight out, "Would you let me have sex with you."

I found this approach to the common story of two strangers meeting, and then later falling in love very refreshing and sarcastically funny ^_^

The art is modern, the characters are funny, and the sex is great. What more can you ask for? It's basically Sex in the City set in a high school, with the main lead being a high school girls with a beautiful body. However, unlike Sex in the City, the character is still quite believable as she's not part of some beautiful, super-elite working women group with looks, brains, money, and sex, but a high school girl who just happens to have big breats ^_^

And this is just the title story! Included are five other stories that revolve around the same subject with characters and storylines that are just as quirky and interesting to read! Readers should give this title a shot if they like modern pop culture stories!
The different emotions that are clashing around in you during high school days are captured here in these short stories in Object of Desire. Sometimes they don't even make sense to the outsider, but this is the time where hormones are raging! Indeed, I enjoyed this josei manga, especially chapters 3&4 with a tomboy-ish heroine and her dufus of a boyfriend. This one is definitely a keeper!
Alright. first off putting this in the same category as some of the TRUE great manga titles Ah! My Godess, One Piece, Naruto, Fullmetal alchemist and many many others is possibly THE worst thing anyone could ever do.
Having picked this up at a local bookstore then RETURNED it for arefund i hate to say if you are looking for some good manga ansd picked this up! then i really pitty you. It is not realistic and counts too much on Heavy explicit scenes to progress the weakest of all plotlines in any of its unconected storylines. this ain't manag and to tell the truth it has much more in common with top shelf magazines that anything that should bear the tag of manga.
Do your self a favour and in these hard economic times buy a decent manga that will entertain you much more than this over paid book which is no better than toilet paper