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by Raul Cabra,Dung Ngo,Cathy lang Ho,Marisa Bartolucci

eBook American Contemporary Furniture download ISBN: 078930435X
Author: Raul Cabra,Dung Ngo,Cathy lang Ho,Marisa Bartolucci
Publisher: Universe; First Edition edition (October 13, 2000)
Language: English
Pages: 208
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Rating: 4.5
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Category: Art and Photo
Subcategory: Decorative Arts and Design

She is the author of Architecture + Design NYC and is currently working on a book about the making of Frank Gehry's masterwork, the Guggenheim Bilbao, and how it has changed the Basques.

She is the author of Architecture + Design NYC and is currently working on a book about the making of Frank Gehry's masterwork, the Guggenheim Bilbao, and how it has changed the Basques.

Contemporary American Furniture. by Raul Cabra, Cathy Lang Ho, Marisa Bartolucci. This volume presents the work of several contemporary furniture designers. Artists whose work is featured include Angela Adams, Harry Allen, Karim Rashid, Abraxas/Glendon Good and Jeff Covey.

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Contemporary American Furniture showcases the new, innovative generation of. .Cathy Lang Ho, Marisa Bartolucci.

Contemporary American Furniture showcases the new, innovative generation of furniture designers. The contents of the richly illustrated book are divided in respect of the designers’ location in the USA: the east coast and the New York area, the great in-between, and the west coast. The book also contains a thorough introduction to the American design scene and an index of the presented designer and the furniture manufacturers  .

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3) American Contemporary Furniture by Marisa Bartolucci, Cathy Lang Ho, Raul Cabra and Dung Ngo (2000) remains the most current book about designer/makers in America, though many of the designers cited are no longer in business. 4) Reverse engineered defined as deconstucting an object (the list) to see how it works (what it means).

The most visually stimulating, cutting-edge presentation of contemporary furniture design in America ever published, this book presents in unprecedented graphic detail the work of the most promising American furniture designers of today and beyond. Here, as you view the extraordinary work of Portland, Maine's Angela Adams, New York City's Harry Allen and Karim Rashid, Minneapolis's Blu Dot Design, San Francisco's Jeff Covey-- and more than 70 others-- you'll discover why Americans have advanced to the forefront of the world's contemporary furniture design community. A sourcebook of great utility for the trade, it also serves as a tremendously informative guide for style-conscious consumers and students of design.
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Elastic Skunk
From the outset, this book is small compared with many other fine furniture books but its content doesn't lag behind & even surpasses many other offerings by its sheer resourefulness & succinctness. The layout could be defined as multi-media with clean fonts used, abundant of embossed pictures & diagrams used, highlighted quotes by prominent furniture designers. Even though this is an American Contemporary Furniture Book, which emphasises upon the trends of the West, the Middle, & the East of the States, the influential furniture designers originated from elsewhere (other countries) such as Karem Rashid, M. Ali Tayar, & many others. This book addressed the reason United States is still lagging behind its European counterpart is because of the majority Americans, which still cling to its colonial heritage; the lack of infrastructure, network, & the emphasis upon designers. Even though Karem Rashid is gradually going towards super stardom with support from Umbra, United States still doesn't have designers with superstar status equivalent to Philippe Starck, Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sotsass, & so forth. It then continued to say that United States is gradually warming up to contemporary futniture with the emergence of the "3rd generation", a hybrid between the modernism & the post modernism schools, & influenced by global consumerism & dematerialisation. Suffice to say that examples provided in this book is broad, index of designers & furniture & selected stores at the end of the book come in handy. To justify United States as a huge melting pot infused by many ideas from all fronts, which trascends into its contemporary furniture, we wouldn't have to wander far than noting the authors & editors of this book, who come from diverse backgrounds & interests. I thoroughly enjoyed this book & would recommend anyone who wants to have a general interest in the contemporary furniture movement in United States or simply furniture enthusiast to seek it out. Enjoy!
The sleek American Contemporary Furniture convincingly asserts that our tables, chairs, bookcases,and wastebaskets are looking mighty handsome these days. The visually rich project offers plenty of representative proof that the current generation of American furniture designers are coming into its own. The earnest and sometimes lighthearted examples of modernist-inflected pieces are grouped regionally. New York, of course, is a focus - with nods to superstars like Karim Rashid, Maya Linn, and others - but S.F.-based coeditors Raul Cabra (whose graphic design studio created the eye-tickling look) and Dung Ngo wisely acknowledge how decentralization has affected the furniture design world. American Contemporary Furniture is notable for giving international props to a vital community of West Coast furniture makers, a good portion of them working in modest Bay Area workshops. The book's an extremely welcome showcase for designers such as Jeff Covey (whose cast aluminum stool graces the sets of a top-rated sitcom), Pablo Pardo, John Randolph, Jeff and Larissa Sand, and Bruce Tomb, who are among the core of San Francisco's vital and integrity-filled design community.
Not a good example of American Contemporary Furniture. So-so examples, not well researched, ho-hum layout, okay photos -- but overall, had to even hunt for the labels for the few items I was interested in. It was a gift; we will keep it in case one of these items comes to us for conservation.

NO recomendation.

Background: College prof, archeeetect, furniture conservator, and dyslexic typist without spellcheck!
The content is worth only one star, but there are some nice photos, so I'll concede to two. Most of the book is conjecture, and opinion. There is very little evidence of any research going into this title. Not a single outside source, article or book is cited. I think you can learn more about contemporary American furniture design from browsing eBay furniture auctions or reading furniture store catalogs than reading this book.
The only good content is the occasional biography of current designers, and these are few and far between. The books places emphasis on upcoming "third generation" designers, but really fails to discuss where they will come from or what is in store for American design.
I felt like the editors just wanted to put together a fantasy catalog of items they would like to have in their homes, and the book lacks an altogether purpose.
And to top it all off, the design and layout is sub-standard for such a remarkable subject. I don't recommed it to anyone.